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In Discussion BR Achievements, Stats, and Leaderboards Proposal

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by jacvb, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. Hello all!

    The Bedrock Community Council has been hard at work this past month and a half putting together tons of ideas that we've been discussing internally to propose to you all. For the document version of these ideas, please this and this document. Please remember this is a proposal and is not a set list of what will be developed.

    • Introduce leveling rewards in Carl
      • Players should be able to claim rewards for past levels
    • Introduce win streaks for all games
      • Add a boost for rewards when win streaks increase
    • Begin tracking new stats:
      • Hunter/hider wins in Block hunt, displayed separated
      • Highest round survived in Mob Arena
      • Longest time survived in Dragons
      • Number of perfect builds in Speed Builders
    • /stats similar to how they exist already on Java. Can be used on all players.
      • Include baseline stats of exp earned, gems earned, daily reward steak, total games played, etc.
      • Include W/L and K/D in applicable games
      • Include playtime in games
      • Stats should also be able to be seen through Carl
      • “Type /stats to view your stats!” added as a tip so players are aware of the command
    • When punching someone in the hub, add another button to view their stats
      • “View full stats”
    • Add a leaderboard area in the pregame lobbies.
    • Displays wins per game, punching rotates between all time, weekly, and daily
      • Game specific leaderboards should also include:
        • Block Hunt: Hunter Wins, Hider Wins, Kills, Win streak
        • Cake Wars: Wins, Kills, Win streak
        • Dragons: Wins, Longest Game, Win streak
        • Master Builders: Wins
        • Micro: Wins, Kills, Win streak
        • Mob Arena: Wins, highest round survived
        • Skywars: Wins, Kills, Win streak
        • Speed Builders: Wins, perfect builds, total time across all builds
        • Turf Wars: Wins, Kills
      • Highest win streak
    • Add a leaderboard area in the hub. Could be inside of a building close to spawn.
      • Top games like Cake Wars and Skywars will have leaderboards showing wins, punching rotates between all time, weekly, and daily
      • Total exp earned
      • Carl daily-reward streak
    • Leaderboard system viewable in Carl the Creeper. Stats in here include:
      • Exp Earned
      • Gems Earned
      • In-game Time
      • Carl Daily Reward streak
      • Games Played

    ➢ Micro Murderer: Kill 50 → 250 → 500 → 1250 → 2500 Players

    ➢ Battling Brute: Win 10 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 Games

    ➢ Core Four: Win a game with no deaths on your team

    ➢ Avenger: Kill a player that killed one of your teammates

    ➢ Solo Carry: Win a game as the last survivor on your team

    ➢ Resource Management: Mine 64 blocks in a single game

    ➢ Ultimate Eliminator: Deliver the final blow to all members of an enemy team

    ➢ Annihilation: Kill 6 players in one game

    ➢ Rampage: Kill 3 people within 5 seconds of each kill

    ➢ Already Over?: Win a game in under 90 seconds

    ➢ One shot, one kill: Win 5 games as the Archer Kit

    ➢ Hard work pays off: Win 5 games as the Miner kit

    ➢ I live to fight: Win 5 games as the Fighter Kit

    ➢ One man apocalypse: Win 5 games as the Tank Kit

    ➢ Turf Tyrant: Win 10 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 Games

    ➢ The Shreddinator: Destroy 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 → 5000 blocks as shredder

    ➢ Shot ‘Em: Kill 10 → 50 → 250 → 1000 → 2500 players

    ➢ Eager Marksman: Be the first person to kill someone

    ➢ Accuracy on point: Shoot the most players in a game

    ➢ Finisher: Be the last person to kill someone

    ➢ How does it feel?: Kill the same person three times in a row

    ➢ Sacrifice: Kill 3 or more people on enemy turf as infiltrator

    ➢ At least I tried: Have the most kills on your team but still lose

    ➢ Closure: Get the first and last kill in the same game

    ➢ Sit down: Get 20 kills in one game

    ➢ Get Sniped: Shoot a player from 40 or more blocks away

    ➢ Predictable: Kill 3 people in a row without missing a shot

    ➢ Survivor: Win a game without being killed once

    ➢ Spy: Stay on enemy turf for 60 seconds

    ➢ Build Battle: Place 100 blocks in a single game

    ➢ There’s turf in this game?: Win a game without placing any blocks

    ➢ Dragon Tamer: Win 10 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 Games

