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Bedrock - Parkour - Building Advices

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by SupremaVivo, Jul 25, 2022.

  1. Hey there ! You probably went to several parkours, or even built some. There are some good things you can do to improve the quality of your parkour, and to avoid terrible mistakes, which would be a shame moreover when you put efforts to make it good. T stands for Tips, while M stands for Mistake.

    Good things to do :
    • T1. Test your levels entirely, we never know.
    • T2. ALWAYS check if players can go back up in every level : being stuck in a level is really annoying.
    • T3. Make the parkour following a smooth exponential difficulty, in term of hardness and length in levels, according also to the pace it wants to offer. It's enjoyable to escalate the challenge more and more. Otherwise, it will break the pace and will not be fully enjoyable, worse it can disgust players at the first levels.
    • T4. Try to make your levels possible for all devices : keyboard/mouse, controller, touchscreen. This will offer players more fun playing parkour. Keep in mind the basic thing : mobile players can't sprint in mid-air.
    • T5. If you use lava, place a water spot nearby so players are not disturbed by the flame animation on their screen.
    • T6. Watch out for unintentional shortcuts that could ruin the levels you're building !
    • T7. Always make your parkour clear where to go, add arrows or clues if necessary to avoid frustration of not knowing what's ahead and having to try again a level just because of that. If for example there is a ladder behind the wall in front of the player, make the ladder visible by changing the block or putting an arrow pointing at its edge.
    • T8. If your parkour is not fully ready yet, it's always welcomed to make an exit so players can leave the parkour nicely.
    • T9. Make sure the title of your parkour matches the parkour itself.
    • T10. Don't hesitate to put bars or walls to prevent players falling to the previous levels when possible and needed : being focused on a level and sneaking back can result in a sad fall to a previous tedious challenge...

    Mistakes to avoid :
    • M1. NEVER use "flashing", dark, or nearly invisible blocks like magma, glowstone, black concrete or glass for walls : really disturbing for the eyes and make players lost in the parkour.
    • M2. NEVER hide slime blocks under carpet (another nasty habit players have), use snow to hide what's below, or place stuff onto others of the same color : at the end, it's confusing, makes players lost, and can tend to not-so-funny randomness.
    • M3. NEVER make one-shot parkours or holes in your levels to make players fall to the previous floor. It's frustrating beyond believe to do everything all over again just for one mistake.
    • M4. NEVER make labyrinths, it's a really nasty habit players have these days : labyrinths have nothing to do with parkour skills.
    • M5. NEVER make nether portals, lava or water pools : disturbing for the eyes and slow down uselessly.
    • M6. NEVER make paths that bring to nowhere : it's a waste of time and effort.
    • M7. NEVER build the ceiling before making levels, UNLESS you know what you're really doing. You'll otherwise have big risks to have levels that were possible before becoming impossible due to the changed height.
    • M8. NEVER use webs, UNLESS it is used really wisely. Slowing down uselessly is boring and frustrating beyond believe.
    • M9. Don't forget : it's not because a level is easy for you that it will be easy for other players ! Always have a general view about the levels difficulty.
    • M10. Themes are cool, but can be problematic if exaggerated : players should still see properly the parkour itself.
    • M11. Don't overuse signs, moreover with useless informations, or create messy levels : it just tend to make players lost, and it's boring to the eyes.
    • M12. Something that can be not thought : don't forget to make your parkour lightened up properly for everyone !

    (from the Bedrock Parkour Database fandom wiki we built, check my profile to check it out ! Contains a lot of datas about the world of Parkour in Bedrock)
    Posted Jul 25, 2022,
    Last edited Jul 26, 2022
  2. This is really detailed and I love this. I can see this helping lots of people trying to make their own parkour in Creative Housing. We can also see how you put a lot of work into this thread!
    Posted Jul 25, 2022
  3. I guess I've broken M:1.. But hear me out glass looks awesome if you know what you're doing with it. Also I'm guessing M:10 Was greatly inspired by my parkour "Atlantis Parkour v2" I thought seaweed was good but i think I've over done it, either way awesome thread!1
    Posted Jul 25, 2022

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