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Bedrock New Game Idea

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by Jet Starglaze, Jan 22, 2021.

  1. hey!

    so iv been thinking, of a game idea. it's not finalized yet, and I need some ideas. lemme explain what I'm thinking. remember when we all first played cake wars and we built those castles and those huge cake defences? yeah me too, that was fun. but that doesn't really help you during the game, if anything hinders you. what if there was a game, where this was the focus. there would be something to protect, and there would be 2 or 4 teams. there would be a grace period, so teams could build castles, mazes or whatever, without getting rushed. the 2 islands would be as far away from each other as the bomb lobbers islands and they wouldn't be able to attack the other team until the grace time is up. it would be cakewars X castle defence and a bit of something else. there would be a gen (?) or something that spawns currency, and then you can buy things in the shop.
    NOTE - I'm gonna say bricks for now as I don't know what else to put, suggest ideas.

    32 wool - 5 bricks
    16 bricks - 6 bricks
    16 blast proof glass - 8 bricks
    8 endstone - 10 bricks
    48 carpets - 4 bricks (this isn't really needed)
    32 ladders - 8 bricks.
    4 slime blocks - 8 bricks
    2 obsidian - 16 bricks
    (suggest more blocks)

    boom barrel(explodes immediately when thrown, launches players into the air) - 20 bricks
    water bucket - 16 bricks
    lava bucket - 35 bricks
    bridging eggs. makes a bridge when thrown is whichever direction - 10 bricks
    nuke - blinds and slows nearby enemies and destroys surrounding blocks except glass and obsidian. - 40 bricks
    Ender pearl - 25 bricks
    pop up tower - 50 bricks
    pop up wall - 10 bricks
    tnt - 20 bricks.

    all offensive items e.g sword, armour will be the same as cake wars.

    all team upgrades will be the same as cakewars.

    (suggest more items in the shop)

    this thread is not final, and I'll update the thread if I get anymore ideas, and please feel free to suggest ideas!

    have a great day!
    Posted Jan 22, 2021
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  2. I think this is too similar to Cakewars. The biggest thing is that the meta would likely be centered around ender pearls. You can block yourself in after pearling in(tower up and pearl over all the defenses also there's not enough time to build a wall/maze to height limit), and if no one finds you in the huge defense(which is likely) it'll be really easy to get whatever is being protected. I feel like this is Cakewars, but you're encouraged to make a massive defense because there are all kinds of defending items and there are no points to capture. At the same time, there are offensive items. Obsidian will be used a lot as well. The reason why you don't make large defenses is because of fear of people blocking themselves in your defense. Personally, I don't see this idea going anywhere.

    So maybe remove ender pearls? And the games are likely to be long. This is if you want to go on with your idea.

    Edit: Adding on to the enderpearls, you can tower up to just below height limit and start bridging a bit. This way you have better range with the enderpearl. Additionally, bows and arrows should be added if this gamemode is liked by others, but if this is already in your suggestion with the weapons, then nevermind.
    Posted Jan 22, 2021,
    Last edited Jan 22, 2021
  3. This game sounds like a mashup of both Cake Wars and Castle Siege. While I enjoy both games, I feel that adding a 3rd similar game would hinder people from playing Cake Wars. My suggestion is to reintroduce Castle Siege to Java and introduce it to Bedrock, or have an event that combines both games.
    Posted Jan 22, 2021
  4. Nice, I like this idea! But when you said
    um idk what that means people could just farm bricks from the shop

    the water bucket doesn't have that many uses, other than breaking your fall and slowing enemies down.

    i don't really know where the slime, carpet, and ladders are going to be used, they seem like trolls to me lol


    1. zombie spawn egg - spawns a zombie with armor (idk leather? or gold?) that protects your base from enemy players. has speed II potion effects (normal zombies are too slow)

    well anyways +1
    Posted Jan 22, 2021
  5. As said earlier, the bricks as the currency are temporary and he is looking for ideas for the currency. The water bucket slows down your mining speed and makes it hard to get to the defense. Slime can be used to break your fall and bounce over walls if you're good a parkour. Ladders are the same thing but they also slow you down from getting the protected thing, like water but weaker.
    Posted Jan 22, 2021

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