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In Discussion Bring Back Castle Siege [Evidence Regarding Its Justified Revival]

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Danese, May 1, 2020.


Would You Want CS To Be Brought Back?

  1. Yes!

    331 vote(s)
  2. Maybe...

    31 vote(s)
  3. No.

    38 vote(s)
  1. I feel like people arguing that the game wouldn't have any players are missing the point that a large number of games already on the server are quite dead. CTF is so dead that four of the last five times I played the game I had to jump start the lobby with alts, and there are many other games in similar positions. The fact that most of the views and replies on this thread are repeats is also fairly insignificant, as this movement still has far more players behind it than something like reviving TDM (With five times less views and only 19 replies).
    Posted Jun 1, 2021
  2. Seasonal Event Castle Siege sounds nice. Can't wait to grind 1k CS Wins every single year

    Kind of unrelated: Make this year's Halloween game CS related. Castle Siege lore! :D
    Posted Jun 2, 2021
  3. Yeah I want a king chiss backstory; He is clearly a zombie, what made him betray his people and why are the undead so furious about it?
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
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  4. This thread is still alive and it’s over a year old.

    I also want a backstory as well. Maybe the undead are jealous of his diamond armor or something so they want to kill him to get his armor? But then why did the king switch sides in the first way?
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
  5. It might have replies, but nothing new is being said anymore. Which, honestly, you can only blame on yourselves ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ The discord server has also essentially become the same ~dozen people talking. I'm hesistant about calling it alive.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
  6. I don't see people continually responding to year old posts about the revival of TDM or any other dead game.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
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  7. MY stupid backstory idea is that he's being held hostage by the Defenders. The Undead want to kill their king so that he respawns in the Undead forest, which is why the defenders covered him in diamond armor. Notice that he doesn't actually use the sword; it's probably A) a prop or B) undead don't know how to use swords, which is why they all have axes. If it reaches daytime, the Undead's king burns and he is gone for good.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
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  8. That's not really responding to what I said, though. Something else being worse isn't the same as this being good. CS is certainly more active than TDM but that's hardly saying anything, so I don't really understand this line of reasoning. Would you be able to explain more?
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
  9. He means no other dead/removed games have had this much want for its revival, other than arcade games on bedrock i guess because that got removed for NO reason but i digress..
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
  10. Pretty much what Nick said, there's clearly a large amount of people that want to see the game brought back. The current issue (in my eyes) is that most of the stats on the game (from the holiday short release) could be attributed to it being a limited time game. The game should just be brought back due to the very vocal support it has. If it dies then it can always be removed later and further pushes for it's revival can be shot down with accurate stats.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
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  11. Exactly - what harm could come of bringing it back? If it died get rid of it no harm done, and this thread will have been solved.
    Posted Jun 4, 2021
  12. I used to play CS a lot back in the day. Back when 100 players lobbies were a thing (Even if they wouldn't start up most of the time hehe). It's a really fun game mode and I would really love for it to come back. I don't seem much of a reason for not having the game besides the small server costs. Which was mentioned that many of the other minigames or arcade games aren't filling. It seems also pretty simple to bring back as the code is all there. Heck, even some of the code was changed a bit such as adding back the wolf respawn timer and displayed deaths. Playing in the MPS's is fun and all but when the game really starts getting fun is when it gets the massive player counts. That's something you can't replicate in a MPS. Anyways, if the game doesn't do well then I would fully understand removing the game mode again.
    Posted Jun 5, 2021
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  13. Oh its not back due to money? Wonderfull
    Posted Jun 5, 2021
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  14. If castle siege isn't brought back on the main network again, the best we can do is revive the cs community! <3
    Posted Jun 6, 2021
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  15. Hey, y’all!

    So, unlike some people, I’ve decided to post a reply here regarding the current state of our Castle Siege Content Creation Teams and the #ReviveCS movement, just so community members are more informed as to what is going on internally.

    First of all, we are (obviously) not dead. Content is still being worked on, albeit at a somewhat lessened pace. But that’s what happens after 13 months of feeling like we’re being ignored by the leadership team, now isn’t it? They won’t even respond to this thread despite the dozens of valid points of concern within… But I digress...

    Second, at this time we are playing the “hurry up and wait” game. Mineplex’s development team currently has their hands full, both with hiring new developers and with finishing up the new game AlexTheCoder announced several months back. I can confidently say that, at this point, there simply are no developmental resources to dedicate to setting up a handful of CS servers due to popular demand… And yes, this is extremely frustrating. Nevertheless, the only thing we can do at this time is wait.

