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In Discussion Bring Back UHC As An Event

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by IMrBacon, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. When UHC was an event, it dragged a lot of players into it, but the player count dropped when Mineplex made it its own game, I think they should bring back UHC but give it its own event and see how it goes, if anyone else has any other comments about this idea, please let me know!
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
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  2. Hey!

    This has been suggested many times in the past and I 100% agree. As you said, UHC was a very popular gamemode when it was an hourly event, simply because you could only play it once per hour so when it was available you really wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. The game only died when it became a stand-alone game which I don't think was very smart of the developers. I would really like to see UHC given another chance as an event as I believe it would attract a lot of players. I'm going to give this idea a +1, thanks for the suggestion!
    Posted Jan 22, 2020
  3. Hello!

    I would honestly love to see a return from UHC, and would love seeing it as an event more over than just a game to play. Even though I have only played UHC a couple of times in the past. I still understand where you are coming from.

    Since there aren’t as many players when this was a game, the games would take forever to fill now. To fix this, I think that the number of players would be reduced from what it was. This makes the game start faster, and give players hope for the game overall. As long as all players are aware of what hours, if it was not every hour but instead a couple times a day maybe, the game is an option to play. I have no need to disagree with the idea since I already tried to help the player count out. I wouldn’t see the need to add anything in the game that was not already, and feel like it was perfect the way the game use to be played.

    Overall, as long as the player count needed to start the event game is reduced and considerable. I would love to see this make a return to see if players would want it back either keeping it as an event game, or turning it back into a regular game. Anyways, I will be giving this idea a +1. Thank you for suggesting!
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  4. Hey!

    As nice as it would be to see UHC make some sort of return considering its recent rise in popularity across other servers, the code for the game was completely removed when the game system was redesigned recently. Unfortunately, this means that it would require to be completely redesigned and recoded before we could play the game.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  5. I'm pretty sure it was removed because it was, well, broken. If it were to come back it would have to be rewritten and redone. Since development time is limited, it wouldn't be able to come back for a while.
    I think the reason it was made its own game was because of the hour-long thing. To me, at least, having it happen once an hour was annoying because you weren't always able to get in. If it were to come back, I'm not sure if it would maintain that feature. Also, when it was around it kind of died out anyway. It would be cool to come back, sure, but I'm not sure how many people would join it again anyway. Maybe if it got enough players, perhaps? Will leave this with a 0.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020
  6. Hey! I would like to see UHC return but I don't think it would for a while. Like Bunni mentioned it was removed originally due to it being broken and developers would need to spend a while to get them fixed/recode the UHC. Instead, they could be fixing bugs, implementing updates, etc...

    Also, I don't think the player count would be high enough for UHC. It would take a while for games to start and there aren't enough players to get continues games running. However, if it got enough attention I'm sure it could attract some players.
    Posted Jan 23, 2020,
    Last edited Jan 23, 2020
  7. Hey,

    I've seen quite a lot of ideas to bring back UHC, but in my opinion, Mineplex wouldn't be able to support it. The lack of players would make it difficult for games to start and this would use valuable developer time. If it were to be a temporary event, as you said. This might be possible. Though, this would still use lots of dev time just to make a temporary event.
    Posted Jan 24, 2020
  8. Heyo!

    I like this idea! I really enjoyed way back when there was hourly UHC and when it was turned into a gamemode, no one really ever played it which got me sad because it was such an excellent gamemode to Mineplex! Though like @Bunni said, it was removed due to lack of players and that it was pretty buggy, so it'll have to be redone by the Dev's and I think the Dev's want to work on bigger updates than recoding UHC but I'm not sure.

    Posted Jan 24, 2020

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