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In Discussion Bomb Lobbers - The Waller Kit

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by 24OO, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]

    Before I start this thread, I suppose I should describe the game and it’s kits before diving into my idea! I’d assume most of us know what this game is, but for those that might not be as familiar, I’d love to describe it. Like a lot of other games, there’s a red and blue team who have the goals to be the last team standing. They throw tnt in order to damage/kill players on the opposing team! As far as I’m aware, this is one of a lot of players’ favorite games.

    (All kits have a maximum of 3 TnT)

    Acrobat - Comes with the double jump ability and is immune to fall damage! This kit gives you one TnT every 4-8 seconds. [Leather armor]

    Armorer - Also comes with a double jump ability, as well as the receiving of TnT every 4-8 seconds. However, it comes with armor that can tank more damage! [Iron armor]

    Pitcher - Same thing as the two above! You receive TnT every 4-8 seconds and get the double jump ability. The difference is that you are given the ability to decrease or increase the throwing velocity by 1. [Chainmail armor]

    Waller [Achievement Kit] - Comes with the double jump ability and gives you one TnT every 4-8 seconds. You are given three shovels which can build a 3 by 3 wall. No cool-down.

    My Idea

    Now that we got that out of the way, my idea involves the Waller kit. I believe that it is a bit unbalanced and can make it difficult for non-Wallers to win. Yes, an achievement kit is supposed to be a bit different but it should still be a balanced gameplay. With it’s current state, players can go to the top of their island and make three walls, 9 blocks high and camp there. It’s nearly impossible to hit players up that high with throwable TnT, unless you’re the pitcher kit. I can foresee people using that as an argument as to why this kit is fine, however, I’d disagree. Players shouldn’t be forced to use a specific kit in order to have a chance at winning the game.

    My proposal(s)

    Okay, I know that this isn’t a priority at the moment, especially since Bomb Lobbers is just an arcade game. However, I’d still like to provide my suggestions to improve the game.

    Possible Idea 1: Give the Waller kit a cool-down before making another wall. With this suggestion, there’s a chance for players to destroy one of the opposing teams walls before they gain a massive advantage over them. With the way it is currently, you can place a wall, double jump on top of it to place another with no cool-down. With multiple players, you can reach insane heights before being killed by the border. A cool down would make this less of a possibility and make it a more balanced game in my opinion.

    Possible Idea #2: Simply make the border lower, so that it makes it impossible to make walls too high up. This would probably be an easier fix.

    Possible Idea #3: Give the Waller kit less TnT. We could make the max amount they can have 2 and also make it to where they receive one TnT every 10 seconds. This would also somewhat balance it out, as it would give the opposing team time to find a way to launch a TnT at their enemy!

    Possible Idea #4: Give wallers a 7 second double jump cool-down. So that if they fall of their wall, they can save themselves once, without making it unfair. They’d be able to be killed a little more easily. This isn’t my favorite idea, but I thought I’d provide all the ideas that are going through my head to make this kit more balanced! c:

    Possible Idea #5: Leave it the way it is. This, in my opinion, would keep the game a little unbalanced, but I’m open to discussion <3

    Before I end this thread, I’d like to provide some examples of how the Waller kit can be made unfair!

    Take the below map for example. This map, among most others, makes it possible to get to a high point of the island and make walls even higher than that. I’m gonna use Canopy to show this!

    Disclaimer: I know these pictures are low quality, don’t come for me lol


    As you can see, there are trees pretty high up. With the Waller kit, you can get to even great heights to avoid being hit by TnT.

    Another example, which is a obviously a different map is Palm Beach!


    With this map, you can use the castle looking thing to get to pretty high heights as well.

    As you can see, most maps have areas where you can abuse the Waller kit to make it unfair to other players. I hope you guys take this into consideration! Please don’t start fights in the replies or anything, or I’ll have to lock this thread.

    I’d love to see what you guys have to say! <3

    Posted Sep 1, 2019,
    Last edited Sep 1, 2019
  2. Heyo!

    I can see where you're coming from, and I'm sure a lot of other players can as well. With only 4 kits within the game, and only 1 being able to counter this advantage, it doesn't make much sense. With that being said, here is what I'd have to say about this idea.

    For the first part, I 100% agree with you on this. It isn't fair that players are able to do that, and especially isn't fair that not really anybody can hit them.At the top, maybe include the amount of TnT can be held with the Waller Kit (even though I assume it's 3) would be my only suggestion. I believe that once/if there is the time to fix this, that it should be done.

