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Survey Cape

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Idin, Apr 3, 2020.


Do you have a cape?

  1. Yes

    44 vote(s)
  2. No

    23 vote(s)
  1. Good day, Idin!

    Although Minecraft Capes are cool, I don’t have one! I never been too customizable with my Minecraft Account so I never strived to have a cape. If I did have one though, I would definitely make it have rainbows, unicorns, sparkles, and all that jazz.

    To also be quite honest with you, I don’t use the Optifine launcher (I don’t know if it’s a mod). Don’t get me wrong, I used Optifine in the past but it never turned out useful for me. I use the good old regular Minecraft Launcher.

    Thank you,
    Posted Apr 4, 2020
  2. I don't, unfortunately
    Posted Apr 4, 2020
  3. I have an optifine cape and a Labymod cape on my account lohra and a Lunar cape on my account zyoisegirl aha, just need cosmetics for my alt
    Posted Apr 4, 2020
  4. I used to own an Optifine cape, but gave it away to two of my friends on their birthday. Right after that, I decided to just stick with having no cape, since I don't use optifine anyways.
    Posted Apr 4, 2020
  5. ._. bruh i use the free capes
    Posted Apr 4, 2020

  6. Yep - Optifine cape on java and the founder's edition cape on bedrock​
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  7. Yup! I have an OptiFine cape from many years ago, and earlier this year after installing Badlion Client, I've purchased a Badlion cape! It's a nice one, soft pink and purple coloured cape with starts and it's animated so it moves a bit. The OptiFine cape is a nice light blue gradient, nice and simple.
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  8. Hiyo!

    I do have a cape. I have a plain, white Optifine cape that looks really cute with my skin. @unforgetable was kind enough to buy it for me and I am very very grateful for it!
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
    unforgetable likes this.
  9. I have a Minecon 2016 cape because I attended the Minecraft physical convention event a while back. I really enjoy having this cape so much!
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
  10. i have an optifine and a badlion cape
    Posted Apr 8, 2020
    Idin likes this.
  11. I don't have a cape! I'm part of the minority of players-- not who don't have capes, but who choose not to use Optifine or any other sort of client. This is just a personal preference of mine, since it messes with my font texture pack. Since I don't use Optifine or any other sort of cape-giver (though I do at points use various sites to look at players' capes) I don't really have a reason to have a cape, though a kind old friend of mine did put one on my character for some time awhile ago (that cape is no longer on my model).
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  12. No, I do not have a cape! While I think some capes look pretty cool, I've never had the incentive to buy one. If I decide to get one in the future, I would probably go with all black because it would look nice with my current skin.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  13. Nein
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  14. I personally don't have any sort of cape, even though I'd love to get an optifine cape. If I want to see myself with a cape though, during my time with immortal I like to use /skin and use a person that has a cape, which is pretty cool, even if I might be wearing a different skin. I don't know if its worth paying at this point, but I might just get a separate mod on forge for specifically using capes rather than paying for a cape. Capes personally are the best cosmetic that has been on minecraft, so hopefully I can get a cape someday.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  15. Nice, that'd be £8.06 GBP for me. I only get £7 on some Saturdays
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  16. I currently have an Optifine Cape. I feel that capes can add to your current skin. I currently have a tribal type skin and definitely need a cape that has tribal things on there to finish the look.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  17. Yes, I have an Optifine cape. I got this cape from a different account many years ago that I bought with my own money :D
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
    Error3, BankOfAtlas and Sleick_97 like this.
  18. Anyone know how I can get a cape like those on bedrock? I play on it a lot more and want 1 for bedrock.
    Posted Apr 9, 2020
  19. Heyo!

    Yes! I do indeed have a cape! I love capes and I love all the unique designs you can create with the capes and if you just want a custom color on your cape as a plain base color to match with your skin! I have capes on all of my Minecraft accounts! I just can't go without them, they just are so nice to see in-game!

    Posted Apr 10, 2020

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