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Processed Block Hunt: Add a hunter wins leaderboard as well!

Discussion in 'General Idea Discussion' started by Nicodami, Jan 22, 2019.

  1. Hey!

    This is a simple and straightforward idea. Currently, the only leaderboard available (both in game and on the forums) is the hider wins one (although it just says 'Wins' instead of 'Hider Wins'). I think a hunter wins leaderboard should be added as hunting is as big of a deal hiding is in BH. This would mean the current leaderboard would need to be renamed to 'Top hider wins'. Anyway, I believe it's important to add it as quite a few people only play to hunt, yet it feels like they're a bit forgotten at times...
    Btw, it would be nice if hunter wins were added to BH player stats on the website, and a top hunter wins leaderboard was added too for the same reason. I know a lot of leaderboards are coming SoonTM but I'm not sure if they thought about this specific one.

    Posted Jan 22, 2019
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  2. I don’t really see any issues with this idea. Winning as a hunter is much harder than winning as a hider, so I think that a leaderboard would be good for those who like to play as hunter, and it would be a good reward for those that manage to succeed. I’ve been getting back into Block Hunt lately, and I do agree that there should be a hunter leaderboard.

    The only problem that I see is that from the times I’ve played Block Hunt, winning as a hunter is pretty rare. Of course it’s not impossible as I’ve seen some hunter wins, it’s just that it might be a bit too uncommon to have a leaderboard for it. Of course, I haven’t played a whole ton of BH during my time on Mineplex but this is just coming from what I’ve seen.

    But overall, not a bad idea and I think that it would be a good addition.
    Posted Jan 22, 2019
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  3. Yeah, I totally agree! A leaderboard for Hunter wins would be pretty cool. I don't see any problems that this can really cause.

    I give this idea a +1. Good luck on getting this implemented! Have a good day.
    Posted Jan 22, 2019
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  4. Although this is such a small quality of life addition, I see no reason why this shouldn't be added eventually. I find myself using the forums statistics a surprising amount, most of the times to check other statistics while browsing. Personally, I hadn't even noticed the lack of separation between hider and hunter wins, but since they are divided in /stats in-game, I feel they should stay consistent throughout the network. Like others in this thread have mentioned, a hunter win is more valuable in my opinion than a hider win, and should be celebrated more since it is such a feat to find everyone in a certain amount of time. I have no opposition to this idea, and this would be a great QOL update! +1
    Posted Jan 22, 2019
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