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Can we make a CPS cap for Mineplex PVP already?

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by estefawn, Aug 3, 2021.


Thoughts on adding a CPS cap?

  1. Yes, it should be done

  2. No, it's a terrible idea

  1. So, hi, I've never made a forums post, because I've always thought it was stupid and that no one read the forums. Apparently, I was wrong, some people, specifically staff, reads the forums, so here I am! (literally can't believe I'm doing this LOL)
    My idea is, let's make a CPS cap for Java PVP, it's notorious that Mineplex PVP is CPS reliant. I'd say I'm pretty good at PVP, but my biggest downfall has always been, my CPS. I only click 8-9 CPS, so when I verse butterfly-clickers or Model-O users, I'm literally screwed. Plus, there's a lot of people who auto click already too. We should have a CPS cap to give those of us who can't click much, an actual chance. I play for the MCCL in the Bridges Competitive League, and the reason a bunch of people don't play anymore is because, the amount of people who cheat. We're not going to talk about the delay in GWEN 2.0 though. (y'all already know the frustration in that). Hypixel has a CPS cap at about 15 CPS, Google it! And people for some reason, love the server, so let's just take one pro they have and make it ours too. Please, make auto clickers and butterfly-clickers useless, and make the cap. It's not fair to the rest of us.
    Have a good day! pls don't ignore this
    - Estefan / estefann
    Posted Aug 3, 2021
  2. no.
    Posted Aug 3, 2021
  3. i see no issue capping it at 15ish. If ur consistently hitting higher than that chances are you're acing or double/triple clicking with a busted mouse anyways.
    Posted Aug 3, 2021
  4. I agree with this, the problem with no cps cap makes it so that hardware is a huge variable that counts towards your performance. Putting a CPS cap makes it more fair for everyone, not necessarily by making it easier for less skilled players, but by allowing people to have the same capability as people with different hardware. totally agree.
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
  5. Hey,

    Honestly, don't see a problem. As Nick said, 15 is a good cap because if you're getting over you're either auto-clicking or butterfly clicking, which is technically double-clicking and can get you banned on plenty of servers.
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
  6. Punishing players for clicking higher cps then you isn’t really fair. Perhaps if they made a cps cap at 20 and could ban if someone was getting high cps for a long period time without stopping.

    And why should butterfly clicking be banned? It’s not software related, just using two fingers instead of one. Some people can’t use other clicking methods like jitter because they fear getting complications like arthritis or already have them. Just learn butterfly yourself if it’s too hard to get high cps jitter clicking or something.
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  7. How does clicking faster even help with pvp? They just get knocked back before you can attack more
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  8. u reg more hits and it also lets you take less kb due to how combat works.
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  9. Not butterfly but double clicking. As in one press regs two hits, not the actual style of clicking with two fingers. Lots of people abuse this with certain mouses(mice??) that get stuck or can have super low debounce settings. You are essentially getting a huge advantage by getting credit for inhuman click speeds that you aren't actually clicking for due to certain equipment.

    Not that I think it would be feasable to punish for this, but a reasonable cps cap would help negate the issue.
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  10. IMO clicking faster to win isn't really fun or something that should be supported, most of the fun in combat (for me at least) comes from strafing, timing, and abilities, (hence why I'm mainly playing a def stance build in DOM right now). The line between legal and illegal unfair advantage is always fairly blurry, and with more advanced technology being made it gets even blurrier. A moderately high CPS cap of around 15 would harm far more people using clients and abusive mice than those using some wild clicking strat.
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  11. Ohhhhh I thought he was referring to butterfly clicking rather then that thing that Model O, Bloody, and Roccat users can do with their denounce time for get more clicks (I’ve done it too but agree it isn’t really fair). In that case I would agree that a cps cap would be good, but perhaps 20 cps would be a better cap? 15 I feel is too low, because many of my friends (myself included), and I’m referring to IRL friends here too, meaning I’ve seen them click, can reach almost 20 cps without any mouse abuse. Some of them can even get over 20. I guess a cps cap would be a good idea, but then there would be the problem of deciding how high the cap is.
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  12. There are multiple budget mice that have denounce which allows you to butterfly faster. It’s honestly just pointless to set a cps cap because you cant click fast, there’s no point in having a competitive aspect to the game if you’re just gonna set handicaps for people who don’t have good hardware. It’s not even much if an advantage seeing as Mineplex already has terrible kb, clicking faster is the only way to get an upper hand. I don’t want to get on to trade with people who click 9 cps simply because they can’t click above 15. Not a good idea imo
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
  13. Or - an unpopular opinion amongst sweats - just use the new 1.9+ combat system.

    No more CPS troubles. No more killaura. No more vibrating your finger. No more sweatiness.

    Just somewhat decent PvP.
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
  14. No more combos. No more contest of skill.

    Just a boring system based around gear and jump hitting every now and then.
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
  15. This may just be my opinion, but your skill should be measured in how well you are able to move (strafe), aim and click. By allowing certain equipment to heavily influence that, because lets be real, clicking 15+ IS a huge advantage over clicking 9 cps, I think that lowers the competitive integrity of the game. Now let me clarify, I'm perfectly fine with people who can actually click that fast, but those who are getting credit for 15+ while in reality are still clicking 9 cps just because they have a certain mouse does not seem right to me.
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
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  16. Thats what pvp is though
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
  17. strafing while clicking 7-9 cps isn't skill, if you're clicking 8 cps you're still getting straight-lined by anyone you're fighting even if you strafe. Any practice server will show you that, my point is that just because debounce allows you to click faster doesn't mean its an unfair advantage, as almost every mouse has this implemented in it now, and it would be dumb to regulate that simply because it gives you a slight advantage. People treat debounce like its a macro or something, in reality you still have to be able to click relatively fast in order to maintain high cps, its unfair to punish those with better hardware simply because they have better hardware. In that case i might push for a ban on1080tis because they give people a much higher FPS boost and those without good graphics cards cant enjoy the same Minecraft experience !
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
  18. So just because the technology gives people a clear advantage in clicking fast it's not unfair because it's just better hardware.
    In that case, what about a mouse that has a button you can click to click three times in quick secession? Just the technology doing that. Or a mouse that rapidly clicks left click when holding down a button? Just the technology doing that. Or what about a mod that allows you to rapidly left click when holding down a button? Obviously bannable because that's an autoclicker, but it's identical to "better hardware".
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
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  19. Because vibrating your finger as fast as possible / using a macro that *just barely* doesnt get caught by GWEN constitutes skill?

    I'd rather have a timing based system with attack cooldown like, you know, every other sword fighting game...
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
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  20. Just gonna preface this by saying right now that:

    Drag clicking, butterfly clicking, double clicking, or any other methods of clicking that may allow you to click faster than normal are use at your own risk. If you are banned by GWEN or a Quality Assurance member for this, it is not a false ban.

    Quoted directly from the rules page @ mineplex.com/rules in the "In-Game" section.
    Posted Aug 5, 2021
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