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Broken Launcher Glitch

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by BlazeFire, Aug 5, 2022.

  1. My friend encountered a seemingly obscure bug with the new Windows Store launcher, and I'm doing everything I can to help her fix it. What happened was a few months after migrating it, she switched the email connected to the Microsoft account that's also used to sign into Minecraft. This forcibly signed her out of the launcher, and when she signed back into it, it was totally screwed up, flashing between "play offline" and "play demo". There's no problem with her wifi. Pressing the button whether she has internet just loads the demo, it's like she hasn't even bought the game even though she's owned Java for years and now Bedrock too (it's happening with both). Signing out and back in, uninstalling and reinstalling the launcher, and restarting the pc did nothing. Her account also is up to date in every application that uses it (such as the Xbox ones and Windows Store). Does anyone know what's wrong and what will bring it back to normal? She can't really try to sign in on another machine because she did something in adding security information that locked her out of changing things and signing into new places for 30 days.
    Posted Aug 5, 2022

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