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Can someone help me get back into survival.

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by Shrimpshroomsoup, Sep 16, 2021.

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  1. Just need someone to friend me you join survival and I join your game from main menu. My server is down or bugged. Thanks
    Posted Sep 16, 2021
  2. Survuvial servers go down occasionally, as soon as a dev is alerted it'll be up in an hour or so.
    Posted Sep 16, 2021
  3. Hey there,

    Like @CatFan105 said above, this happens occasionally. Sometimes, Survival servers go down for a few hours or days at a time without a reason, and there isn’t a way to predict when it will happen. To get back on your survival server, you will need to wait until a developer brings the server back up and you can join again. There are, however, a few methods of switching to a different server:
    1. Teleport to a friend
      1. If a friend is usually in a different survival server, you can ask them to join their server, then /ftp <their username> to teleport to their server.
    2. Ask a staff member
      1. You can ask a staff member to invite you to their party, then travel to a different survival server with you.
    I hope this helped, and please feel free to message me if you need any further assistance regarding Mineplex Bedrock.

    Thread Locked | Concern Addressed
    Posted Sep 17, 2021
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