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In Discussion Bounty

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by kim_crazy, Nov 29, 2019.


Thoughts on a Bounty system?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Needs some changes.

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  1. I think this idea has been denied in the past due to targeting issues. But I have an easy fix for it!

    A bounty is when a player has a reward when you kill/capture them.
    ex: (x) has a bounty of 5,000,000 gems
    (y) has slain (x)
    (y) receives 5,000,000 gems for killing (x)

    ~Players can add gems/shards to other players by typing
    /bounty add (name) (amount)
    ~ Players can check bounties on other players with /bounty (name)
    ~ Players with top __ bounties will appear on the top of the list with /bounty

    Now with the issue of targeting, when the update launches, the ability to add bounties on them will not be activated through /prefs. By activating it in /prefs, players will now be able to have bounties on them. Regardless on whether it is activated or not in /prefs, players can still add bounties on other players.
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
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  2. How will that stop targeting? Also, when you're setting a bounty on another player, do you lose that money from your account? eg

    /bounty KerbalBoy 5000
    You have taken 5000 gems from your account
    There is a bounty of 5000 gems on KerbalBoy!

    Nice idea, but targeting still seems like an issue, and there doesn't seem like a reason to place a bounty in the first place.
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
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  3. The bounty system feels like a very creative and fun idea but there are other aspects you must think about. Would bounties be claimable during games or in lobbies? Would a bounty last forever or just a set time?

    Personally I would make it so that bounties are added to players who perform well in games automatically. For example if you have a killstreak of three a bounty of 50 gems would be put on you.
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
  4. U Agree With DeadOnMidnight, It Is Very Creative But There Will Still Be Targeting On The Top Person and Others.

    But, I Also Disagree with DeadOnMidnight. There Would Still Be Targeting With That. If You Had A Bountied Person In Your Game You Would Kill Them Right?? I Would, That's Just My Perspective.,
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
  5. I do not think that this will be the case, if there was a person with a bounty as the way I described it it will be a slight bonus for killing one person. I don't think people will only target players with bounties if the bounties are kept low.

    Think of it like this, if you were playing cake wars and you saw that someone on yellow team had a bounty, you wouldn't just single out that one person if you are constantly being attacked by the green team. You would deal with the green team first.
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
  6. True I Agree But If You Were Not Dealing With Anyone I Would Go Attack Them For The Gems.
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
  7. This idea was previously suggested a few months ago and it was denied. Even when you suggest the change and alter the system, I don’t believe the Development team will approve this idea. The player would potentially target another player and found out it can be annoying to them. Earning 5 billion gems for bounty isn’t a good idea and it’s a huge reward.

    I don’t agree with the new bounty system. It’s an interesting idea you have, and I have experience with the bounty system in the past. -1
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
  8. The amount of gems and shards are how much players put in
    ex: 1 player puts in 5mil gems on kim_crazy
    A different person puts 2mil shards, and 5mil gems on kim_crazy
    kim_crazy’s bounty is now 10mil gems and 2mil shards
    If you put in a bounty, it takes from your account, like if you put in 2million gems, it takes 2million gems from your account

    As for the targeting, it seems like you are confused. When you turn on the ability to place bounties on yourself in /prefs, you are letting yourself get targeted, if you don’t want a bounty, the thing will already disabled on your /prefs when the update launches.

    ex: rqil goes in his /prefs and enables bounty, he is allowing players to place bounty on him, and letting himself get targeted
    ex: jaekub sees bounty update, but does not activate it in his /prefs, so players are unable to place bounties on him
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 29, 2019
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  9. Why would you want bounties on yourself?
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
  10. lies :squint:

    I like the idea. I think it would be a fun way to hunt players down throughout the server and by only allowing yourself to get bountied if you want to be bountied allows only players who want to participate to participate in bounty hunting. There could also be a Title track associated with this to make players want to bounty hunt even more. I'd much rather see shards used in this case, since if you're level 60+ Gems have no use and being ranked would allow to place more bounties (in a sense).

    +1 from me!
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
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  11. I am somewhat confused by this idea. It has previously been denied, but you said you've fixed the targeting aspect of it; however, I do not see how it's been fixed.

    I like the part of the idea where you are putting yourself at risk if you want to be able to get the rewards from other players, too. I think it's a cool thing to do you your gems and could help out some newer players, especially since most people after level 25 do not even need their gems anymore. I would find it unfair for someone to get the rewards and not actually have any downsides if they do die in a game.

    The thing is, however, is that my major with this is still about targeting. If doing /bounty would show the people with the highest bounty, how does that help to get rid of the risk of people being targeted? This would account for even more targeting on specific players than they already receiving, especially for higher-up levels and staff members. Even with there being the need to turn the command on and off in /prefs, it still seems like it would encourage targeting to players just to get the rewards and then could very-well turn off their command.

