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Brute Meta Discussion

Discussion in 'Champions' started by Swahn, Dec 7, 2018.


Are you happy with Brute's current place in the meta?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Not sure

  1. Hey guys, today I uploaded a video on brute's current place in the meta for champions and clans. Mostly, I stated my opinion on it's faults and things it does well as a kit. Please watch with an open mind, and let me know your thoughts or if you agree/disagree with me in the reply section. Thank you!

    Posted Dec 7, 2018
  2. Heyo, before you start on this, I do respect your opinion and have listed valid reasons why the skills are the way there are by looking at it from a GI member point of view.

    Flesh hook should be able to be used on teammates specifically for one reason, it can really help your teammates out if they’re in a rough situations. There have been plenty of times in which I’ve had my teammates pull me out of fights that would be impossible to win in. There’s other ways to use the skill than just pulling someone out of a fight, flesh hook can be used as a mobility skill for other team members. For example, a wolf pounce ranger on twin peaks can be pulled to the other peak by the brute using flesh hook, allowing your teammate to use a bow skill that deals damage rather than using roped arrow. I do agree the velocity is a little bit funky, which is something I’m really striving to fix. Flesh is definitely the best skill in the class besides block toss (but that’s only because it’s broken and has multiple glitches).

    There’s not much we can do about arrows not hitting the upper part of a player when you’re using block toss since the block is an entity. I’ve brought up in multiple GI meetings that you should be able to hit someone with arrows and just not in one place, but it’s something with Minecraft, not Mineplex. Also since there’s different ways to use each class, block toss allows brute to be a more ranged class, which can help when you don’t have a ranger. Block toss is a bit busted right now because of the glitch, which allows the player to deal double the damage and makes the block go much faster than it’s supposed to.

    Dwarf is also a little bit broken since most of the time, it doesn’t work and it also false fires. It’s an extremely valuable skill when it comes to high points on maps. You currently can throw your teammates with dwarf toss and do the strategy that you said in your video, which can make the skill much more useful when it comes to the team aspect. In competitive Champions (yes, it’s a thing), it’s done in casual matches and can be very effective.Of course you should only throw teammates when you know they’re going to win. I’m going to make a recommendation that teammates should be able to shift out of another teammate’s dwarf toss just to eliminate the possibility of team trolling though.

    I really don’t know why whirlwind isn’t in clans and it’s probably for the reason that’s mentioned in your video. I’m on the Dominate side of Champions GI so I really have no idea and can find out if you’d like.

    Seismic slam is more of a strategic skill, which shouldn’t just be used randomly into a fight. You should be able to hit people because wherever you land, you’re still going to slam people away if you’re using it at a high enough level. Lower levels aren’t going to do as much since you don’t have the skill points put into the skill. You also don’t take any fall damage if you use the skill at the right time and at the right elevation, since if you’re coming in from a higher place, you can just slam later to reset the fall damage counter. I really don’t agree with giving a brute no knockback when they’re using slam because all skills should have some way to counter them. The only way you’d be able to counter that is by having a dwarf brute throw them away, so your options are very limited when it comes to that.

    Overall yes, I do agree that brute does suit its current description on the wiki and does have a variety of skills that a player can use to interpret that description. The reason brute does a decent amount of damage is because it’s not supposed to be the tanky kit of the five that are offered. Knight is supposed to take all the damage and is supposed to have barely any mobility for itself besides bulls charge. The other kits (such as mage) are a little busted with skills such as barbed and static, which are getting fixed. Once those are fixed, the damage and mobility brute does will balance out with the other classes and their purposes.

    Also next time, could you please edit out the loud noises (like the screams and whistles, I have no idea what it was). I’m really thankful that there’s people out there who are willing to do what you’re doing and critiquing all the classes. It really does help people like me try to improve how the game functions and to make it better for the next update. If you would really like to have a discussion about the classes, there is a public discord that Mineplex has that offers players to give recommendations to improve the gamemode. If you would like that, I wouldn't mind giving it to you.

    Posted Dec 10, 2018
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  3. Hey Webkinz!

    Thank you so much for your response on this post, and for keeping it really respectful and formal. I will go through and address each of the topic you did here as well:

    Flesh Hook: This was one of my pickiest topics on the video, because as you said, it's in a decent spot right now. Perhaps my 'clans perspective' wasn't quite what the purpose of flesh hook is, as you said. Overall there isn't too much to discuss about flesh hook, but I'm glad you agreed with me on the velocity aspect.

    Seismic: I liked your points on this one since, yet again, I was taking seismic from a clans perspective, rather than an 'overall' perspective. In clans, seismic is tough to use effectively since the map is large and generally open its easy to hit people away or even run away the player using seismic; However, I completely understand what your saying since seismic does fit the role brute is defined as. My POV of fall damage 'dealing' abilities is likely distorting my view of it's effectiveness.. if that even makes sense. Overall, from the majority of the playerbase, it is hard to use effectively and that was just my opinion.

    Dwarf Toss: I still, even with your explanation, don't see the 'attacking' perspective of dwarf toss. Simply the fact that you can't counter it in any way is a deal breaker for me, and using it is simple for anyone. In eyes, all abilities should be counter-able in some way, so getting 'frozen'for a few seconds, THEN shot into the air for massive fall damage, is very discouraging to play against, no matter what skills you have. If it seems like I'm being rude here, I apologize, but it isn't aimed toward you, its just my frustration around the skill's functionality. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this POV on it.

    *there was a formatting error on the website which would not let me properly edit the previous text, but just wanted to clarify that you didn't clarify the attacking perspective of dwarf toss, so in reality this wasn't aimed as a response, more of a discussion on my opinion)

    Thank you on your response to my video here, generally got less attention than I intended, and not many people were, "down for discussion", which is underwhelming to notice as a creator. It's also cool to see that you have similar, yet contrasting views of brute / champions and that's what Mineplex needs: the player's point of view. Your response was cool to read, and thanks again.

    For your final note: The 'loud screaming & etc.' was for 'comedic purposes', which, not many people picked up on which was unfourtunate from a creator perspective, but I've taken note on that and work to improve on that feedback for future videos. Also yes, I am in the CCD (clans community discord), but I am not in probably the one you were relating to.

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 10, 2018
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  4. Personally I think all clans classes should be situational and not in anyway balanced. Assassin needs to be a high risk high reward class were it takes 2-3 hits of an iron sword but buff its abilities. Mage needs to be able to summon a tower or a better strategical position then fissure. Knight needs to be super tanky in the game but have little to no dps. Brute needs to have a mix of all classes and finally ranger needs a mobility and bow buff. Clans was never meant to be played in a solo/duo type manner but to be played as a war type game in so forth clans is a team based game. If it's not played as a team based game and that's what makes it so fun. Right now its being played in a bunch of small # clans and cheaters and that's not fun. Buff the classes to the point were there used when there legitimately supposed to be used and eliminate the hackers and eventually clans will return to its former state were to become successful teamwork was key. Not the best client is key.
    Posted Dec 10, 2018
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