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Cakewars annoyances and how to get around them (bedrock)

Discussion in 'Cake Wars' started by akeyfortyseven, Aug 24, 2019.


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  1. Cakewars isnt the perfect game, but there are no other "war" games that can even come close to cakewars (on bedrock). However, there are many things that could be fixed but causes problems, and i have some solutions that might work until they fix these problems
    A lot of people know that mineplex knockback is kinda whack, but my observations have seen that having more gear than your opponent gives u more kb (idk if thats just me or if its actually real) but a simple solution to that is to buy gear. Another theory that i have is that they just ported over the stats for the fighter kit in micro battles and people with the warrior kit "take 50% less knockback and deal 150% more" (i think thats how it goes). A solution to that is to use the warrior kit as your primary kit unless absolutely necessary.
    -Players hiding
    This is a huge problem in cakewars, especially in maps like buccolic bedrock and plenty o' fish where there are so many hiding spots. especially when people have the ewok/yoda skin where they can glitch their visible hitbox into a block but their head hitbox is above the glitched block, so unless you can see a yoda ear poking above a block, you have almost no sign that people are hiding there. My solution is a bit limited, as it requires you to have a cake. First, (assuming you have a cake and many emerald points, and the final hiding opponent is indeed the last enemy) buy a rune of holding (which is infinite on bedrock, idk if thats a glitch or a feature) to hold your inventory, then jump into the void (YOU NEED A CAKE TO DO THIS) and you will die. Once you die, use the compass in your inventory to teleport (in spectator mode) to the hiding player. This is not perfect, as sometimes you will get teleported into a block, but you can look for details like are they behind a base (see if there are shops nearby by looking for the tags on the villager), or if you dont get glitched into a block, then you can see directly where the player is, then fly up (in spectator mode) to see where they are in the map. if they are in an ewok/yoda skin, you will see the general area that they are in, and you can buy a bow (since all other players except your team is eliminated, there will be plenty of bricks to buy this. The only downside to this "player tracker" is that you only have about 5 seconds to evaluate this, but you can continue to jump into the void (as long as you have a cake) and gather more clues, then go in to attack the hiding player.
    Hackers are a bit different on bedrock than on java, as on java, whether a player gets banned is mostly based on the hack client that they are using, and clients that arent into the system yet can often get away with it until it gets put into the system. On bedrock, it is a bit harder to check whether or not someone is using a hack client due to "spaghetti code", but is more dependent on the actions of the players that might be hacking. sometimes, my friends who are in spectator mode can get false kicked because they temporarily destroy a block or accidentally pick up generator items. I have been studying hack clients to see how hackers will act in-game. Most videos showing a hack client say specific things like "activate your fly before you jump so the game doesnt sense that you are levitating 2 blocks above ground level for extended periods of time" or "drop items on the floor before putting them in your inventory" and random things like that. I trust that the admins of mineplex are hard at work trying to improve anti-cheats, but client makers are often one step ahead. However, like I said, in bedrock it is more reliant on the actions of players rather than the client, so i hope that more "hacker traps" are put out as mineplex bedrock gets more and more developed. My only solution to this is to record and report them. One hacker that i found said that if he gets banned he has many more alt accounts, as many pirated versions of bedrock are easy to get (although NOT recommended). Reporting hackers are (im hoping) to be ip banned where any signals from their ip will be blocked. Its not the best solution that i have, and constantly recording hackers can take up a lot of storage, especially on some low-end devices that have low storage. Even my 2018 Ipad (6th gen) only has 32 gigs of storage and struggles to record at times, which is another downfall of this. Lower end devices will struggle to record the hacker accurately, and not everyone has a pc that can record well or has terabytes of storage to throw away. That is why all players should be vigilant so that hopefully, one player with a good enough device to record can report the hacker. STAY VIGILANT!!!
    In some of my games, i find that i will bridge to mid, only to find theres a red team whos slow, a blue team whos slow, but wait, theres a yellow team with a guy that has full diamond and their cake is covered in many layers of obsidian. This is harder to report as glitchers will often give emeralds to their teammates and camouflage themselves. my only solution to this is to report their entire team, mostly because the other players are supporting the glitch and "Intentionally abusing a bug or a glitch on the server or in a game that gives you an unfair advantage, or ruins gameplay for other players" is in the mineplex TOS and is thus bannable. Supporting the glitcher should be under these rules and all players that support the glitcher should be banned. To keep yourself safe from a ban, DO NOT accept anything the glitcher gives you and DO NOT wear full diamond within the first 5 minutes of the game. Im hoping that the admins read this part especially so that if 4 players are reported, but one player remains vigilant and doesnt support the glitcher, that one person wont get banned. also, please report your teammates. If one of your teammates are abusing a glitch, record them, and you can use this as evidence to get them banned or as evidence to prove yourself if you get false banned
    Posted Aug 24, 2019
  2. I support this movement
    Posted Aug 24, 2019
  3. oh i forgot something:

    If you are a hacker, DO NOT USE A VPN TO BYPASS AN IP BAN. This is considered ILLEGAL in some countries. Also, I am in the process of reporting a hacker who states "ive been banned multiple times but it never bans me". the proof will be on my youtube channel (akeyfortyseven, im not promoting it nor putting links to it because that can get you banned on the forums) but any video that there is "hacker" on it is a good example of how to report people. there are plenty of links to the report page. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HACKER WHEN HE/SHE SAYS THEY CAN EASILY RETURN! They will return as an alternate account but that will be one account that they have that cannot ruin other's experience. I BELIEVE THAT HACKERS WHO SAY SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF "i can just easily return" or "ive been banned but i can easily come back" should be PERMANENTLY BANNED as it is indirect proof that they are using illegal minecraft accounts that are from the dark places on the internet. I am aware that hackers are THE BIGGEST PROBLEM in bedrock because of the spaghetti code bedrock is built on, and it is harder to implement ban systems that ban certain clients. However, I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT THE STAFF IS DOING THEIR BEST to make mineplex bedrock the best it can be, seen as the amount of players on bedrock are usually double or sometimes TRIPLE THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE ON JAVA.
    Edit: i accidentally pressed the tab and enter button and i left out a huge section sry :(
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 24, 2019
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  4. Mineplex doesn't ip-ban, they're probably just creating new accounts, really a pain.
    Posted Aug 24, 2019
  5. If you ever forget something in the future, there is an option to edit your post and add some new information after it has been posted.
    Posted Aug 24, 2019
  6. thank you so much :)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 24, 2019

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