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[Bedrock] Meet the Staff Team

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GuardianInASuit, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. This thread is so you can meet the Bedrock Staff Team.

    Frontend Bedrock Dev

    Backend Java and Bedrock Dev


    Hey, I’m BREEZLET!

    I am a veteran staff member of the Mineplex Bedrock staff team. I was staff before Bedrock was even a thing! I am currently a Sr. Moderator on Quality Assurance, and I have been on the staff team since August 4, 2017! I am also on Reports Patrol Assistance and the Map Testing Team. I am happy to help and hope to see you in-game soon!

    @WinteryOsprey38 [Recruitment]
    Heya! i'm kelly or more commonly known as wintery/winter. i'm currently 18 years old and a first year student in university. outside of mineplex I enjoy listening to music, playing volleyball, watching netflix or drawing. I am a bedrock moderator, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me! anyways, feel free to add me as a friend or message me if you ever want to talk or play. you're welcome to write on my wall if you'd like as well c:

    @neosmileyface [Recruitment]
    hi i'm neo! i am a mod on both bedrock and java. i am a recruitment assistant, qat member, on reports patrol and a writer for the newsletter. in school i'm stuyding 'animation and visual effects' and i'm hoping to then use the skills i learn there to pursue a degree in marketing so i can eventually work for nintendo. i love nintendo. love love love nintendo. my favourite game of all time is the legend of zelda: skyward sword (,, hd) and in the past few weeks since it's re-release on the switch i have done nothing but binge play it and draw the characters from it too. my favourite character is ghirahim because he is ever so fabulous. but that's pretty much me!! there's not all that much else to say :) ps. no, i wont use caps

    @Marzie [CoM]
    Hi, I am Marzie. Also known as Mar or Marz. I am currently an Event Squad member that does event stuff along with many, many forum-related duties. I do wish to maybe be an Admin someday, but who knows if that'll happen. I can dream I guess?

    @thejoshxgames [CoM]
    Hey, I'm Josh! I am a a cross-platform Senior Moderator on Community Management, but have a focus on Bedrock. I am also a mentoring assistant for the staff management team along with being a member of the Bedrock Game Insights team. Outside of Mineplex I am a college senior studying accounting and business management, and currently work as a staff accountant. I am super into fishing, biking, cars, and lego as well. Please feel free to reach out to me about anything, as I am always available to talk!

    @Loofii [SM]
    Hi I'm Loofii! I'm 19, and an MA! Though I started on the Java platform, I really love Bedrock and honestly play more than I do on Java!

    @BlondieBrook [STM]
    Hiya! My name is BlondieBrook but you can call me Brook! I’m currently 18 years old, and I live in Canada. You might have seen me on Mineplex Java edition since I’ve been on the team since June,2020, but recently I’ve decided to become a cross-platform staff member! Currently the only subteam I’m on is event assistance, but I have goals to join mentor assisting, and content creator council. You’ll probably see me around in cakewars, or skywars. Currently I’m in college for dental assisting! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or just wanna have a conversation :D!

    @Mitsoko [STM]
    Coming Soon

    @Emiliee [STM]
    Coming Soon

    @FairestLordHarry [STM]
    Coming Soon

    @aahad [FM]
    Hey there! I am aahadd, but most people just call me aahad. I am currently 16 years old and from the United States. I was first accepted as a Trainee back in October of 2020 and then promoted to Moderator in November of 2020. Some of my dream sub-teams to join during my time on the Mineplex staff team is FMA (where I am now :D), RA, and MA! Some of my favorite games that you will probably find me in are Cake Wars, Skywars, and NANO games! A little more about me: I am a junior in high school and I hope to go to college on the Pre-Medicine track! I am, as some people would call, a coffee addict because I consume around eight cups a day.... Anyway for future goals, I hope to go onto college to study medicine! In my free time, I love to listen to music, draw, take some photos, volunteer, and most importantly... watch Netflix! If you ever have any questions about the forums or Mineplex, or just want to talk, feel free to reach out to me via the forums or discord! My DM’s are always open!

    Hello! I'm Guardian. I'm twenty two. I've been on the staff team for about 4 years now. My main game is Survival but you can find me in SkyWars and Housing. Outside of Mineplex i like to hang out with friends. My Dream team is CoM and FM/A Don't be scared to message me about anything.


    Heya! I'm Arrow/Ender/Asylum, whatever you want to call me haha
    I'm 19 and my pronouns are he/him or they/them. At the time of this update, I've been a Moderator for over a year and a half now and I've joined three sub-teams; Reports Patrol, Forum Management Assistance and Content Creator Council. You can usually find me in a Turf or Sky Wars server where I periodically stream to Twitch so be sure to say hi if you see me! Outside of Mineplex I do a lot of art (You might know me as the Profile Picture guy on the forums) and currently, I am a martial arts instructor, where I am also a Third Degree Black Belt. If you have any spare melatonin please send some my way! o/

