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Bedrock Survival Chronology

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Mr.Cardyceps, Feb 6, 2023.

  1. I've been absent from server for at least one year by now. My favorite part was Survival Mode because I believed and still believe that it is the mode with the greatest potential out of all games we ever had on Mineplex.
    It had what felt like a small society and culture. Most people would leave it after a few hours of experience. However, some stay. I was the 2nd one. I remember joining on the very first day of Survival, I found a village and settled with another player in exchange for food which he didn't have. He then soon left and stated that I could take the house.

    Those were the days when there were lots of hackers that had access to creative mode and could give you anything you wanted. This resulted in diamonds becoming obsolete as currency so a new one was forged - 32k items, they were powerful artifacts that could kill anything in 1 hit and also brake the game due to the incredible amount of stuff dropping from 1 single mob.
    However, apart from traders, there was a second group - baiters. They write in chat something along the lines of "free stuff, tp to me". The thing is that even though a player couldn't kill another one with a sword, he could use a fire aspect bow. However, this could always be countered with a single piece of 32k armor so baiters had to become creative if they wanted to kill other players. You might think to yourself - why would they want to kill others? This is because during those days keep inventory was not a thing.
    When it came to choosing which faction I wanted to join, I of course chose the best ones - the baiters. I ended up looting a lot of people, however, they still didn't have much interesting stuff & by this I mean artifacts.
    Artifacts are items that were created by the most powerful hackers. They include spawn eggs of golems and bosses, command blocks, barrier blocks as well as some other things. I desired to collect them all , however, I needed a bigger base.
    I though for a while & decided to create a secret base of enormous scale inside a nearby mountain. It had 7 floors if I remember correctly - farm, working station with my shop ( baiters became extinct after the keep inventory was introduced), spawner facilities with lots of mobs, facility for ender dragon spawner, roof and the deep underground wither boss spawner facility which was covered in bedrock. The 7th floor was a special thing. I made a redstone rocket that I used to travel to max height where I created an aerial base in case if I ever got attacked by a powerful hacker that could ignore the claimed land.

    However, what came after was way stronger that I could have ever predicted - Survival Mode got refreshed & I hence lost all my great treasures. I became sad, but I then decided to start everything from beginning, this time I built a base that didn't have any camo, it was just a giant castle that looked like a typical khrushchevka, except very big. I ended up losing everything as a result because someone used pistons to move objects & hence moved a lot of stuff out of my base.

    In the end, I moved what I could to my new base which I built under the ocean, I could not get any of the artifacts as the hackers became extinct due to staff doing some stuff, the 32k items got patched too.

    Anyway, what is your Survival story and did anything happen while I was absent for 1 year?
    Posted Feb 6, 2023
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  2. my survival story is that I never touched the game and only heard bedrock players complain about it in the official mineplex discord about how unplayable it is
    Posted Feb 7, 2023
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