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Best Minecraft Memories!! 10 YEARS OF MINECRAFT!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Baymax, May 17, 2019.



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  1. Minecraft turned 10 YEARS OLD TODAY, that is insane. As geeky as this might sound, I have so much love for this game, I grew up with it and it helped me through a lot in my childhood. It was an outlet to just relax and be free from reality, and allowed me to make so many friends that I likely will never see again in my life. (unfortunately)

    I want to create this thread to allow you to reminisce significant moments in all of Minecraft. I'm still today, creating memories. Hope to see some replies :))

    Thank you Mineplex, and the community for being amazing and I hope we can keep the server steady for another year.
    Posted May 17, 2019
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  2. Yes!!! minecraft is now 10 years old, truly is a milestone and I just wanna say thanks for all the memories, especially on mineplex, mineplex has brought us good times and bad times but in the end, we all enjoy everything. Cheers!
    Posted May 17, 2019
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  3. I can't believe it. I remember having parties with my friends wayyyy back in the day.. Its crazy how far we've come.
    Posted May 17, 2019
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  4. I remember the day (in 2014 or 15) my cousin showed me, after I walked into the house, the blocky game I know and love.

    Farms in the sky, server love and stop motion videos later, I am still in love with the meter c3 blocks.
    Posted May 17, 2019
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  5. Wow! I remember buying my account about 7 years ago. Good times. My favorite memory would probably the small servers my friend and I would setup and build on. We mostly played creative where we had a massive world of pixel art, stadiums, roller coasters, and enormous houses. We would also play on Mineplex frequently, playing games like Super Paintball, Castle Siege, Skywars, and Turf Wars. I'm glad I'm still able to revisit and enjoy these games today.
    Posted May 17, 2019
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  6. Just relaxing in mixed arcade with tons of friends for hours has to be one of my best memories of this game. It was just so casual and fun, it's a shame that it's pretty much impossible to do anymore.
    Posted May 17, 2019
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  7. You neglected to mention that it's now the most sold game of all time.
    Posted May 17, 2019
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  8. Gosh I can't even grasp that it has been 10 years already! I honestly hope that for the years to come that we have updates in which are staying loyal to the true aspect of Minecraft as a whole, I know that companies can sometimes get caught up in ideas such as cool robots and exciting things that aren't true to the reason a games intended reason of creation. But I know that we can trust that developers will deny as a whole any possible updates that could dent the games current glory of creation and adventure. I truly wish as many of you do Minecraft a safe voyage into the years to come.

    Posted May 20, 2019
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  9. Back when I first started Minecraft I had no clue what I was doing. I used redstone torches for light instead of regular torches in creative mode. My houses were all giant boxes. I didn't even know what the hostile mobs were besides spiders, creepers, zombies, and skeletons. I would constantly have to look up how to craft items and make stuff work. I didn't know villages existed until I spawned in next to one.

    Even though I was such a noob, it was still one of my favorite memories because learning new things about Minecraft was a lot better than getting trash talked on servers all day.
    Posted May 20, 2019
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  10. I did the exact same thing! I made a house out of granite, dark oak wood, and used red stone torches for light! I was also terrified to hit villagers as I thought they were hostile. I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2012 or 2013 I believe and just listening to the music just makes me feel so much nostalgia. I’ve moved on from Minecraft to mineplex (even though that’s dtill Minecraft but it’s sort of different in a way) and the 6 months I’ve been on mineplex are great!
    Posted May 20, 2019
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  11. Yeah but I think it's kind of sad they changed the music in later versions of Minecraft :(
    Posted May 20, 2019
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  12. I got Minecraft sometime in 2012, and I instantly fell in love with it. There was so much freedom with what I could do. Even now, as I occasionally listen to the Minecraft soundtrack on YouTube, I can bring back so many different memories. I'd say my favorite memory is opening up a LAN world on singleplayer for my friends and family, and we'd explore the world trying to survive. It was honestly so much fun and even now I occasionally play Minecraft with my friends. Now I devote most of my Minecraft time to Mineplex, but I do miss playing on singleplayer worlds.
    Posted May 20, 2019
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  13. I remember playing on the singleplayer the first time, and this was my first time playing video games on the computer. I played Minecraft a lot way back in 2012, and I still enjoyed Minecraft overall. Although I have too many favorite memories what I have from my mind, most of them were fantastic! I also remember that I love to listen to all of the Minecraft soundtracks too!

    I will never forget the memories what I had done from the year of 2012 to now! Minecraft is one of the best video games that changed my life and I end up making new friends too!
    Posted May 20, 2019
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  14. Here's my timeline of favorite memories, I went all out on this wow...

    -Getting the game in 2010 (Alpha), creative mode came out a year later and I was so happy!

