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Can you please fix this game?

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by TimmyP, Sep 28, 2019.

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  1. TimmyP


    I figured it would be a month or so... "Hey ill get a break in..." but I end up basically quitting. Wtf has happened? This wouldnt have been acceptable in the 90s!

    Im sure there is a reason but I played this game for like 2 years straight... an mcpack patched in could flip the animal hiders and it could be done in a night!
    Posted Sep 28, 2019
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  2. Possibly with this new MicrosoftIsRuiningMCAgain update aka the nether update? It came with that village destruction update so maybe it’ll get fixed or work properly then? It’s been over 4 months now so there’s no way of knowing.
    Posted Sep 28, 2019
  3. I am confused why you want them to Fix the game, Block Hunt is fine and its fun and fair. Only thing that might be overpowered is Shocking Hider, If you get Hyper Axe (By bowing hunters and landing 12-16 shots) And you have Shocking Hider Kit with Chicken as a morph it's kind of too Overpowered. But I don't understand what needs to be fixed?
    Posted Sep 29, 2019
  4. The OP plays on Bedrock so I'm assuming there is some sort of issue with Block Hunt on Bedrock? I personally play on Java so I'm not too sure either.
    Posted Sep 29, 2019
  5. Yo!
    Sorry to hear that you may of came across a bug with our Bedrock platform, however this is not the correct place to report bugs / issues. If you'd like to report any bug or issue you can do so at www.mineplex.com/bugs, when reporting bugs make sure to include any evidence of the bug and provide as much detail as you can. Once you submit the bug report. the Quality Assurance team will look into it and go from there.
    Posted Sep 29, 2019
  6. First of all, you can clearly see that he’s on bedrock. Please don’t assume everything is java, you can also see that this is the bedrock block hunt forum. I’ve submitted bug reports on this bug, others have too. This isn’t a bug report either. This is a sort of request to fix the problem. If you look in the bedrock block hunt forum (which takes literally 10 seconds), you’ll see multiple threads on this.
    --- Post updated ---
    Well obviously. Animals have been glitched upside down now for almost 4 months now.
    Posted Sep 29, 2019
  7. No need to be rude. I obviously wouldn't know that since I don't play on Bedrock, but now I do, so thanks for informing me.
    Posted Sep 29, 2019
  8. I too have noticed this issue on my small endeavors throughout Bedrock Block Hunt, as it isn't the primary game that I normally play. However, this does sound like a bug that is on the game. While it may have been there for a while, as it does seem like this has been reported multiple times in this forum, we have to ensure that we have reported the bug properly at mineplex.com/bugs. I know it can be frustrating, but you never know what players into the bug or the reproduction of it. You never know if Bedrock Minecraft is causing the issue, or if it's simply one with our own game. Hopefully, we can figure out some sort of fix soon, as this is clearly making the game less enjoyable for our community, and that is the last thing we want.

    Thread Locked.
    Posted Sep 29, 2019
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