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Bring Back Castle Defence!!

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by Jet Starglaze, Dec 23, 2020.


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  1. hey!

    on bedrock they added "castle defence" for Halloween.it did really well, and I really enjoyed playing it. but they removed it. it rivalled the population of cake wars at peak times, and got a decent 1900+ players, but I really don't get why they removed it, lots of people liked it, they saw it was doing well, and they removed it. I get that it was a limited Halloween gamemode, but it was successful. it brought many players to the server as it was an incredibly unique gamemode.

    castle defence had 2 sides, the "humans - defenders" and the "monsters - attackers" unlike other games on mineplex, once you die, you are not out, you get to switch sides, and that (I think)is one of the most important values of castle defence (among others). you don't leave out of frustration, but you still have a Goal to work towards. another reason is that you can be really creative in how you defend the king, you can build barriers, fight on the front line, and spam cakes everywhere, the choice is yours. also, mobile players. they don't have a huge disadvantage, and they don't get really frustrated with this game which is a biiiig +1. they make up the majority of bedrock and if they don't get frustrated, it is a win win for everyone. the game gets more players, and they have more fun. Now the monsters side has lots of roles you can choose from, that best suit your ability and needs. if you want to fight, pick super zombie. if you want to use the bow, pick skeleton. this game is so fun, and the player count, I think, speaks for me. if you do bring it back, then you would need to solve the issue of players immediately throwing the game. suggest how you would solve this

    I might update this thread later if I remember any more points.


    please bring back castle defence, ALOT of players like it, and you would be throwing away masses of players if you don't bring it back.
    Posted Dec 23, 2020
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  2. Yeah I’m a mobile player and it was my favorite game at that time... now it’s bomb lobbers even though I’ve only gotten to play it on two days so far (the game rotator). I would love to see Castle Defence added back even though it was designated as the Halloween game for bedrock, so a +1 from me!
    Posted Dec 23, 2020
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  3. Hello there!

    We're truly sorry for removing your favorite game in the server but don't worry it's still there! As for now the Castle Defense mini-game we have in Mineplex is currently a Halloween time limited game which only means that the game only appears from every Halloween events, this does not mean that the game is gone forever but I believe that it is going to return next year so don't be lonely just yet because there are more games to come in the way!
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
  4. thats great that there are more new games coming, but once every year for only a month isnt enough for the 1900+ players who loved this gamemode why cant they just bring it back?
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Dec 24, 2020
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  5. For this exact reason, it's probably why. Castle Defense was a limited time Halloween game. It was not meant to be a game for the regular lineup of games we currently have. In the same way that players love and want Rose Rush on Java to be permanent, the same can be said for Castle Defense.

    Below I have a response that may be old and is talking about Rose Rush rather than Castle Defense, but I believe that it is still relevant and applicable here.
    Point 3 is probably invalid in this case, but the rest of the points stand.
    Posted Dec 24, 2020
  6. Hey-o,
    Apologies for the necro-post however I felt adding this here would be beneficial to passers-by.

    Just to re-iterate what I said in another post:

    I definitely agree that it was a fun game. I might be biased because I helped make and then test the game, but I think it was a fun game. And there was no doubt it was a success, having 1000+ players throughout the majority of the event.

    HOWEVER, that's part of what made it successful. It was a limited time game-mode, something we haven't really recently done on Bedrock, and being something novel and interesting was what made it successful, even aside from the fact it was just fun to play in general.

    My fear is that doing what you suggest would take away from the novelty of the game, and because of its limited playstyles, people would eventually grow bored. Keeping it as a permanent game mode was something that was considered originally, believe me. It was hard to argue with the numbers the game got. But, if our experience with this year's Winter Event should tell us anything, it's that just because a game is successful for the few weeks it is out doesn't mean it'll stay that way in the long term.

    I'm no definitive or ultimate authority on the matter, but I can confidently tell you Castle Defence won't come back as a permanent game based on the discussions/conversations I've been in.

    It's a great game, and you better bet I want it to come back for this next Halloween (hopefully with improvements, but we'll see what the development team chooses to do), but that's about it. It's a great game, and in the interest of keeping it that way, it should stay as limited time.

    Thanks for the idea,
    Posted Mar 3, 2021
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