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Bun's Staffversary Event Suggestions Thread

Discussion in 'Events' started by Bunni, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Hello event-goers!

    So I’m coming up on my 5 years as staff, and I wanted to do something more special than what I have done before. The idea being thrown around currently is hosting a special event the week I was accepted for fun. I have my own ideas for this event, but I’d like to hear from the community to figure out what would be of interest! The idea is to have the event story based with both in-game and forum elements.

    Things to keep in mind:

    • No event server, but MPSes work - this means we can't set specific mini-games without an admin, so don't count on them
    • Discord can be used if we want

    Examples of things that can be done include stories based around specific mini games, a forum event that has a story-line that gets continued in an event later that day, etc. I’m trying to keep it brief to not spoil my idea, but let me know if you guys have anything interesting to add!
    Also looking for name ideas for the event. If you have something more creative than Bun's Staffversary Event, feel free to add your suggestion!

    Before anyone asks: yes, this will be a storytime event.
    Editing this with a compiled list of suggestions:
    Name suggestions:
    Watty suggested Bunni's Hoppin' Along

    Other suggestions:
    Watty suggested we play the first game I've played on MP.
    Speedswipe suggests organizing people together who have bunny morph (If this was changed to getting people with bunny skins together aka Bunny Squad, then that would be cool)
    ItsBunni suggests storytime events/a stream, which can happen!
    Tours wants to learn more about me, which we can do in a QnA
    Goofit wants a big event channel with various amounts of people, which we can do!
    Oakstains suggests doing a "draw my life" except with builds, which can be done either that way or the original way (since I enjoy art), or a bunch of staff doing something together, possibly MPS raiding?
    Robink suggests Castle Siege

    Posted Aug 13, 2019,
    Last edited Aug 16, 2019
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  2. Hi Bunni!!!

    First off, congratulations on your soon-to-be five years as staff! What if we played a few games of the first game that you ever played on the network, if you remember that. I think that would be cool.

    I can't wait to see what the storyline is, it's going to be fun!

    As names go, I think the event should be named something along the lines of "Bunni's Hoppin' Along."
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
  3. You should organize a get-together of all people who have the easter bunny in a random lobby and lay eggs everywhere.
    In all seriousness, you could invite people you know to give their favorite memory working with you or have them recall special events from their point of view in a discord server which could be very nostalgic.
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  4. yay story time
    happy early staffversary
    do like a stream
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  5. Haha that actually isn’t that bad of an idea; instead of getting people with bunny morphs we could just get some people to wear bunny skins and get together. That was the theme behind a mini event I used to do called Bunny Squad, so it’d be interesting to see it come back sorta.
    As for the nostalgia thing, maybe. I’d rather focus on a mini story event but maybe one “theme” could be a throwback kinda thing.

    Yeah stream will probably happen x3
    Excited to write the story for this though!

    I don’t remember which game I started with, I might have to do some digging. Pretty sure I have YouTube videos I used to make from back in the day so maybe I can find what I used to play a lot and call it good; though pretty sure that would have been SG. And that’s a.. interesting name. I’ll consider it hahaha
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 14, 2019
  6. Hey!
    First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on 5 years of staff! That's quite an impressive feat! You've been an amazing staff member, and I'm really happy to see you continue your staff journey!
    As for this event, I think it's an amazing way to celebrate! I can't wait to attend!
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  7. Bunni, I have no idea where to start. I'm super proud of you firstly for completing 5 years on the staff team. That's a very long time and I think a lot of people here appreciate it so much, including me. I've always remembered you being part of the staff team ever since I can remember and I think it's great to see you still around. I am more than excited to attend your anniversary-special event and I can't wait to hear more about the stories you have in mind. I think I'd love to hear from you and your experience here.

    As of suggestions, I think maybe I'd love to hear more about you and maybe getting to know you through this event. I'm definitely looking forward to this and I'm, again, so proud of where you've come. Major congratulations on your 5 year <3
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  8. Holly cow Bunni! I would love to start off with stating congratulations on the upcoming 5 years! I have seen you so many times around the community and for that, I would like to thank you!!

    Now, on with the idea you stated. I would absolutely love to have this occur to not just honor you, but all of the staff that have taken the time out of their lives to pursue their goal of making the communities lives better. As for the event, I think it would be very cool to have everyone who wishes to join in one big event channel having a blast and getting to know you and many others as well! Now, of course, there will only be certain people with talk power as the channel will more than likely fill up with loads of people but... overall this idea would be able to connect the community with the incredible staff team and become more comfortable and understanding. I'd love to hear more from you and what you are planning on having occur with this incredible event you have thought of!

    Congrats on 5 Years!!!
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  9. You could do a "draw my life", except it's on a build server live streamed for everyone to watch on the server. Obviously instead of drawing, you could have staff members build their favorite memories of working with you.

    Or even better- you could build your own favorites. If you don't like that idea, my original one was to get as many staff together as you possibly could and host a roast
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  10. Thank you for the sweet words! <3 Maybe a QnA could work for that, and/or a QnA livestream type dealio?

    Yeah, a discord channel thing would be pretty cool. Since I want it to be story-based and moreso about the community than me, as I like to plan these events around everyone else haha. Maybe we could do something where people tell their favorite stories about the community, and have the best ones read in a voice channel with some superawesomecoolio voice acting from interested people?

    Hmm, I think sticking with the original idea of a "draw my life" would be kinda cool. I'm not sure how it would work, but since I like to draw it'd work for me (even more than building). Maybe getting a bunch of staff together and doing MPS raids would be cute as that's something I used to do in events?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  11. That's a good idea. Join a random lobby with a bunch of staff morphed into rabbits and just say "must find carrots" every time a player asks a question
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  12. Congrats on 5 years, that's huge! I can't really think of any cool event ideas, but I really hope I can attend.
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  13. I absolutely love that Idea Bunni! I feel like it would be a great way for the community to come back together and get to know each other even more!

    Either way, I'm all in!
    Posted Aug 14, 2019
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  14. Thank you! It's going to be hard to plan since I think some people start school the same week (week of September 6th), but I'm hoping some will be able to join!

    I'm glad you like it!
    There's a lot of ideas suggested so far that I wouldn't have thought myself, so thank you, everybody, to suggest things so far. I've updated the main post with some of my notes I wrote on a separate document but keeping the schedule a secret for now (until I know for sure what would be going on). For now, still looking for ideas, especially for names. I also have a work-in-progress storyline being developed so far, but still looking for ideas since I can always improve on my own!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 15, 2019
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  15. Can we do castle siege?

    Also congrats on 5 years!!! :o
    Posted Aug 15, 2019
  16. Possibly, I'll add it to the list!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 16, 2019
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  17. Wow, 5 years of staffing Mineplex, good job.
    Posted Aug 16, 2019
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