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In Discussion Bring Back Castle Siege [Evidence Regarding Its Justified Revival]

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Danese, May 1, 2020.


Would You Want CS To Be Brought Back?

  1. Yes!

    332 vote(s)
  2. Maybe...

    31 vote(s)
  3. No.

    38 vote(s)
  1. I would like castle siege to return, however it just wouldn't be able to have consistent lobbies, the playercount barely reaches 1k anymore and games just wouldn't start.
    Posted Aug 1, 2021
  2. This thread just received 600 replies, has over 35k views, has been here for over a year. Barely any threads on this forum seem to stay for this long and so far this has been the most viewed thread in the new game section. Even after all of this, we still haven't gotten Castle Siege back on the server. I understand that the dev team is currently limited at the moment and very busy, but there was plenty of opportunity in the past when there were devs to bring this game back. It's been months since any update other than map updates on the server and player counts have reached an all time low. I absolutely hope that whatever the devs are working on is something that the players want to see and this enormous amount of time that is being spent is going to be something meaningful.

    Overall, I really think the development team should reflect on the current situation regarding the server and consider addressing it. I understand that there are not many devs at the moment, but the time that can currently be spent by the current devs can still be productively used in a way that would be helpful and greatly pleasing to the current player base.
    Posted Aug 2, 2021
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  3. I really admire the passion put into this thread - haven't seen anything like it in a long while!

    But I have to agree with @Jtj and @urdadleftme. With the sharp decrease in players that has happened over the past year or so, I can't really see Mineplex adding CS back.

    The idea of reducing the required amount of players down to 20 is a good one, but even then - it would be comparable to something like Bridges - and we all know that hardly ever gets a lobby going nowadays. Kinda sad really.

    So to me this all feels like a missed opportunity by Mineplex's leadership/owners/whoever is in charge of making these types of decisions...

    Maybe if the server can get their player counts back in the 2k-3k range, something like this could be viable again. Finally getting a new dev is exciting news for sure, but I'm still skeptical that we will see any sort of rebound like that.
    Posted Aug 2, 2021
  4. Just add the game back and let it die then? There's tons of games (UHC, Bridges, CTF) that almost never start currently. No real reason not to add it back in. If it fails it can be permanently removed with evidence against its return, and if it works Mineplex will gain players.
    Posted Aug 2, 2021
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  5. only way i realistically see this game coming back is taking a stance similar to UHC with scheduled games (but even less frequently than UHC) so that you can play once or twice a day as a sort of special game
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  6. They did just add new maps for this game, right?
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  7. Or just have the game playable 24/7 (for communities who are willing to jumpstart a lobby) and then "open" games similar to UHC.
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
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  8. This
    Posted Aug 4, 2021
  9. Or have a monthly "CS Weekend". I doubt twice daily would work because people like to play multiple games when they play. Kicking people out after playing one 8 minute game wouldn't work very well (as opposed to UHC, which has much longer games). If you have a cs weekend people are able to play a bunch of games in a row but you still get all the cs-interested people on at the same time, boosting the player count.
    Posted Aug 8, 2021
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  10. If it gets brought back, it better get some changes. Castle Siege is good and I want it to be brought back, but there is a lot of room for improvement. I think the gap between the amount of power wolves and defenders have from each other should be shortened so that it's less punishing.
    Posted Aug 9, 2021,
    Last edited Sep 4, 2021
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