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BLD Alterations

Discussion in 'Game Alterations' started by mab8400, May 21, 2021.

  1. 1. Give staff the ability to view builds after they are showcased/judged (for inappropriate builds)
    If you report someone in SR there is a short window of time for them to come see the build and who built it; this removes the requirement for them to stay a whole extra game, saving a ton of time especially if they end up not building anything bad the next game

    2. Enable staff and or the public to view the votes for each build (we can find people "teaming" not actually "teaming" but more of cheating votes- someone votes purple for their friend every time and all other builds red; regardless of how good/bad the build really is (which over the course of 5+ games results in a stat boosting ban)

    3. Remove odd or difficult to understand themes; snow cone, barracks (most younger players don't know this word), musical notes, etc

    4. Make it so that a theme cannot be randomly generated twice in a row

    5. Add more themes that are within reason for the time required, village/town, natural disaster, market, nature path, etc

    6. Potentially edit themes with double meanings; turkey, wreck, etc

    These alterations are numbered from most important (1) to least important (6)

    Additionally there is a glitch/bug where as a spectator, you cannot leave the first plot that you joined into, even if it is voting time. This prevents staff from being able to view builds as well as it applies to them. I know that it is better as a bug report but I highly doubt they don't know about it; just like most bugs on the server. I don't really expect anything to happen (to any of these alterations) because there is such inaction but they are very much needed since this is probably the easiest game mode to break rules in and not get banned
    Posted May 21, 2021
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  2. This is already planned on the BLD Game Insights document. Some form of reporting system, anyways.

    Currently, builds are very easily reportable. Don’t use SR unless you come across a situation where somebody or a group of people build inappropriately every game you’re in. That is easier to check.

    Take a screenshot of the build as it says “Built by” and report it normally. That’s what I used to do and it worked every time.

    I don’t think this will happen. I play Master Builders very often nowadays and teaming is barely a problem, sometimes you might come across two people “teaming” but that doesn’t guarantee any one of them to win a game. Your own score is lowered if you vote negatively on almost everybody, which impacts the game enough to not allow teamers to win (at least a great deal of the time). If they are very good at building and others are not, then yeah, maybe, but it’s not like nobody else is voting for them at that point.

    It would also be difficult to see if people are teaming - some people naturally vote badly on every build, hoping they will win. Usually the alt accounts that come online just to build inappropriately would do that every single game. It would be difficult to determine whether people are teaming, playing how they usually play, or trolling. Arguably, players trolling should be against the rules too, however, as I mentioned before, some people just play like this (especially the younger players), and it would be unfair to penalise them as voting unfairly already decreases your score & some consider it a “strategy” (which it is not given the first point, but it doesn’t stop some from thinking this).

    TL;DR it’s too much of a grey area for BLD. Even if you team it doesn’t guarantee you will even win the game.

    I agree, on the GI doc there are already suggested words for removal.

    On the GI document.

    There are a few new theme suggestions in the document, I don’t think these are on there. To be fair, “Village” is incomparable to building a nature path, and the majority of BLD playerbase already struggle on the “House” theme as they are way too ambitious so I don’t see that one doing well. “Market” is an interesting one. “Nature Path” sounds nice too.

    I don’t agree, I believe themes should be left for player’s own interpretation. That way you’re not getting the same thing every time. Otherwise you are asking everybody to build the exact same. imo it’s better to just leave it how it’s is.

    For any bug you have to submit a bug report as talking about it on the forums will not do much. I believe the issue you are talking about is related to certain maps, actually, although the Build Team said otherwise (but if you are thinking about the same bug I am, then it only happens on certain maps). This is frustrating as if I am trying to moderate the game, sometimes when spectating I will be stuck in one person’s plot only no matter to who I teleport.
    Posted May 22, 2021
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  3. Ever since I got staff, I've always made it my duty to check on the BLD lobbies periodically to catch as many people building inappropriately as possible because unless somebody is willing to forum report or the offender is playing the game multiple times in a row doing the same thing, it's really hard to catch these people. /reports sometimes don't get handled fast enough because by the time somebody spots an inappropriate build it's far too late, same with SR. So I personally 100% agree that some sort of better system needs to be added for Master Builders moderation. To those who say a whole new system is not necessary for the sake of one game, I would like to just say that not only is it quite a popular game overall, but oftentimes the game that newer + younger players favour and as a server we should definitely be doing everything we can to look out for that demographic.

    Teaming is also a huge problem in BLD, I completely agree. Having the ability to spot this would be incredibly beneficial to the community. The game is built on trust that people will vote fairly so when people team it makes it unfair and a nightmare to play for others, it can also really put people off playing it too which is a huge shame. Some might argue that it would be "hard to know for certain if it was really teaming" but staff can use their intuition and judge the situation for themselves. If the build had few blocks and/or was not of good quality but a group of the players all voted highly for it you could take a good guess that it's teaming.

    As for the themes, I think a lot of this has been discussed in GI but I am also in agreeance that there is some work to be done.
    Posted May 22, 2021,
    Last edited May 22, 2021
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  4. is there a public link to the document somewhere? i have no clue where to look for it but i'd be interested to read all the change proposals
    Posted May 22, 2021
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  5. You'd have to join the GI Discord to see it. Message anybody on the team, which you can see at mineplex.com/subteams, and they would be able to give you the invite link. Once you're in, it should be pinned to the #master-builders channel, along with some other ideas and documents.
    Posted May 22, 2021
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  6. forgot to mention that when you lag out, you cant come back to your build once you leave. I think there should be a "Click to join your last game!" like in CW or BH (before voting starts of course)
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted May 24, 2021
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