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Processed Bedrock Map Update

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by Glummes, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I think there should be another map update for the Bedrock server because there hasn't been one for a while now. Due to a lack of games on the Bedrock platform, we play the same maps a lot and those maps can become very boring after you know them like the back of your hand. I think adding new maps will encourage players to play more and would be one step closer to updating the Bedrock server because there aren't many updates now outside of the marketplace team release skins and maps for the Marketplace.
    Posted Jan 11, 2020
  2. Posted Jan 12, 2020
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  3. I agree with this. I’ll consult Dutty to see what she thinks.

    If this does go into action, it will probably take a pretty long time because maps for Bedrock take wayyyyyy longer to push than the ones for Java. Thanks!
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
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  4. Yes please! Micro Battles and Cake Wars NEED new maps! The old maps are getting boring, and are the reason I quit Micro Battles for almost 2 months. I am playing it again, but it needs a refresh.
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
  5. I definitely agree that I would love to see some more Bedrock maps added to Mineplex! I feel like we don't really have as much variety and that could be fixed quite easily so hopefully, we can actually get some maps soonTM! Excited to see what happens!​
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
  6. I agree on getting new maps, but we don’t need them to go too overboard. If any of you have ever played on lifeboat Skywars or bedwars then you should know what I mean. I would slightly prefer getting a new mini game like SSM or something over maps, but like I said, I agree on maps and I think that would get me out of the survival train. Bit off topic- Has anyone else ever seen survival mode have more players than cake wars? I wonder if lack of maps is the reason?
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
  7. Heyo! I don't play bedrock that much but I would like to see some more maps! I would like to see some more cake wars or speed builders maps I don't know why but I really like these games and I think it would be nice to see more maps for these games!
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
  8. I actually think Mineplex should focus on adding stats to bedrock before adding maps.
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
  9. Those are 2 completely different teams. One team's work won't affect the other.
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
  10. Oh okay nvm lol
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
  11. I completely agree! Players will be more motivated to play if there are new and exciting maps and experiences! It will probably take a while though, because World Edit on Bedrock is no where near as powerful as it is on Java. But, great idea!
    Posted Jan 12, 2020
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  12. They build the maps on Java then import them to Bedrock.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 12, 2020
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