    ➢ Adept: Win a game without using a kit ability

    ➢ Survivalist: Survive for 3 minutes

    ➢ Attractive: Get hit by a dragon 10 times in one game

    ➢ Fighting Back: Shoot a dragon 20 times in one game

    ➢ Acrobatic: Leap 15 times in one game

    ➢ Lucky: Win a game while falling into the void

    ➢ Miracle: Stand still for 40 seconds in a game

    ➢ Diamonds on My Mind: Mine 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 diamond ore

    ➢ Ironclad: Mine 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 iron ore

    ➢ Heart of Gold: Mine 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 gold ore

    ➢ I’ll need this one day!: Mine 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 lapis lazuli ore

    ➢ Gem Hunter: Mine 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 emerald ore

    ➢ Engineer: Mine 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 redstone ore

    ➢ Fossil Fuel: Mine 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 coal ore

    ➢ Zombie Zapper: Kill 25 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 zombies

    ➢ Skeleton Slayer: Kill 25 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 skeletons

    ➢ Spider Slaughterer: Kill 25 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 spiders

    ➢ Creeper Cutter: Kill 25 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 creepers

    ➢ Enderman Executer: Kill 25 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 Endermen

    ➢ Minecraft: Craft a crafting table

    ➢ Stone Age: Mine a piece of stone

    ➢ Getting an Upgrade: Construct a better pickaxe (Go from wooden to stone)

    ➢ Acquire Hardware: Smelt an Iron Ingot

    ➢ Suit Up: Protect yourself with a piece of iron armor

    ➢ Hot Stuff: Fill a bucket with Lava

    ➢ Isn’t It Iron Pick: Upgrade your pickaxe (Go from stone to iron)

