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Cakewars Kingdoms

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by CatFan105, Oct 19, 2021.

  1. Just w little idea I had. Everyone's talking about "Oh why isn't there cakewars solo" and "yay timmi added cakewars solo", which I could agree its nice that we're getting new content, but everyone is thinking smaller. Why not think bigger? And so I present: Cakewars kingdoms, with 8-10 people (max) on each of 2-4 teams.
    Idea 1: 2 teams
    So there would be the two spawn islands with cake, much larger than usual, and with 2 cakes each. There would be the middle island in the center, and the emerald point 8slands would be off to the sides of the base islands, mostly like they would usually be.

    Idea 2: 4 teams
    So there would be 4 teams, like suwl, 3xc3ptneach island is larger 2ith more people. The emerald point islands are the biggest change, with a ring of 4 inner ones and then a ring of 4 outer ones.

    Probably not the best idea I've had, ut id like some feedback on it to see what could be improved.
    Posted Oct 19, 2021
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  2. If this is java it probably wouldn’t start but it does sound like a cool concept.
    Posted Oct 19, 2021
  3. Not sure if you're talking java or bedrock. Java doesn't have the players to support this game as you can see from other games that require 40 players (UHC, Bridges etc.). Bedrock has denied other versions of CW in the past. Sure that could be changing, but if they add one to Bedrock, it would probably be best to add the version they already know can be successful which is solos.

    Overall, it's hard to find a team of 10 players that you know and that can perform well together. I would personally be pretty frustrated being paired with people who can't communicate or work as a team, which would be another issue with a game like this.
    Posted Oct 19, 2021
  4. Yewh bedrock i shoulda specified that
    Yewh i could see this being an issue, its bad enough with just 4 players on a team, but something with this many players would probably have some acceptable people 5o make up for the people like that. But yewh, that would be an issue
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 19, 2021
  5. I actually think the idea as a whole could be pretty fun as an event game maybe? Considering the number of players required for a full game is quite a lot, even for the Bedrock platform. So, rather than it being a regular game mode, I could see something like this working as an event game. Similar to the buffed bridges or other altered games that were played in previous events -- it has been a while since I've been to an event, so I'm not sure if this is still something that happens or not. Overall, the concept could be fun, I just think right now, mainly for Java, it would be fairly hard for this game to maintain traction and to stay active due to how many players are needed for an individual game. Regardless, I'd like to see some more opinions on this, maybe some input on it possibly becoming some sort of event game.
    Posted Oct 20, 2021
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  6. Pretty sure bedrock had something like this in either 2017 or 2018, can't remember exactly, but @AbleToStrafe will know
    Posted Oct 20, 2021
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  7. Y3qh, can see why people would really play it as much if it was always around, but being an event game like solo would make it more popular when it comes outs
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 20, 2021
  8. Java for sure wouldn’t be able to support this, and Bedrock doesn’t need to prioritize this right now. However you had some good ideas. I like the idea of some good old classic 8v8 Cakewars. 4 years ago 2017) Mineplex launched Cakewars on Bedrock. However it was very different from the Java gamemode. It was actually 7v7! Now I can’t remember if it was 8v8 but I know for sure it could hold 7v7, and heres the video proof from SallyTheGamer.

    The problem with having a 8v8 game is sometimes the maps we have right now wouldn’t fit well with the 8v8 game mode. But it has been done before but changed to 4v4v4v4 to support more players and port Java maps. Interesting thread you have and I wouldn’t be opposed to a 8v8 gamemode returning for a limited event. I do believe though Solo Cakewars will be coming back to Bedrock permanently soon. If Java can support it….. you know Bedrock can do it 10x more better xD
    Posted Oct 20, 2021
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  9. I think this is the best possible solution to any sort of larger cake wars implementation. This gamemode would require a very large player base that would only be fun through an event format. Furthermore, the Java server definitely could not handle such large games player wise. As for Bedrock, it is a possibility but could get quite messy with that many players.
    Posted Oct 20, 2021
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  10. To be honest, I'd really enjoy an 8v8 version of Cake Wars however this would involve a lot of map changes to accommodate a mode such as this. If Cake Wars was to receive a new mode, I'd rather it was CW Solo as this is a game that has already proven to be popular on Bedrock.

    If Mineplex Bedrock were to one day receive an even larger playercount, and splitting CW into a fourth mode was genuinely viable, then I'd like to see an 8v8 or even 10v10 player mode where each team has 3 cakes to defend rather than 1. This opens up lots of room for strategy and truly offers a different experience, rather than overcrowding teams a bit too much - think of an 8v8 fight on a single team's base island. That'd get way too messy lol. : )
    Posted Oct 20, 2021
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  11. two team cake wars is fun on mps's, why not add it?
    maybe change the map and stuff
    Posted Oct 20, 2021
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