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Not Planned Bringing back the Gem Fountain and OP Bridges

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Tweatzy, May 26, 2019.


Should Mineplex Re-add Gem Fountain?

Poll closed Jun 2, 2019.
  1. Yes

    5 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. Today i was thinking about the games on the Mineplex server and i remembered that there was a game every weekend, as far as i remember there was OP Bridges. A lot of players had fun playing it. So i really want that to be back on Mineplex.
    Also the Gem Fountain would help players who have too many gems to spend them that way. Because in my opinion over the years gems lost their value and this can be the way for people with ton of gems to spend them. I also have a suggestion that we can vote for the game by paying with gems (or maybe when i think about it it's not really good idea because people with many gems will always decide which game to play)
    With this thread I just wanted to remind you of this game and Gem Fountain!
    Posted May 26, 2019
  2. I've commented on a thread like this before, and my answer was to not reimplement it. The reason being is that the gem fountain was initially removed due to the lack of players who played the weekly games. When gem fountain was first introduced, a lot of players participated in the games. As time went on, fewer players participated and even got to the point where games just weren't filling.

    Bring it back on the network, who knows if this will happen again? Because if it did there would be no point to it. Also an issue I saw back then when gem fountain was a thing was that there were repeat games for the weekends or the same 3 games. You would only see Minestrike SG, Op bridges, or Random kits SSM.

    I wouldn't be opposed to having the fountain back, but mineplex would need to make a consistent effort in making sure it is properly taken care of, and newer games are introduced just so they can keep the interest of the players.
    Posted May 26, 2019,
    Last edited May 26, 2019
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  3. Herro!

    Unfortunately I agree with @Unfavorited. It was popular when it first came out, then quickly lost popularity in a matter of weeks. I don't see it being something devs should work on in the near future, and if it was readded, it would have to have some changes made to keep players interested in it.
    Posted May 26, 2019
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  4. I think the main issue with re-adding the gem fountain is the same issue that it was removed for: The lack of use. Not enough players would deposit gems into it, even more so towards the end of it's life span. I don't think that re-adding it would change anything. It's also to be noted that game activity is already pretty mixed. If it takes a few minutes for a regular bridges game to start, how can we expect a OP Bridges to start at all?

    Overall, I don't agree with this idea. I think that it might just end up removed again because the lack of use. If you'd like to see certain game-modes from the gem foundation return, maybe you should suggest they be added to MPSs.
    Posted May 26, 2019
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  5. The main reason why the gem fountain was removed was due to a lack of players. As others stated above, if this were to be implemented then it may again suffer from very little use. Plus, developers would need to come up with something every week, which takes up a lot of development time and effort. Therefore, I don’t see this being planned in the future.
    Posted May 26, 2019
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  6. Yo!

    As stated by the lovely users above, the Gem Fountain was successful within its first few weeks, but then it slowly lost popularity. One of the main issues with the Gem Fountain was that the new gamemodes that were implemented were underdeveloped. Many of the games contained numerous bugs and balancing issues which made these games unenjoyable. We won't be re-adding the Gem Fountain because it quickly lost popularity and we would rather use these resources into other projects. If you would like to play OP gamemodes you should check out Mineplex Events hosted by our lovely Events Team: Events Squad! They often play OP gamemodes or put fun twists on different games! You can check out the Events schedule at www.mineplex.com/events to see when the next event is.

    If you have anymore questions, comments, or concerns feel free to PM me!

    Thread locked
    Posted Jun 21, 2019
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