    ➢ Ice Bucket Challenge: Form and mine a block of obsidian

    ➢ Diamonds!: Acquire diamonds

    ➢ Cover Me With Diamonds: Wear a piece of diamond armor

    ➢ Enchanter: Enchant an item

    ➢ When pigs… Walk?: Ride a pig 300 blocks

    ➢ All part of the plan: Die from a TNT explosion

    ➢ Professional Glutton: Eat one of every food

    ➢ What’s the Point?: Fish up a Pufferfish

    ➢ Sweet Tooth: Make and eat a cookie

    ➢ Pumpkin King: Put a pumpkin on your head

    ➢ Cake Wars: Bake a cake

    ➢ The Lie: Eat a whole cake

    ➢ Musical Master: Craft a jukebox and play music

    ➢ Full Storage: Fill an entire ender chest

    ➢ Ninja: Dye and wear an entire set of black leather armor

    ➢ Warm Hugs: Build a snowman

    ➢ Vacationer: Travel over 5000 blocks

    ➢ Farmer Joe: Breed an animal

    ➢ The Things You do for Rewards: Craft and use a diamond hoe until it breaks

    ➢ Resting hours: Sleep in a bed

    ➢ Survivalist: Have 10 hours playtime in just Survival alone

    ➢ Lucky Greed: Kill a pink sheep

    ➢ Finally got him: Kill a baby zombie

    ➢ Blacksmith: Use an anvil on a sword

    ➢ An apple a day: Eat a golden apple

    ➢ “aDd UhC To BeDroCk”: Eat a notch apple

    ➢ Broke Ankles: Survive a fall from 25 blocks or higher

    ➢ Big man: Build an iron golem

    ➢ This is NOT a fish!: Catch a piece of leather armor while fishing

    ➢ Midas Touch: Wear a full set of golden armor

    ➢ Core Decor: Collect over a stack of flowers

    ➢ Settling In: Claim land

    ➢ Friends!: Teleport to another player

    ➢ Risky: Play for 10 minutes without keep inventory on

    ➢ Overpowered: Level 30 enchant an item

    ➢ Nomadic: Visit every biome at least once

    ➢ Mob Arena: Kill every possible mob

    ➢ Not you!: Spawn an Endermite from throwing an Ender Pearl

    ➢ I’ll get there one day: Die 10 times in Survival

    ➢ Diving Nemo: Stay under water for 120 seconds

    ➢ The Gyro: Eat cooked mutton, immediately after eating bread

    ➢ Cobblestone Hoarder: Fill a chest with exactly 1728 cobblestone

    ➢ Ultimate SkyWarrior: Win 10 → 50 → 100 → 500 → 1200 Solo Games

    ➢ Stone Cold Killer: Kill 50 → 250 → 1000 → 5000 → 10000 players in Solo

    ➢ Teamwork: Win 10 → 50 → 100 → 500 → 1000 Team Games

    ➢ Pulling Your Weight: Kill 50 → 250 → 1000 → 5000 → 10000 players in Teams

    ➢ Who Needs A Sword?: Kill 5 → 10 → 25 → 50 → 100 players with your fist

    ➢ Turf Wars?: Hit 25 bow shots in one game

    ➢ No Chest Needed: Win a game without opening a chest

    ➢ Bare bones: Win a game without equipping any armor

    ➢ Healed up!: Eat 3 golden apples in one game

    ➢ Play of the Game: Kill 3 people within 15 seconds of the last kill

    ➢ Bawk Bawk Death: Kill 2 people in one game by throwing eggs at them

    ➢ Enchanter: Enchant an item

    ➢ Going back to Survival: Mine 10 diamonds in one game

    ➢ Oops!: Shoot yourself with an arrow

    ➢ Target Practice: Shoot a player from 50 blocks away

    ➢ Never second best: Get 3 bow kills with 100% shot accuracy

    ➢ Is this easy mode?: Win a game without killing anyone

    ➢ Grandmaster: Kill 7 players in one game

    ➢ The outcome was never in doubt!: Kill a player with half a heart left

    ➢ A minor setback: Be the first person to die

    ➢ Hoarder: Fill your inventory full of items

    ➢ Clutch or Kick: Win a team game with your teammate dead

    ➢ Teamwork makes the Dreamwork: Win a game with you and your teammate both alive

    ➢ Redemption: Kill a player who killed your teammate

    ➢ AFK: Win a game without taking any damage

    ➢ Speedy: Kill someone within the first 30 seconds of a game

    ➢ Prepared: Be the first player to open a chest

    ➢ The Lie: Win 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 games

    ➢ Cake Killer: Kill 25 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1500 players

    ➢ Big Appetite: Take 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 bites of cake