    The suggestions I agree with are #1, #2, and #3 (partially). With the first suggestion, I think the cool down should be in the range between 5-10 seconds, as this wouldn't be too long yet too short. This would definitely help in resolving this issue, yet if multiple players were doing it, it wouldn't help much. For the second suggestion, this could take a little bit due to the fact that there is 32 maps (of course, not all of them may be available to play on, but it'd make sense if all of them were to be patched). This would take the least amount of time, but it could resolve in some issues perhaps. My suggestion would be to just make the border 10-20 blocks from the top point of the map (or less) to resolve this issue as well. For the third suggestion, I don't really think delaying the receiving TnT time for the Waller kit would be a good fix for this. The other part I don't really agree with is decreasing the amount of walls the kit receives, as this would be unfair to players who don't abuse this feature. The part I agree with though is decreasing the holding amount, even though if they've waited 10 seconds after the second one, they can receive another one straight after. Perhaps decreasing the range it can go so that way they'd have to be somewhat close? Those are just my thoughts and ideas.

    The ideas I don't really agree with are the fourth and fifth one. Once again, for the players who use this kit normally, it would kind of be unfair to them (+ 7 seconds can be a little excessive). Perhaps making it involve the experience bar, so you can double jump 3-5 times before having to wait 10 seconds (or something like that), and it would not go up unless you've used all of the double jumps. I know you said that this one wasn't your most fondest idea, but that is just my suggestion. As for the fifth idea, I would only see this happening if the developers didn't have the time to do this/the community didn't want to see a change. I think these reasons you've stated are established enough for a change, whether it be big or small.

    A suggestion branching off of your ideas I have is perhaps making it so you can't place a wall within a 3x3 radius of another wall, or delaying the wall placing time (so you'd have to wait 3-5 seconds before it places). Of course, I don't have the kit so I'm not sure if this would work or not, but it seems somewhat reasonable to me. This is just a suggestion, you don't have to incorporate it with your thread.

    I like how you've featured these maps as an example for players who may be new to Bomb Lobbers or be confused about the situation you're covering within this thread. I think maybe showing an example of what this issue would look like (inside of a private MPS most likely) would also be pretty helpful.

    That's all I'd have to say about this thread, but overall pretty good idea! I am definitely giving this idea a +1, and hopefully it gets changed in the near future. Hopefully I helped!
    Posted Sep 1, 2019
    24OO likes this.
  3. Yo.
    Waller Kit can be annoying and OP, especially if there are 3-4 players on your team stacking them super high. You can stack walls so high to the point of it being impossible to be hit, which is very unbalanced. I like the idea of lowering the border, but that kind of punishes Acrobat kit users if they leap to a certain place. Maybe a maximum height for placing walls would suffice? That would limit the power of the kit by a bit and still allow other kits to normally function.

    +1 from me
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
  4. Being an avid player of BL myself, I can emphasize with this. I agree fully that waller kit needs some form of nerf, or even change in order to get rid of this massive building wall feature, where a couple of them make forts and you can't do much about them, with the added issue of kits being able to double jump this makes them especially OP.

    I agree with a longer cooldown time for walls, and maybe damage from TNT or TNT being thrown at them makes them turn to cracked stone, if they are hit or damaged again then they become a block of air and players can throw TNT through them?

    Great idea! +1
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
  5. I don't really see a need for this. I've never been in a game where a person is unhittable, you just have to arc your tnt right. Imo the kits are pretty balanced right now.
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
    24OO likes this.
  6. yeah it's an achievement kit, shouldn't it reward people for time and effort by being better? Also I don't think it really needs a nerf
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
    24OO likes this.
  7. Of course achievement kits are supposed to reward players, but it’s still supposed to be balanced. Achievement kits bring a new element into the game, but they shouldn’t be near unbeatable.

    I definitely disagree. Like Oscaros said, the walls can be so high that it is impossible to hit players with TnT, no matter how much you reposition your aim. In a lot of situations, there’s barely anything that can be done unless you have the pitcher kit. Why should there be a single counter to an achievement kit? That’s not very balanced to me. With games like Bridges, the achievement kit is very fair in my opinion. It brings a new aspect into the game without giving others unfair advantages. The Waller kit doesn’t do that. I do, however, agree that the kits are pretty balanced, with the exception of the Waller kit.

    Besides, just because you haven’t seen stuff happen, doesn’t mean it never does. I’ve seen situations like this quite a lot playing Bomb Lobbers. It just needs some kind of nerf ;-;
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 15, 2019
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  8. I guess that's fair. I just think that if this was an issue, I would have seen it happen at least once in the almost 900 games I've played of it. I also don't really get that single counter statement; the counter is to arc the throw and every kit can do that. I guess I'm just having a hard time believing that it's truly impossible to hit them when I see them getting dropped from above all the time. I do see people jumping to the highest place and stacking up with the walls quite often, however I also see them still getting hit anyways.
    Posted Sep 15, 2019
  9. I don’t like Bomb Lobbers itself! On mobile I can’t play because you can only click a block, not the air!
    Posted Sep 22, 2019
  10. You hold the screen.
    Posted Sep 22, 2019

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