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Cake Wars Ideas [Bedrock]

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by OmegaKyurem, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. These are ideas that might help the game a bit, nothing groundbreaking (at least from my point of view). This is also my first post on the forums

    - Add Enchanted Golden Apples to the shop for 25 Emeralds. These apply Absorption 1 for 45s and Resistance 1 for 45s, and Regeneration 2 for 3s.
    - Add Molotovs (eggs) to the shop for 6 Emeralds. When thrown, wherever they land will be set on fire. The fire is spreadable, but only to player-placed blocks.
    - Add Notifier Traps for 8 Emeralds. These tell you when an enemy player is on your island (so not when they are eating a slice of cake). These could be placed on Emerald Points and Middle Points too so you know if somebody is capturing a point you have. (comes up as on-screen text in bold red so it's easier to see, unlike TNT Traps whose messages only appear in the chat)

    Island Chest Additions
    - 1x Enchanted Golden Apple
    - 1x Diamond Sword w/ Fire Aspect I
    - 16x Arrow

    New Kits
    - Healer. Since CW is a team based game, I thought we should have this. Has one Splash Potion of Regeneration III for 5 seconds that it gets every 30 seconds. Maximum is 1. Costs 3500 Gems
    - Destroyer. Starts with Shears, Iron Pickaxe and Iron Axe. Can never lose these. Costs 4000 Gems
    - Conqueror. Captures beacons 50% faster, and gets Speed 1 for 5 seconds after a beacon is captured by the user. Costs 4000 Gems
    -Specialist. Has an extra stick with Knockback II. Costs 4000 Gems.
    -Defender. Since Builder is getting changed to be less of a cake-protector (wool is easy to break), I thought I might add a "replacement". Starts with 5 endstone, can get one endstone every 5 seconds with a max of 5.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 16, 2021
  2. Hey there! Most of these sound like really good ideas, but I’ll go through them one by one and explain my opinion on them.
    1. If I remember correctly, a bossbar timer is already planned that counts down the minutes/seconds to cakerot. The messages in the chat would be a nice addition.
    2. This is already implemented, you get a message in the chat as well as a large title that pops up in the middle of your screen.
    3. These three things are already planned for the future.
    4. I think that enchanted apples would be very overpowered, you would be basically invincible in those 15 seconds with regeneration, and very hard to defeat with resistance and absorption. If this were to be added, it’s abilities should be reduced.
    5. Player trackers are planned for the future. However, they will cost 20 emeralds.
    6. This sounds like a really nice idea, it would give you a chance to break down the defenses at least somewhat before attacking. However, the planned changes for the archer kit do the same thing, if you shoot a block of wool with a full charged bow, it breaks, similar to turf wars.
    7. I agree and think this should be added, sort of like an alarm system.
    8. I don’t think the warrior kit needs a buff, seeing as it is the basic kit. It should not be as powerful as archer and builder.
    Kits: All of these sound good, thank you for suggestions them!
    PS. Welcome to the forums! If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to read over the rules and familiarize yourself with the forums!
    Posted Jan 15, 2021

  3. 1)This is already planned but differently, as the user above me stated.
    2)I'm not too sure what you mean, because when a person's cake is eaten, there is an anvil sound and big colored letters pop up on the screen. There is a message in chat too, like:"Red's cake has been eaten. They can no longer respawn."
    3)These are already planned.
    4)Even though this is expensive, this is still overpowered. When it's late game, people will stock up on a few to several of these. They could rack up some distance if someone chases them, and eat their enchanted golden apple. They could run some more, and they would be at full health, which resets the fight. As you know, after cake rot, there isn't that much time to fight so stalling will end the game naturally.
    5)Planned but more expensive.
    6)Not too sure about this, because it could get messy. As long as the fire isn't permanent like vanilla Minecraft, I think this could be a good idea.
    7)Sure, but let's make it one trap at a time, and a 120 second cooldown for buying traps for the whole team to make it balanced.
    8)All the current kits(Builder, Archer, and Warrior) are planning to be buffed. Warrior is planned to give you 3 hearts back immediately upon killing someone. if I remember correctly, and it might have something else with it.

    Island Chest Additions

    First of all, Mineplex is 1.8 so we don't have shields which are 1.9. These types of arrows aren't in 1.8. They also complicate the game, and are kind of overpowered. This excludes the 16 arrows, which isn't too good.


    Healer: Maybe it should be buffed like the other kits so maybe Instant Health II every 20 seconds as well(so you get two types of healing potions)?

    Destroyer: I'm kind of iffy on this one. From a person who rushes' perspective, you can grab an iron sword and wool, then defeat the first team. They proceed to get a little more armor, like leggings and/or more wool. The second team is defeated, and they had clay around their defense, but the Destroyer doesn't care. The third team has endstone, but the Destroyer doesn't care. So my thoughts are that this kit kind of nullifies rushing endstone as a tactic. Nevermind, I think that it's good.

    Conqueror: Speed 1 the whole game sounds slightly overpowered. They can outrun anyone unless they use shortcuts. Here is what I would change this kit to:
    Captures Beacons 50% faster
    Gets 30% faster(basically speed 1.5) when on a beacon or within one block from the outside of the beacon.

    The purpose of this kit would be to defend beacons.

    Specialist: Just... maybe?

    Edit: Since you've changed your post, here are my new thoughts on the kits.
    I feel like Conqueror is underpowered now. The 50% faster is a passive. For example, Archer's passive after the update will be Shredder: shooting a fully charged bow shot at wool will break it. I think that Conqueror should actually be removed, because Archer is already excellent for defending points. Also, I actually think that the Healer kit is overpowered. Every 35-40 seconds maybe? I think this because over those 5 seconds, the healer heals slightly more than 4 whole hearts, which can be used to reset the fight. Additionally, I don't see the point of the knockback stick for specialist, so it should be removed. Every kit has a purpose. Healer, Archer, Builder, and Warrior are all kits that would be excellent for the game. Destroyer I'm still not sure about.

    New Kits:
    Healer: Gains one Regeneration 3 potion for 5 seconds every 35 seconds, maximum of one.
    Maybe Destroyer: Starts with shears, an iron pickaxe, and an iron axe. This is permanent even if you die.
    Posted Jan 15, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 15, 2021
  4. Thanks for the replies! I’ll edit my post accordingly, and reply to some of these later.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 15, 2021
  5. The enchanted golden apple is too op. It is also known as the god apple, or the notch apple. Does that seem op? Ps. Once i jumped off an around 75 block cliff with the god apple effects, and it DIDN'T DO ANY DAMAGE (well i had netherite prot IV armor but that didn't help much as i jumped off the same cliff with no god apple effects and it killed me)
    Posted Jan 15, 2021
  6. The enchanted apple effects aren't the same as in survival, but similar, and I understand.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 16, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 16, 2021

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