    ➢ Island Explorer: Loot 5 → 10 → 25 → 50 → 100 Cake islands

    ➢ Greedy: Eat a whole cake

    ➢ Cold Baked Killer: Be the first to kill a player 10 times

    ➢ Starving: Eat a cake within the first 90 seconds of a game

    ➢ Cake walk: Win a game without dying

    ➢ MVP: Purchase all team upgrades in one game

    ➢ Last Crumb: Win a game with only one bite of your cake left

    ➢ Gotta go fast: Win a game within 10 minutes

    ➢ Last Laugh: Get the final bite on every cake within a game

    ➢ Starstruck: Have at least 25 stars on you at one time

    ➢ Too Hungry: Try to eat your own cake

    ➢ Turf Wars Master: Kill a player from at least 40 blocks away

    ➢ Archer: Shoot someone 5 times without missing a shot

    ➢ Master Builders: Place over 300 blocks in one game

    ➢ Revenge: Eliminate the player who ate your cake

    ➢ Unbreakable: Place obsidian around your cake

    ➢ A sheep is a sheep and a sheep goes baa: Use 5 Polly’s in one game

    ➢ Dark times: Fall into the void

    ➢ Play of the Game: Eliminate 5 enemies in one game

    ➢ Speed Bridge: Be the first player to capture an emerald island

    ➢ Hardcore: Win a game without any defense around your cake

    ➢ Patience: Break a piece of obsidian with an iron pickaxe

    ➢ Yikes.: Die 15 times in one game

    ➢ Last stand: Eat someone else’s cake while having 1 heart left

    ➢ Bakers Unite: Win with your whole team alive

    ➢ Solo: Be the last alive on your team and win

    ➢ The Ninja: Use 5 ender pearls in one game

    ➢ Fast Travels: Have over 32 Deploy Platforms in one game

    ➢ Speed Stone: Fully defend your cake with endstone within 1 minute of the game

    ➢ Exchange Rate: Use 20 bricks to convert into an emerald

    ➢ Brick wall: Have over 3 stacks of bricks on you at one time

    ➢ Just incase: Buy one of every item in one game including team upgrades

    ➢ Gotcha!: Save your inventory with a rune of holding

    ➢ Dominate: Have the middle beacon captured for 2 minutes straight

    ➢ Unbeatable: Have every beacon captured in one game

    ➢ Healing Hoarder: Eat over 10 golden apples in one game

    ➢ Sheer Luck: Kill a player with sheers

    ➢ Swords are useless: Kill 5 people in one game with your fist

    ➢ Who needs a cake?: Survive 10 minutes without a cake

    ➢ Cakeslayer: Get the final kill to win a game

    ➢ Inedible: Win without anyone eating a bite of your cake

    ➢ Bowsman: Have over a stack of arrows at one time

    ➢ Miner’s Blessing: Find the golden pickaxe in a Cake island

    ➢ I will survive: Heal up after dropping down to half a heart

    ➢ Speedy: Win 25 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 Games

    ➢ Perfectionist: Complete 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 Perfect builds

    ➢ First!: Be the first person to complete a build

    ➢ A worthy opponent: Win a game with every build being perfect

    ➢ Insanity: Perfect a build in less than 15 seconds

    ➢ No mistakes made: Complete a build in under 20 seconds with no blocks broken

    ➢ Getting Serious: Reach round 15 in one game

    ➢ Everyman: Complete 100 different builds

    ➢ Master Builder: Win 10 → 25 → 50 → 100 → 500 games

    ➢ Blockiest Blocker: Place 100 → 500 → 1000 → 2500 → 5000 blocks

    ➢ Your vote counts: Vote on 50 → 200 → 500 → 1000 → 2500 builds

    ➢ Mob Arena Enthusiast: Place a mob on your build

    ➢ Perfection: Win a game without any blocks broken

    ➢ Minimalist: Win a game while using only 5 of the same type of blocks

    ➢ Handicap: Win a game after not building for the first minute

    ➢ Grounded: Win a game without flying during build time

    ➢ 1 Person Army: Survive 25 → 100 → 250 → 500 rounds solo

    ➢ Master Mob Hunter: Make it to round 50 → 100 → 250

    ➢ Getting Familiar: Kill each type of mob possible

    ➢ Makin' Bank: Hoard 100 --> 500 --> 1000 gold at once

    ➢ Party Time: Eat 20 slices of cake in a singular game

    ➢ Geared Up: Have the best weapon and armor possible

    ➢ Silent Assassin: Kill 50 → 100 → 250 → 1000 hunters

    ➢ Born to kill: Kill 20 → 50 → 100 → 500 → 1000 hiders

    ➢ Camouflage: Disguise as an animal

    ➢ Explosive Surprise: Kill a hider with TNT

    ➢ Eye Spy: Win 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 games as a hunter

    ➢ You'll never find me: Win 20 → 50 → 100 → 250 → 500 → 1000 games as a hider

    ➢ Survivalist: Win a game without taking any damage as a hider

    ➢ Friendship: Promote someone to admin in your home

    ➢ Adventurer: Join a Friend’s house

    ➢ Best Builder: Receive an amazing rating

    ➢ Open the gates: Open your house to the public

    ➢ New house, who this?: Change your housing category

    ➢ Sharing is caring: Rate someone's house an amazing

    ➢ Trustworthy: Become an admin in another home

    ➢ Wilderness: Join a random home

    ➢ Gem Hunter (Same as Java)

    ➢ Mineplex Level (Same as Java)

    ➢ Achievement Doer: Complete 10 → 25 → 50 → 100 → 200 Achievements

    ➢ I’m Popular: Friend 5 → 10 → 25 → 50 people

    ➢ We win these: Win 50 → 100 → 500 → 1000 → 2500 games

    ➢ Mission Master: Completely 5 → 25 → 50 → 100 missions

    ➢ Chat Conqueror: Speak in chat

    ➢ Party Person: Be in a party with 4 or more people total

    ➢ Team player: Win 25 → 100 → 250 games while in a party

    ➢ Let’s celebrate: Join MP For the first time

    ➢ Verified: Link forums account

    ➢ Mission Accomplished: Complete Every Achievement
    *Once the "Mission Accomplished" is achieved, it will be unlocked forever, regardless of future achievements added. However, if people do not unlock it and more come out, they will need to continue to unlock future achievements prior to finishing the achievement.

