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Can we still play arcade games individually?

Discussion in 'Arcade Games' started by _WatchDog__, Nov 28, 2018.

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  1. If so, I can't find them! Some help would be nice
    Posted Nov 28, 2018
  2. Except for Micro Battles and Turf Wars, the only place you can play individual mini-games is in MPS's, and possibly classic cow, if an arcade game is there.
    Posted Nov 28, 2018
  3. Hello!
    The majority of the mixed arcade games were removed from their main lobby position so you can no longer find them individually. This happened because they didn't have a big enough player base to keep the servers up. As mentioned above, Micro Battles and Turf Wars can still be found in the lobby under Casual Games right next to Mixed Arcade. However, you can still play any of the games in the MA rotation by opening up an MPS. To do this you need to have the Legend rank or above - or you can join someone else's instead.
    Posted Nov 29, 2018
  4. Hai there!

    I am going to make my answer ricochet off of what @Zipppo stated above. Unfortunately, the Arcade aspect of the network no longer provides the opportunity to play the different mini games individually. You can just play them via MPS or Mixed Arcade game rotation to your desire.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, don't hesitate to PM me and Have a good one!
    Posted Nov 29, 2018
  5. Most Mixed Arcade games have been removed and restricted to an MPS or the MIN gamemode! Micro Battles and Turf Wars are the only other games separate that are also in Mixed Arcade. To play Mixed Arcade, click the Compass and then click the Jukebox, then play the games! To have an MPS, you need Legend rank or higher, in order to start one use the command '/mps' and you'll get to it!

    Best of luck in playing these games, unfortunately these are the only two ways to this day to play them. I will now lock this thread as the concern has been addressed.

    Thread Locked -> Concern Addressed​
    Posted Nov 29, 2018
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