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[Bedrock] Skywars Kits

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by ReJo, Jun 25, 2022.


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  1. Hello there! It's been a while, but here I am again with more ideas for the bedrock server.
    Today, I'd like to share my ideas I have for Skywars. Let's get to it.

    On 06/02/2020, all the kits were removed from Skywars. Since then, many players have been talking about it.
    I, along with others, would love to see kits come back. Not necessarily the old ones, but revamped ones. I realize that some players think Skywars should stay as it is right now, but it's just so bland. Mineplex is known for bringing unique gameplay & content to players, but Skywars is lacking that. It's just the same old thing you can find on a lot of other servers.

    For those who don't know, Skywars used to have 4 kits: Ice, Fire, Air, & Earth. Unfortunately, they probably won't be returning to Skywars, at least not with the way they used to work. Today, I will share with you my ideas on how they can be revamped. Down below, I will list 5 different kits, similar to the old kits. However, rebalanced with new abilities.

    Note: Each kit has 1 ability & 1 passive ability.
    Note: Ability items cannot be removed from player inventory & does not drop on death.

    [1st Kit Idea]
    Price: Free
    Perks: Ability: Ice Ball | Passive: Early Frost
    Descriptions: Click/Tap with your Wooden Shovel to launch an Ice Ball (Cooldown of 12s) | Use your Early Frost to reduce projectile knockback taken at the start
    How It Works: Ice Ball (A wooden shovel renamed as Ice Ball Launcher in hotbar) - Inflicts 3 seconds of slowness I and deals 1 full heart of damage when it hits an opponent | Early Frost - For the first 15s of the game, you'll take 75% KB from all projectiles
    Why Use This Kit?: Slow down your opponents with the Ice Ball Launcher, great for catching runners or escaping an opponent. Avoid being thrown off your island so easily at start of the game with Early Frost.

    [2nd Kit Idea]
    Name: Fire
    Price: 2,000 Gems
    Perks: Ability: Fireball | Passive: Defrost
    Descriptions: Click/Tap with your Fire Charge to launch a Fireball (Cooldown of 30s) | Prevent snowball damage with your defrost
    How It Works: Fireball (Fire Charge renamed as Fireball in hotbar) - A simple click/tap with the fireball will launch it into the direction you are facing, it will go straight like a wither skull. If it doesn't hit anything within 6 seconds, it will explode in mid-air | Defrost - Take no damage from snowballs
    Why Use This Kit?: Knock your opponents off an island or deal decent damage with the Fireball. Avoid taking any damage from snowballs with Defrost.

    [3rd Kit Idea]
    Name: Air
    Price: 2,000 gems
    Perks: Ability: Leap | Passive: Feather Falling
    Descriptions: Click/Tap with your Feather to use Leap (Cooldown of 20s) | Take 50% reduced fall damage with your landing skills
    How It Works: Leap (A feather renamed as Leap in hotbar) - Click the Leap to jump into the direction you are facing (Similar to Dragons Leap) | Feather Falling - You will take 50% fall damage when you fall
    Why Use This Kit?: Jump into the direction you are facing with the Leap, great for escaping your opponents or recovering from a fall. Take 50% reduced fall damage with Feather Falling.

    [4th Kit Idea]
    Name: Earth
    Price: 3,000 Gems
    Perks: Ability: Ground Slam | Passive: Absorption
    Descriptions: Click/Tap with your sword to use Ground Slam (Cooldown of 15s) | Use your natural resources to gain health from your opponents
    How It Works: Ground Slam - Click/Tap on any block with your sword to activate Ground Slam, which will launch opponents 3 blocks high into the air (only works on opponents who are within 4 blocks from you) | Absorption - You will receive regeneration I for 5s on each kill
    Why Use This Kit?: Launch nearby opponents into the air with Ground Slam, great for combos. Avoid being cleaned up with Absorption.

    [5th Kit Idea]
    Name: Metal
    Price: Achievement Kit (Or 3,000 Gems)
    Ability: Magnet | Passive: Reinforcement
    Descriptions: Click/Tap with your sword to use Magnet (Cooldown of 15s) | Your heavy gear grants you reduced knockback from all attacks
    How It Works: Magnet - Click/Tap on any block with your sword to activate Magnet, which will pull opponents within 7 blocks from you towards yourself | Reinforcement - You will take 85% KB from all attacks (15% KB reduction)
    Why Use This Kit?:
    Pull nearby opponents towards yourself with Magnet, great for catching runners. Prevent being knocked off an island or ledge as easily with Reinforcement.

    And that's it! If multiple people think that both the abilities & passives are just too much, just consider the abilities.
    For anyone who wasn't aware, here is the current update proposal for Skywars: https://www.mineplex.com/threads/game-insights-skywars-proposal.209081/
    I hope to see these kits make it along with the update proposal in the future.
    Thanks for reading, feedback is appreciated!
    Posted Jun 25, 2022,
    Last edited Jun 27, 2022
  2. I never even knew sky war had kits but now that I know it’s just makes me even more mad about Amazing things mp had but removed like all the old games.
    Posted Jun 27, 2022
    ReJo likes this.
  3. I feel like it would be cool to have kits, but I also really like how mp sw is soooo simple. If mp could figure out how to do something like hive with out getting bombarded for “copying them” then that would be cool.
    Posted Jun 27, 2022
    Widestsinger and ReJo like this.
  4. Uh ok firstly the kits weren’t that amazing trust me.

    I rather play the game without the kits aspect, I mean they removed it for a pretty solid reason (half of them didn’t even work) and the odds of Mineplex actually bringing them back and working isn’t extremely high.
    Posted Jul 11, 2022

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