    Please leave your feedback on this thread or in the #br-miscellaneous channel in the Mineplex Community Center Discord.
    Posted Apr 25, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 26, 2021
  2. my life will be so much easier
    Posted Apr 25, 2021
  3. I can die in peace if they add leaderboards and stats.

    Thank you mineplex
    Posted Apr 26, 2021
  4. If they add stats I will forgive mineplex for literally everything. I am so excited for this! Will stats also exist for event games that aren't currently here though? For example, snow fight was the winter event game. Also, so for stuff like winstreaks, do we have to do all this from scratch? Same with achievements too. I have done like every single one of these already for micro and for the server achievements too. if I have to it all again then I will I guess
    Posted Apr 26, 2021,
    Last edited Apr 26, 2021
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  5. i think there should be a way to hide your stats for others. like a toggle in the mineplex settings or somewhere.

    and is /missions coming back so we can view our progress on achievements?

    this cant be completed without a rank, not a fan. keep it to 25 so unranked players can also complete this achievement.

    and for the "kill every mob" in survival you mean EVERY mob...? (like the wither, iron golem, enderdragon?)

    roughly when can we expect this update?

    these are some things i think should be added/changed/removed.
    Posted Apr 27, 2021
  6. i really disagree with that. as someone who takes hours to put stat related things together for bedrock its very frustrating when i cant get someones stats or any info about them cuz they dont interact with the community. being able to do /stats and type their username after is just so useful not just to me but to any curious player.
    Posted Apr 27, 2021
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  7. Sorry jet but I concur with what fury said. I'd really not want stats to be a toggle feature at all. It isn't necessary and fury wouldn't be able to do his job
    Posted Apr 27, 2021
  8. i mean, i think it should generally be their choice if they want other people to see their stats, and i know it would put more pressure on me to win games rather than have fun. Though i see where your coming from, maybe if i have the setting to private you would only be able to see partial info when you view my stats? i think it would be a source of toxicity when someone /stats me in a game. I do see where your coming from, its just other servers have this feature too(stats privacy).
    Posted Apr 27, 2021
  9. why not make it like java? when doing /stats on other players in java u cant see their death and loss counts. so for bedrock if there were to be a setting to hide some of ur stats it would hide deaths and losses and continue to show wins, exp, gems etc. i know this doesnt apply to everyone but i look at peoples stats out of my own curiosity and for fun and not to judge others. i would think most other players are like me as well. plus there are already Discord bots out there that show player stats for Mineplex or other Minecraft servers. if things are going to be "hidden" id rather they at least show the basic things and only get rid of the things people could possibly find embarrassing if they dont like their stats.
    Posted Apr 27, 2021
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  10. When we polled what update proposals people would like to see next in the MCC, Stats won and Missions/Quests came in 3rd place, so missions will most likely be worked on sometime in the future. But missions and achievements won't rely on each other for viewing, so as it was proposed, there will be a separate menu to view achievement progress.

    No ETA on any proposals. Keep in mind, these are just proposals that CCO and CoM put together for development. They can pick and choose what ideas they want to keep from the proposal and which they want to exclude, along with when it will be worked on. Also, this proposal is still being worked on, as we gather community feedback, so it still hasn't even made it to the next step yet.
    Posted Apr 27, 2021
  11. How about making so if you “tap a player” it will give the same GUI in game lobbies like it does in regular lobbies.
    Lots of times you want to friend someone or party with them when you see in game, as well as it says to “tap a player” message in the pre game lobby anyway, not all players know about the /party or /friend, even if they do the other way is a lot faster.
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
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  12. Thank you.
    Literally, thank you.
    You don't know how it's like to keep asking people in chat: "HEY CAN YOU PLEASE PUNCH ME AND CHECK HOW MANY WINS I GOT PLSSSS" just to keep track of our wins.
    This is going to be so much easier.
    Mineplex is going to be the first featured server that'll do this :)
    Posted May 6, 2021
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