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BMW 328i review (2016)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by zEddie27, Jun 23, 2022.

  1. The BMW 328i is a mid-ranged BMW car released by BMW. Today I will be reviewing the 2016 model.

    The engine in this BMW is without doubt the coolest engine I've ever heard, when going from 0-60 MPH it just sounds amazing! It doesn't sound overly done, or under done, it's perfect.

    The car itself is great.

    It's a 5-passenger car with 4 doors.

    In the back of the car, the cup holder is extremely useful, it has a button to pop out both of the latches.

    The interface on the screen is easy to understand.

    The car itself is not cheap at all, it goes for around $20,000 used and $50,000 brand new. And it costs $80 to fill up it fully here in Florida ($4.79 per gallon)

    Since we didn't pay it in full it costs $400 per month to maintain, then of course insurance and gas.

    Overall the car is great.

    Posted Jun 23, 2022
  2. $750-800 per month seems quite a lot for a car.
    That's like buying a very decent used car (that also has at least 200 hp and <100.000 km) every year*. Or almost renting an apartment. Or two people eating at a michelin-star restaurant every single week. Or...

    Car itself is nice. BMW before the "huge front grill" time.

    * Actually, if you sell your old used car every year, you'd pay much less than this. Or for the same money drive a much more expensive car. Leasing/car loan financing is usually a bad deal, if not outright scam.
    Posted Jun 25, 2022
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  3. Seems like a pretty nice car! I can't wait to get one of my own, Do you have any recommendations?
    Posted Jun 25, 2022
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  4. Check out Citroen/Peugeot cars. They are very well built, just as capable as the german cars, and tend to offer much nicer interiors (think full leather + heated/cooled seats) for the same price.
    And, as an added bonus, the car insurance tends to be much cheaper - as these cars are more popular with older and more careful drivers than the BMW's and VW Golf GTI's of this world.

    The car I had (before moving to a city center) is a Citroen/"DS Automobiles" DS4, with 200hp, full leather interior and less than 80.000 km for ~10k Euro. Reliable, and has been very fun to drive :)

    In general, the "cooler" a car brand is, the worse car you will get, keeping the amount of money constant.
    Posted Jun 25, 2022
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  5. I'd try to aim for buying a car with cash so you only have to pay gas and insurance.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jun 25, 2022
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  6. wow, thanks man I appreciate it!
    Posted Jun 25, 2022
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