    -Meeting Notch and deadmau5 on Joel's server (2011) Notch loved my username "BANKSYGEMINI" because of the art reference

    -If anyone remember the survival server banning network MCBans, I griefed (only 2010's kids) an admin's ugly dirt house

    -Making a mock newsletter I sent to Spu in winter 2014, he said the graphics needed work (from eventually leading the NL team to (currently) my final year of college majoring in graphic design, I'd say I've done my part there)

    -Being a builder on Dctr_'s side server where I met a great friend named SparkWings... he later developed the original version of Sky Wars

    -Making my first close friend, who I haven't spoken to in years (her IGN was Buffymlg at the time, she now goes by @Bunni and has been doing event stuff for some time)

    -Joining MP as a Helper in 2014, I wanted to join QA (called the Creative Team, lead by Genocide604) but when apps for that came out some guy named Relyh got a spot instead (I'm joking, he's lovely)

    -My mentor Byron giving me a chance on the staff team here, because even though I had 3 SRs and a 50-60 something on my final test he saw potential and I hope I didn't disappoint <3

    -Becoming close with friends I still (some of them) talk to - ForeverElite, RustyRoo (ex-HOS) Nuclear_Poptart/Cat, RavenWings, @Emilie, @lili. and a bunch of others (hi j0jo x)

    -Finally changing my IGN to Banksy, who'd been my favorite muralist since the late 2000's (I've changed a few times since then - I'm staying with Iscariot being that I don't play sooo)

    -Asking a mod named DeanSpek if we'd ever get Sr.Mod (I was a mod for 10 months by then and him for a year), we had no idea... 4 years later he's an admin leading 2 teams @DeanTM

    -Resigning from staff (2015) and not doing it again, honestly this helped so much in highschool as I prepared for senior year (US)

    Because I barely played from 2016 to now, that's about where my fun memories end! Thank you for making this thread, I had fun doing this!
    Posted May 20, 2019
  15. Chicken farmer Skywars ahaha

    Some memories for me. My mc life wasn't as interesting as banksy's is xP

    - Joined Mineplex and played Wizards for the longest time on my friends account

    - Friend finally got tired of me using his account so he bought me a new one

    - Got banned on the forums by zDemon back in early 2015ish for being bad in general aha (dw he's a cool dude)

    - Stalked the forums and basically became a staff encyclopedia for the next 2 years lol

    - By Nuclear Poptart insisting me to, I finally appeal on the forums after 2 years (2017)

    - My friend becomes the leader of one of the biggest hacking clans on Clans and gets IP banned for being a baddie.

    - Joined a bunch of cool subteams and made cool friendos!

    My first interaction with Minecraft was pocket edition, where I didn't realize that you needed to punch a tree to get wood. So I made my base out of dirt :')
    Posted May 21, 2019,
    Last edited May 21, 2019
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  16. Wow!

    10 years is insane! I've been playing since 2011, got my account in 2012, and have been enjoying Minecraft ever since! I've created so many memories that bring nostalgia every time I think of them! Particularly, some of my favorite memories include trying to design my own server with a group of friends, learning how to change my skin (I was so excited about it too haha!), and of course Mineplex! Years ago, when Mineplex just came out with Hero, it was the prime time of gaming with me and my friends. Our days were spent calling on our home phone or parent's phone when playing every sort of game we could! I was in elementary school, and those days were some of the best memories I've had on this platform! It was just so peaceful, coming home ready to play with your circle of friends, only creating cherished memory after cherished memory on Minecraft. Those were the days, for sure...
    Posted May 23, 2019
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  17. Seeing as everyone else is doing these, I might aswell do one too.


    Created my Minecraft account, after days of begging my parents to buy it for me

    Met a cool dude named iLoveSlime (don't talk to him anymore, sadly)


    Found my (then favorite server) RedstonePvP, also made my first donation there

    Joined Mineplex for the first time

    Convinced my friend group to buy Minecraft and play with me, lol


    Met a bunch of super nice people on Minplex (too many to name)

    I'm pretty sure this was around the time that I bought my first Mineplex rank (Titan)

    2016 - 2017:

    Took a break from MC


    Made my forums account

    Started being more active on Mineplex (in-game and on forums)


    Made my first staff application (it was denied, working on a new and improved one!)

    Upgraded to Eternal rank

    (almost) Made it to level 30

    Sorry if it was a bit vague, I don't have the best memory
    Posted May 23, 2019
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  18. Everyone else did one, so yea I'm going to do one too. :p

    Brother bought a Minecraft Account.
    I didn't like MC that much.

    Brother found Mineplex.
    Started gaining Interest in Minecraft.
    Began to play Mineplex on Brother's account.

    Bought my own account.
    Started playing a lot on Mineplex.
    Got to level 18 at end of year.

    Started to play a lot more.
    Got 100 wins in Minestrike.
    Came to forums.
    Made my first Trainee Application. (Obviously denied.)
    Made a lot more Trainee Applications, (all got denied.)
    Began my punishment free journey.
    Made it to level 35.
    Met a nice fellow named DeathByPenguin2
    Met @FireStar through all of my denied applications.

    Kept the same activity.
    Got to 250 wins on Minestrike.
    Made it to level 40.
    Got denied on a lot of applications again.
    Started to play more skywars instead of Minestrike.
    Kept a clean punishment record.
    Started to fade away from MC a little bit at the end of the year.

    Faded a little bit away from Mineplex.
    Made only one Staff Application this year.
    Made it past level 45, (hopefully going to make it past 50 before the end of the year.)
    Got to 300 wins of Minestrike.
    Keeping a clean punishment record.
    Improved activity on forums
    Improved activity in-game.

    I'm happy to see what this game has in stored for me in the future! :D
    Posted May 23, 2019
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