    Hello! I’m Bob16077777, but you can call me Bob. I’m 14 years old and have been a member of the staff team for about 4 months now, and really enjoy my position as moderator! I am currently on the FMA subteam, and look forward to joining RP, and ultimately(if possible) join the Forums Management Sr. Mod team! My favorite games on Mineplex include Cake Wars and Sky Wars, but in my free time I like to read and develop my Discord bot! Anyways, I hope you enjoy your day and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

    Hey! My name is Cloudy! I am 14 years old, and I live in Canada! I got accepted as trainee in early February, and I got promoted to moderator in early April just a few weeks ago. On Mineplex, you will usually find me playing Cake Wars or Micro Battles if I'm with friends, or when I'm alone, I like to play Skywars! I'm interested in joining FMA and RP as some future subteams, along with being a cross-platform staff member. Other goals include getting on some Bedrock leaderboards and getting level 80! Aside from Mineplex, I love to play music! I know how to play many instruments including piano, violin, the drums and guitar (definitely my favourite)! I know a lot about many styles of music and enjoy composing music as well! That's all for now, if you would like to talk to me just message me here on the forums or on Discord! :D

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon


    I will be updating this as Staff Members send in a little introduction.
    If you are missing from this list. Contact me on Discord.
    Posted Apr 29, 2021,
    Last edited Nov 24, 2022
  2. Nice little staff list with mini intros!
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
  3. ooo amazing thread, gj guardian! though,

    @Hubble where's your intro bit >:(
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
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  4. Hi bedrock staff! I love you guys <4
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
  5. Hello bedrock staff! <3 I have seen an exceeding amount of new bedrock staff which is a good thing.
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
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  6. Hi bedrock staff! It was nice to read all of your introductions, I always enjoy getting to know everyone a bit more. Looking forward to the rest of them!!
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
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  7. Hey Guardian!
    This thread is awesome!! Coming from java, I never really had the opportunity to meet or talk to many of the bedrock staff members. Thank you so much for making this! I think it's great that you were able to get introductions from the many staff members that moderate bedrock, and I loved reading through everyone's introduction!
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
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  8. Hello fellow Bedrockers! Although I have spoken with some of you, there are others that I really haven't so it's awesome to get to know a little bit about you! Looking forward to spending more time with you guys in the future! :D

    Great idea Guardian, thanks for reaching out!
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
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  9. <4

    modern heart ?!?!?!
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
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  10. It's great to meet the entire Bedrock staff team including cross-platformers! It's really encouraging to see how the team has been expanding since this system was introduced. Not everyone knows all the Bedrock staff members as they aren't on the staff page, they're only listed by name on unofficial threads so it's nice to have more of an in-depth look. I'm looking forward to checking back as more introduction paragraphs flow in over the next while - it would be super interesting to see what the Devs have to say if you manage to get a response from them.

    Thanks for working on this, and one quick word to all Bedrock staff - you are appreciated just as much as any other staff member on the network. Seeing just how many people contribute to upholding the quality surrounding Bedrock made me realise they might not always get as much appreciation as they deserve. So thank you for everything you do, really and truly.
    Posted Apr 29, 2021
  11. I was never asked or told about this yet! :o

    I'll be in contact with Guardian though when I find the chance to and it'll be updated soonTM :3
    Posted Apr 30, 2021
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  12. Heya!

    I really enjoyed reading through this list here! It can be pretty useful to have a list of all of the different staff members who work on the bedrock side of the network and I think it's pretty interesting to be able to read a little introduction on each of them as well. I really enjoyed learning more about the different members on that side of the team and I think it will certainly be neat to see more names and introductions added to the list as time goes on. Thanks for doing this! :)
    Posted Apr 30, 2021
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  13. I met someone who said they were a mod but rent on that list :squint:
    Posted Apr 30, 2021
  14. Let’s go staff team!
    Posted Apr 30, 2021
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  15. Hello bedrock staff! Hoping to see you guys around sometime! Haven't seen a staff in any of my servers yet though :gwen:
    Posted Apr 30, 2021
  16. I can't wait to read all of your introductions once this is finished! :3
    Posted May 5, 2021
  17. Ooooooooo I love introductions! Personally, I think that bedrock is really cool, I've played it a few times myself and I think that the bedrock staff are really cool so I think that the small intros that were made are really awesome!
    Posted May 5, 2021
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  18. Hey everyone! Happy to see the bedrock staff members but I'm not playing bedrock :P Just wanted to ask if there's a similar thread for Java edition staff members also? :D
    Posted May 7, 2021
  19. Oh look! I’m on here, haha. In all seriousness, it was very cool seeing an Official Introduction thread for our Bedrock Staff and I appreciate you putting it together! I enjoyed reading through the introductions and I can’t wait to meet more of the Bedrock Staff! c:

    Hia! At the moment, there is not an official introduction thread for all of the Java Staff. It was much easier to create a Bedrock introductions thread because the Bedrock team is much smaller than our Java Team. Although, it would be nice to see one for sure!
    Posted May 7, 2021
  20. Oh look there’s me! Thanks Guardian for putting all this together, this is a great spot where players can find out more about bedrock staff members! I appreciate this thread very much, and hopefully there will be a ‘Meet the Java Staff’ thread sometime soon on the forums!
    Posted May 14, 2021

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