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In Discussion Bring Back Castle Siege [Evidence Regarding Its Justified Revival]

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by Danese, May 1, 2020.


Would You Want CS To Be Brought Back?

  1. Yes!

    294 vote(s)
  2. Maybe...

    31 vote(s)
  3. No.

    32 vote(s)
  1. This was stated on the original post, which was placed into a spoiler to make the post easier to read; however, our proposal would have the game require a base payer count of 20 and a hard cap at 50 or 60.

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 19, 2020
  2. Thanks for the reply, yeah this makes sense, I missed the original post so my bad.
    Posted Dec 19, 2020
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  3. I literally made one a few days ago. It was about bringing OITQ back to Bedrock. Ironically it was 1 day after the thread was made. Also, how does that relate to anything?
    Posted Dec 19, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 19, 2020
  4. search the word topical on google that should answer your question
    Posted Dec 20, 2020
  5. I know what topical means, and I still don't understand your point....
    Posted Dec 20, 2020
  6. Topical means, "to be of immediate relevance, interest, or importance owing to its relation to current events."
    If you are still unsure on what Topical means. I have provided the following sentence example: Castle Siege on Mineplex is no longer a topical issue to the leadership team.
    I hope I helped! If so, please leave a potato for me!!! :)
    Posted Dec 20, 2020
  7. I haven't seen a troll account in a long time
    Posted Dec 20, 2020
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  8. Not since Friday. xD
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 21, 2020
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  9. Yes! Let us add back castle siege!!!!
    • Lag Free! Zero Lag!
    • Full Games! Never wait in a lobby!
    • Balanced Gameplay! Defenders win often!
    • Balanced kits and fair game!!!
    • Hacker Proof! Absolutely no Hackers!
    • Excellent maps that don't favor Undead
    Join Today! Before the game fills up!
    Posted Dec 21, 2020
  10. Imagine Ned not coming and trolling every 2 weeks!
    How many times does ReviveCS need to debunk the same false claims against the game?
    Posted Dec 21, 2020
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  11. lol they aren't false claims, you just have been lied to repeatedly enough to believe it. I only am detailing my own experiences of the game in the past when I played it. The game lagged heavily, I had to wait 20 minutes for a lobby to fill up, the undead would win in 30 seconds every time, and there were tons of hackers (yours truly).
    Posted Dec 21, 2020
  12. The game has been on MPS's exclusively since 2018, the lag you may have experienced then can not be compared to what would happen if it got implemented now. If your argument against bringing back CS is hackers, why not just remove every game? They all have hackers. Games not filling up could be easily fixed by lowering the player count required for a game of CS, and adding a unique queuing system specifically designed for CS. I have never played a game of CS that ended in a 30 second undead win, except a few games where people abused hitboxing, which was patched awhile ago. Unbalanced maps can easily be changed, if they are too biased to 1 side. Also is appears your alt has been banned. See you with the same exact arguments I debunked with a different alt in 2 weeks!
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
    • Wow! A game with tons of players, TNT shooting everywhere, large maps .. etc lagging? Jeez that is such an absurd notion lmao. Castle Siege will lag just because of the way the game is built, it is just how it works.
    • Castle Siege is a target spot for hackers since they can quickly end the game just by ending the king. Hackers are far more dangerous, since they can ruin the game very quickly and efficiently. Like I have said previously, Castle Siege was a game built for hackers.
    • I am the one who has supported lowering the player count for years now lmao. Not sure why they didn't do it much sooner, I tried to get them to lower the count almost 3 years ago. They are and were always against lowering the player count since it may help the Defenders lmao.
    • I don't think you have ever played Castle Siege, if you have never experienced a quick game lol. The hit box thing was merely one instance of a serious balance problem. The game is still heavily in undead's favor until a few more issues are fixed. I don't think you understand that the community of castle siege is solely undead win farmers who want the game back just to farm levels.
    • Not a fan of the maps, they aren't that good, and have some serious issues. I would suggest fixing them, but after seeing how many flaws they actually had. I just would scrap them tbh, the maps aren't that good in terms of actual gameplay. The GI and map team either let their biased opinions get in the way or have no clue how to actually make good maps lol.
    • Lol 2 weeks? bro I was legit busy with finals for college for that 2 week span that you are referring to lmao. I am not even on that much, like 10-15 minutes each day, I could be on a lot more since it is winter break. However, I prefer to occupy most of my time with working out, playing video games, and so on.
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
  13. Castle Siege has returned to Java for a limited time. Glad to see this thread come such a long way to the point it is today where it's officially back, hope everyone enjoys playing!
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
  15. that’s epic!
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
  17. Limited, not perm :(
    Posted Dec 22, 2020
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  18. you realize you’re only wasting your own time
    Posted Dec 22, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 22, 2020
  19. Yes, castle siege is back!!!!!! Limited though but it's still exciting! Also this thread reached over 250 votes for yes, which is the majority!!! Have fun and merry Christmas!! <3 <3
    Posted Dec 23, 2020

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