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Bring back the old games

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by War Robot Dogee, May 27, 2022.


What game would you like back most?

  1. Survival Games

  2. Skyfall

  3. Death Tag

  4. Gladiators

  5. Factions

    0 vote(s)
  6. Dragon escape

  7. Quiver

  8. Mixed Arcade

  9. Skyblock

  10. Other (specifiy)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. So we all know the main server and the java server is dying.
    Java is dying because it has too many games
    The main server is dying because it has a lack of genes.

    I think my adding back the old games (Such as Survival Games, Skyfall, Death Tag, Gladiators, Factions, Dragon Escape, Quiver, Mixed Arcade, etc (hopefully skyblock)) will keep the server alive.
    When we had the winter rotation, the server was on fire. Bringing back survival games for that short period of time really got a lot of new players. You could also see this when Cakewars Mega was introduced a few months back. We (the players) don't give a damn if the games have BuGs or not. The server had had the same bugs for like half a decade now. Just a few bugs won't affect us at all. We live in bugs. It's normal.

    Ive seen countless people wanting the games back. Yet nothing happens. What happens as result? Players leaving.
    As I am ending this thread due to my lack of ideas to discuss, I would love to ask y'all what game you would bring back.
    I personally would want Survival Games, Skyfall, Gladiators, and Dragon escape back.
    Posted May 27, 2022
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  2. My opinion is that returning the Castle siege, the number of returned and new players would be staggering.
    Posted May 27, 2022
  3. This is a bedrock thread lol
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 27, 2022
  4. Castle siege easily for me surprised you excluded it from the list.
    Posted May 27, 2022
  5. Again, this is a bedrock thread
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 27, 2022
  6. bring the castle defense back and put it in normal games
    Posted May 27, 2022
  7. Hey War Robot Dogee,
    First off I love your username. Secondly, I would love to see survival games come back, and I would like to see SSM on bedrock at some point.
    Posted May 27, 2022
  8. Obviously, this would help the server with growth and having more people play. It is very hard for one developer to keep track of the games there is let alone adding all these ones back. I do agree with you on how I don't care if its buggy or not, having the games back will help the server. Even if the games don't get as many big fixes, I would still love to have them back.
    Posted May 27, 2022
  9. If we could have the game rotation change games in a snap, why would it be harder to add them back prominently?

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 27, 2022
  10. ok I accidentally messed up the last message. It isn't possible right now for them to keep up with updates on all the games. The one dev can't barely give us much as it is. Imagine updates already this slow now even slower. The games just won't get updated. But less updated games are better than none.
    Posted May 27, 2022
  11. I know countless people who would return if these older games got added back. Most of these games were removed without any notice and which people loved, so since Mineplex took something great from them it would be right to return it back. I didn't want most of these games gone but they were taken away.
    Posted May 28, 2022
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  12. Castle defense is a seasonal game, it's only around during Halloween but will presumably always be there during Halloween

    Actually yeah, they re-implemented a lot of cut games with the holiday rotation, but I think with a few updates to make them playable instead of immensely laggy, games like quiver & the other MA games would work as full-time games
    Posted May 28, 2022
  13. we need make more people in full - time game
    Posted May 28, 2022
  14. I will make sure all these games come back to Mineplex on Java and bedrock. Probably bedrock sooner tho.
    Posted May 29, 2022
  15. Java has all these games tho
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 29, 2022

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