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Bedrock Servers Social Experiment and How They Apply To Mineplex

Discussion in 'MCO/Bedrock Discussion' started by akeyfortyseven, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. As any experiment, we gotta use the scientific method:

    Hypothesis: The longer a player hacks with increasingly more obvious hacks, the easier they get banned

    Materials used: probably gonna get "snipped" server with a similar anticheat to mineplex that is reliant on player movement (but probably more sensitive to movement) and reports, a computer running the latest version of Minecraft for Windows 10 (as of this post), the horion hack injector for windows 10, standard keyboard and mouse

    Experiment: Using another well known server (mineplex is about 3rd most popular for bedrock, this server is about 4th averaging between 4k-6k players on a regular day) I used a well known windows 10 hack client/injector known as Horion.

    Note: I used extensive research before downloading said client and I would NOT recommend anyone else to download. I used the anticheat on a separate server and not on mineplex so there will be some inaccuracy in my testing. I am saying this to clarify an unknown variable in my experiment.

    Horion is a standard hack injector, similar to the one you can download for android devices on the play store. My minigame of choice was capture the wool, a new minigame on the server that averaged about 40 players per game. I started my hacking with a scaffold hack, one that is not as harmful to others' experience given that people can "jump bridge" faster than scaffold and I did not add any speed increase in the hack client. After about 10 minutes, I added a nearly unnoticeable speed boost and killaura that is very limited in range, and could only reach 3 blocks (equivalent to minecraft player reach according to Tenebrous). After a couple of minutes, I would increase my killaura by half a block and I capped it at 6 blocks. Seen as I still havent been banned and i can literally waltz over to the flag with no harm and bring it back to my team, I decided to step it up a notch. I then turned on jetpack (basically fly hacks but faster and more controllable in my opinion) and reduced my killaura because i knew that it would be a bit much (despite me obviously flying around the map but roll with my logic) and I STILL WASNT BANNED/KICKED even moving at many many blocks per second. I then just turned off killaura, gave myself 9 blocks reach, started up an autoclicker, and destroyed everyone. After an hour and thirty minutes of these shenanigans, I gave up and I knew the only way i would get banned/kicked would be if someone recorded me and uploaded it to the server's forums/

    Conclusion: my hypothesis was completely incorrect and people dont give a poop about reporting hackers, despite complaining about it in the chat (not to mention the server has /report and they couldve done that, but it doesnt seem like anyone does)

    My thoughts: Now im pretty sure mineplex is saying "well im pretty sure that these extremes dont happen on my server" but in all honesty they do. Mineplex is currently one of the best servers in terms of ideas, but one of the worst in implementation. We have been complaining about kb, ewoks, hackers, and much more while many of us provide solutions to most of them, excluding kb because we have no idea why thats a problem.

    What I would like to see:

    1. Better anticheat (everyone would like that except for hackers)
    2. Kb fix somehow (we seriously dont know why this became a problem)
    3. More community suggestions added into the game (cough cough player trackers cough cough uhc cough cough)
    4. Make people more inclined to report people (/report maybe? idk...)
    5. Fix ewok skins (you might be featured by microsoft, but you're not owned by them)
    Posted Sep 10, 2019
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