    Even so, I still do have some questions about the system that I think would be nice to hear.
    • Are there any automatic rewards for having /bounty turned on? For example, does each person have a minimum rewards of x amount of gems even if nobody has added any to them?
    • If a player successfully kills someone who has been given a bounty reward, what message are you thinking of showing the player who kills them to let them know this happened?
    • Will the rewards continue to stack forever or will they eventually be given back to the person who added it to said player after x amount of hours/days?
    • Do you have any more suggestions on how to limited targeting? (Maybe not showing who has the most bounty would be a good start.)
    At the moment, I'll give this a +0, but with some further development, I think it could be a really cool aspect of the server.
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
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  12. Hello,
    Although this is a cool concept, I don't think it would be beneficial to the network. As several above me have said, targeting would be a big issue. Don't get me wrong, it would be great fun to use this feature with friends. However, it would be easily abused to make people have a worse experience on Mineplex. In addition, past ideas including different methods to transfer gems and shards have been denied. This feature would be easily used to transfer large amounts of gems to people, something that I am not sure would be a good idea. Overall, this idea has potential, but I'm not sure if it would be executed successfully. Thanks for suggesting this, but I'm going to stay neutral and give a +0. Have a nice day!
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
  13. For me, I feel as though the system could be a bit unfair. Someone could place a bounty on someone else for an extremely high price (i.e 100k gems). If a new player killed that person, they would receive an enormous amount of rewards, just for one kill. A new player earning that much off of one bounty seems a bit unfair to me, since many other people had to work hard at games to earn that same amount of gems. If this was added, there would probably need to be a limit on the bounty size (i.e 1000 gems).

    I feel like if it was optional in /prefs, people wouldn’t really use it. I don’t really see any advantages of having a bounty on you. It wouldn’t do any good for yourself. Maybe it could be so you could only place bounties on others by turning it on in /prefs, and that option would also allow others to place bounties on you.

    It’s a nice idea overall, I just think it needs some adjustments c:
    Posted Nov 29, 2019
  14. HI KIM!

    Wonderful idea, although I am quite confused about the targeting issue. People who have a bounty will obviously caught other players eye, but I guess It is really up to them if they decide to have it enable.

    Some suggestion I'd like to make:

    1. Bounties last only 1 game. Therefor, if the player survives within the game he would get the bounty placed on him as a reward. Because this will be very tough, I would also like if you could add some extra bonus (reward) to players who have bounties enabled.

    2. A player can set a maximum amount of gems and shards (maybe 1k) on a player. Ex. [FlameWulf] has set a bounty of 1000 gems on [kim_crazy]. [LightningWulf] has set a bounty of 1000 gems on [kim_crazy] If this is within the same game now you have a bounty of 2k gems, but the players who have already placed the maximum on you cannot place more, even after death . ?

    3. Due to the targeting, I believe it would be better if it didn't say how much gems/shards there is placed in a player. However, you can still see who has bounties on them.

    I am really looking forward to this idea and I am sure with some adjustments it can bring a lot of fun into the server. This is a 0.5+ for me

    Have a great day,
    Posted Nov 30, 2019
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  15. I think it could be a good idea to make games more fun; however, as some have already said, it could be used by some players to target others and ruin games for those who get targeted. Additionally, it would also skew a player's stats from being targeted. Although it could improve the game, I think it's unnecessary and could ruin games for some players.
    Posted Dec 1, 2019
  16. Hi!

    I do not find this good to be added into Mineplex.
    One, this would create targeting for players. Most players might have this turned off because of targeting issues. Also, why would you want to spend some of your own gems on someone else? What if you set a bounty on someone and kill them? Would you get all of those gems and or shards back, or would you not get it back? This is not really that great, and it is also confusing.

    Have a good day/night!
    Posted Dec 2, 2019
  17. Hello,

    To start off, this probably won't be a good thing for Mineplex as bounties are usually used on servers that have Factions. Secondly, this will create targeting players and that's a real issue, also stated above by @Knazamn he said that why would you want to spend your own gems on someone else, that's a precise statement there which is why this shouldn't be added.

    Everything's been stated above by everyone else if my message isn't clear enough, -0.5.

    Happy suggesting,
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  18. I think this is really a creative idea. Definitely unique as well. It would be cool to put a bounty on someone on the network and you would have to try and find them and kill them in the game they are in (if you can). I also like the idea of disabling bounty on pref cause some people just wouldn't want to participate. Also if someone gets bountied and they turn off pref the whoever placed the bounty on them should get their money back. I think that this could be really cool but I don't really see it being implemented by the development team. There may be a lot of flaws for things like this but still it's a cool concept.
    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  19. I can see the appeal for this idea because it would give some uses for gems that is extremely lacking right now. However, I'm just not a huge fan of bounty features though because of the targeting issue but also because it makes transferring gems between players too easy. I'd personally rather keep earning the majority of your gems to playing games and working hard to earn them yourself rather than being handed a ton by other people. It feels more like an accomplishment to me to reach a high number of gems from playing games and actually earning them over time than being handed them by your friends. There could be a limit to how much you could bounty someone I guess, but it still would accumulate after many games.

    Posted Dec 8, 2019
  20. I think the idea is creative, different and insightful - however, there are a lot of cons to it which means that it is much less plausible for being added and isn't really the greatest idea for Mineplex in general.

    Firstly, it can lead to some sour encounters and targetting - targetting sucks, it's annoying for you if you're targetted and this function would embrace targetting and only mean that people are provoked to do it even more than they already do.

    Secondly, people would target staff more and set bounties on them - which is absolutely not what we want as we want to get away from staff targetting. Thanks for making the idea, and it is definitely an innovative concept - but I just don't think it's practical or really want anybody wants at this stage.

    Posted Dec 8, 2019

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