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BR Suggestions

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by DISGRUNTLE, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. Hey, I had some ideas for BR which I already posted in the GI discord but figured I could get even more feedback if I posted on the forums too. I believe these ideas will improve the QOL in Bridges as well as the pace of games but not to the point where it's no longer BR. They will certainly fix the problem of games dragging out and hopefully lead to more games being played.

    • Shorten post-Bridges timer to 20 minutes
    • After this 20 minutes add a Deathmatch at mid, with the edges of mid boxed in by a border which is closing in gradually like in SG
    • Remove hunger prior to the Bridges falling, increase hunger rate after Bridges as not every kit is surface-based and so it may be harder for Bombers/Miners to get food in addition to mining
    • Add /surface which allows players to go back to surface without worrying about having to find water/gravel to respawn to the surface or to mine all the way back up - particularly useful for kits such as Miner who are more likely to be mining nearer to the Bridges falling.
    • In addition to a /surface command, at 2 minutes before Bridges fall a notification would pop up in chat for everyone in the server notifying them "2 minutes until the Bridges fall. Click here to teleport to the surface or use /surface" to improve QOL + potentially stop people from being in the mines even after Bridges and therefore reducing game stalling.
    • Discount the early game revive towards deaths in /stats
    • As a result of gravel no longer being needed to respawn, increase the probability of gravel dropping flint when mined. Good for archers, easier to craft arrows
    • Automatically make double chests become community chests, can be confusing for some players to create community chests and no one in BR ever uses chests for just themself anyway, there’s no need to, so it’d be useful for teams
    • Increase feathers being dropped from each chicken to 2 feathers from each chicken
    • Add a small team tracker thing like in UHC but for the closest team-mate in addition to the current tracking compass for tracking enemy teams.
    • More of a map issue but revamp Skylands - 1 block wide bridge from mid (which is fairly small too) disallows for fair gameplay + different starter islands having more/less useful perks.
    • Increase the size of the middle island on all maps requiring a larger mid to allow for a more compatible deathmatch (most maps won't) or alter the end game mechanic on smaller maps to have a different deathmatch.
    • Increase XP gained by say 15% or something to stop players from being discouraged by fairly long and unrewarding games.
    • Add XP achievements for both kills and wins to BR, similarly to what was added in SKY and UHC

    Credit to @Lavq for contributing, looking forward to any feedback anyone may have. Thanks for reading!
    Posted Oct 28, 2020,
    Last edited Oct 28, 2020
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  2. All these ideas are pretty much on point and I agree they should be added; people keep escaping until the end of the game and it's such a loss of time. Deathmatch feature would be REALLY AWESOME to have.
    Posted Oct 28, 2020
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  3. It would solve the problem of games lasting way too long, however, it might hurt the chance a berserker has to outplay a team. I would suggest it's 25 minutes instead of 20 just to have more consideration to those one man warriors against parties. Good suggestion to add a more realistic cap though. +0.75
    I like this concept and find it pretty cool, would there be any obstacles for berserkers to jump on and camp or would it be like a flat arena with no possibility of camping? +1
    Yeah, I feel like this addition would make the game more enjoyable for casual players which use the Appler kit sometimes just to not starve to death as they're not aware there are hay bales on every map. Nice cool addition and I feel like it wouldn't make hay useless as it can be used to make food for the after-pvp period. +1
    This is a double edged sword in my opinion, it would be useful, cool and make the game easier, however, it might kill the time management requirement for such kits as miner. Right now players should plan to have a spare minute to find a way to go up and get on surface before the pvp. It's a cool idea and makes the game easier but I kind of like the time management concept of the game right now, especially in BCL, it would be a cool addition to public bridges but it' make BCL easier which I don't like so. +0.5
    I like the notification idea and think it'd be a cool reminder for people to come up without making the game easier. Still though, I'm against that message teleporting to surface just as I'm against the /surface command for BCL's sake. I like the notification + it'd make the game more enjoyable to public players however. +1
    Yes, not much to say about this, it could be a planned intentional death and it would be considerate towards people who watch their kdr for this death not to count on their stats. +1
    I feel like the Archer kit is at a very bad place now and that 95% of the times it's picked in public bridges is to complete the achievement. Yes, buff archer. +1
    Players in public bridges do not make chests at all and I don't see why they should be locked therefore. In fact, I've never seen anyone make a chest in public bridges. It'd be a nice addition to BCL and I don't think it'd make the game easier but rather less annoying. Even in public bridges, if you're playing with friends, there's no reason for chests to be locked as they're your friends and wouldn't steal, am I right? +1
    Chickens are already kind of rare and the fact the chance of them dropping feathers is low doesn't help. This is absolutely fair and would buff the poor useless Archer kit. +1
    Yeah, if it would be like a sentence above your hot-bar telling you who your closest teammate is and how far they are I don't see at all why this shouldn't be a thing. +1
    I feel like this map isn't here to promote quality gameplay but rather to honor the previous owner Chiss who made it. I personally find that, even though the map has some issues, it's cool and kind of legacy as it is. I'm being subjective here because I have good memories on this map but if the GI deems that it needs a revamp I'll completely understand. Objectively speaking though, +1
    If the building team is down for this and the GI deems it appropriate, it's good with me too. +1
    I don't even know how much xp bridges gives as I've been level 100 for nearly 4 years now so I'm not going to comment on this. + /
    I don't mind this, however, don't you think it'd be kind of easy for big parties to farm large amounts of xp however? in UHC it takes a lot more skill to win a game and get kills, same goes for skywars, you actually need skill at the game to win. In bridges, it usually just takes a big party and a coordinated discord call. +0.5

    Overall, a 11.75/13 from me, with a little changes and the opinion from the GI I think it would be a great and fun update for both the BCL community and the public bridges community. Perhaps my opinion is a little biased but that's what forums are for, right? Opinions.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to think of and write such a detailed update log for my second favorite game :)!
    Posted Oct 28, 2020,
    Last edited Oct 28, 2020
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  4. Hello,

    I would love to see all these suggestions implemented to BR. BR has stayed the same ever since it was added to MP which is really sad. It has lost popularity due to the lack of updates as years pass. If these ideas are implemented to it, this would roughly increase it's popularity again as BR is an amazing gamemode.
    But there's only one thing I have got to say.

    BR isn't the only mode that is having low XP reward for the time spent on it. Other modes too have this problem. It would be nice if these 2 suggestions are added to every mode on MP. This then will revive some games, because the time spent isn't worth the rewards in some modes.
    Thanks for taking your time to suggest all these amazing ideas! I give this thread a +1 :)
    Posted Oct 28, 2020
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  5. Overall some good points in here that I agree with. +1
    Posted Nov 3, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 3, 2020
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