    Once the new game drops, you can expect several posts from me regarding the update. And yes, I am aware of what the update is… and no, I am not going to be releasing that information. Despite not being under an NDA, I do feel that the best move publicly is to wait for it to be released and work from there. AlexTheCoder has dedicated hundreds, maybe even thousands, of hours towards the game…

    Lastly, many members of our Build Management team have been busy with external obligations. This is also true for many members of our CSGI and CSBuild teams. Additionally, despite still being extremely proactive towards bringing back CS, many members’ morale are down… Unsurprisingly, if I might add. Apparently, 33 thousand views, 318 votes in favor, 150 first-post likes, and 30 pages of continuous discussion regarding the possibility of bringing back CS isn’t enough to get a member of Production to even publicly acknowledge us… Which is… disheartening, to say the least. But we’re still here, obviously…

    I wish I could post something more inspiring or at least more upbeat here… But at this point in time, the only thing we can all do is hurry up and wait.


    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 16, 2021,
    Last edited Jun 16, 2021
  16. Speaking of content I need to stop fooling around in my redstone testing world and finish Project Black Feather.
    Posted Jun 17, 2021
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  17. Hello again!

    Relatively recently, I posted an announcement on our Discord server that our Castle Siege Content Creation (CSCC) teams were going on an indefinite hiatus due to the current state of the Network. The document is still posted in our announcements channel, so you're welcomed to take a read if you would like. And no, I will not be posting the link here. It's irrelevant to the remainder of this post.

    Recently, Mineplex hired a new developer. A Senior Moderator, if I recall correctly. An individual whose passion towards this Network is truly commendable. As such, I would like to congratulate @Timmi6790 for being the Network's latest member of the Development team!

    As of the time of me writing this post, overall Network morale is down on a level I have not witnessed since 2018... and I would even argue it's down even more now than it ever was back then. Community members have become fed up with Leadership's overall ignorance towards their feedback, ideas, and overall commitment towards the server. Over the past several months, moderators who have been here for years have resigned due to this reasoning. In particular, @Phamtastic comes to mind. They were a moderator of 5 years who resigned in June. You can see my post on this topic here.

    But that’s not why I am posting this. I’ve already exhaustively outlined these points on other threads. Instead, I am here to state exactly what it is that I feel this Network needs at this very moment. This Network’s community desperately needs a reason to stay. A PR stunt, if you will. Something that signifies a statement of change. A statement of realization. A statement of listening.

    And for that, I am (again) suggesting for Castle Siege to be brought back onto the live Network.

    Look at this thread. Look at the content our community has made. Look at everything it is we continue to argue. Developmental resources are always limited… but Moppletop did the bulk of the work already during Christmas. The game should still be compatible with current lobby plugins in place, and the only real thing needed would be for the game to be given its own dedicated servers.

    Of course, there is a document made by our CSGI team that outlines a large number of fixes… but really the only things needed to be changed are the requirements for just two achievements:

    1. Royal Guard
    Remove the qualifier “in the last 70 seconds of the game,” instead only requiring a defender to kill 5 undead within 8 blocks of the king in one game.

    2. Blood Thirsty
    Reduce the number of kills needed from 50 to 40. CSGI is mostly against this change; however, the feedback I’ve received from the overall Mineplex community leads me to believe that this change is overall necessary. This change will make this achievement less “grindy” and will also make it easier for more casual players to obtain from just playing the game normally.

    Changing these achievements will make pub-stomping overall less commonplace, if not demolished altogether. And speaking of pub-stomping, our CSGI and CS Build Teams have taken the feedback for maps like Neuschwanstein and have made them more acceptable by current CS standards (so yes, if you play on Neuschwanstein, you won’t just be continuously murdered by defenders all game). You can, of course, view all of the map fixes our teams have made over the last year here.

    As for the queue system, it became apparent during Christmas that Butch really isn't the way to go... from what Moppletop was saying, it sounds like disabling Butch for CS lobbies really isn't all that difficult. Thus, I do believe that keeping Butch disabled for CS is the best option.

    The overall support for bringing back CS is blatantly apparent, and doing so will be the first of many explicit examples of changes towards Leadership’s methodology.

    This Network desperately needs a precise example of Mineplex’s higher ups starting to listen to their community, and I genuinely believe that this is the best way to start making this happen.


    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 1, 2021,
    Last edited Aug 1, 2021
  18. There's also a few new maps coming soon too, on top of that. It'd help make the game interesting for returning players if they join and there's a bunch of new maps, as well as balance fixes, to help make the game have more variety and strategy.
    Posted Aug 1, 2021
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  19. Honestly don't care if the game is balanced perfectly with brand new maps, it seems like people just want the game back and playable. DOM is fairly unbalanced when it comes to pub stomping and achievement difficulty, but I still find the game fun to play. Don't hold off on brining CS back until devs update it, as that's unlikely to ever happen.
    Posted Aug 1, 2021
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  20. To be fair, bringing back 1 game such as, castle siege, mcl or even other games that were removed may not help the server for gaining players since the server can't even reach 1k anymore and if the game was to return it would be another game for people to grind stats and leaderboards and where mineplex is right now, there might not be enough players to sustain the game and it might turn out like uhc, which died down pretty quickly.
    Posted Aug 1, 2021
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