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Survey Build Battle(Master Builder) or Speed Builder

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AVLG, Nov 26, 2018.


Title says it

Poll closed Dec 26, 2018.
  1. Speed Builders

  2. Build Battle(Master Builder)

  3. They’re equally amazing

  4. I don’t play any of the

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Which one is better? And btw i call it build battle in case if someone is new to the server and has played on a different server
    Posted Nov 26, 2018,
    Last edited Nov 26, 2018
  2. personally, i much more enjoy master builders, because it gives me a lot more freedom in terms of my own creativity (i'm able to make my own structures without any limits). however, I do see why people like speed builders, as it's a fun game as well. just my opinion :)

    Posted Nov 26, 2018
  3. Hey!

    Honestly, in my opinion I would choose Master Builders because you get to show off how skilled you are at building, how good you are, or however you may phrase it. Me myself am not a builder, I do not build at all, and I have no skill regarding building. It's mostly based on how you think about it but it's mainly your choice.

    Posted Nov 26, 2018
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  4. Hello,
    I actually really enjoy both Master Builders and Speed Builders. I do tend to play MB more often then SB for a few reasons. I'm looking forward to see what everyone else thinks though. With Master Builders you can be really creative, it's always interesting to see the different ways in which people interpret the themes, I like the freedom of voting and having a say in the outcome of the game. Something that stands out for me is that you don't have to be the most amazing builder in order to enjoy it, the game is also very fun to play with friends - definitely more so then SB.

    However, if I'm wanting to play a quick game I'd lean towards Speed Builders. It is a little more challenging - especailly when you're up against players who are getting 100% every round as you have to get everything perfect to stand a chance at winning. To become really good at the game I feel like you have to play it a lot to be able to memorize the builds you have to then recreate which takes quite a bit of time and dedication.
    Posted Nov 26, 2018
  5. Honestly, sorry to go against the trend here, but I prefer Speed Builders for several reasons. Firstly, Master Builders, in my opinion, is much more enjoyable with a party. Playing alone isn’t really fun for me, while Speed Builders is more geared towards competitive solo build offs. While I’m not as good and fast as I was in it, I still like to play it from time to time. However, I’m sure I’ll probably play Master Builders more in light of the recent update. Interesting thread, never really thought to see the differing opinions between the two. I’d like to see what everyone else thinks as well.
    Posted Nov 26, 2018
  6. I personally like speed builders more, has some of that competitive aspect I enjoy and it's satisfying making all the different builds. In Master builders the winner is dependent on other players' opinions, since the quality of builds is perceived differently from player to player -- whereas speed builders doesn't have a subjective winner, but rather one who is the most skillful and meets a definite goal. Skilled builders definitely have a bigger chance of winning BLD, but in some games that's just not the case which ehhh I'm not really a fan of

    Master builders no doubt is more creative and I still enjoy playing it some, but Speed builders is just a much more favorable experience to me
    Posted Nov 26, 2018
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  7. agreed
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 27, 2018
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  8. Hey,
    I personally like Master Builders more than Speed Builders. For Master Builders, although I am not the best at building myself, I really enjoy seeing all the builds at the end since it really shows how creative other players can get with their builds. I also really like how at the end, players can input their own opinion through voting on a player's build. However for Speed Builders, I really like the competitiveness between games, it makes the game more fun in my opinion.
    Posted Nov 27, 2018
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  9. What if they made something called team master builders :) or is that already a thing?
    Posted Nov 27, 2018
  10. It doesnt even exist on any server at all
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 28, 2018
  11. I currently like speed builders better. First I'm not got with picked themed topics which make me worse if I can build anything. 2nd Speed builders to me have a faster pace rather than master builders, and it also doesn't require much skill rather than memorization.
    Posted Nov 28, 2018
  12. I enjoy speed builders because it helps trigger memory and it is fun because it stimulates that part of the brain and helps you remember things!
    Posted Dec 3, 2018
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  13. I like both of these games equally and I'll state why.
    Master Builders: This is a really fun game for friends to play with since most of the time it's fun to build different themes and learn cool, new, and interesting build techniques. It's fun to vote on others' builds too and then see who wins at the end! Overall I think the game is really relaxing and less stressful like games such as Cake Wars or Skywars.
    Speed Builders: Same thing pretty much. Except this game feels a lot more challenging with the whole "eliminating" and "last man standing" aspect to it. I personally enjoy playing this game a lot as it practices my memory on a lot of things, and it's fun to challenge my friends to see who's the fastest at building!

    I'd have to give both games a 10/10 and say that I'd play both of them any day. Hope to see what others think, and if they have any feedback or suggestions to make these games better!
    Posted Dec 4, 2018

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