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In Discussion [Bedrock] Leveling Rewards

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by GuardianInASuit, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Update Ideas Crew Presents

    Bedrock Leveling Rewards

    After many months of work i think this idea if ready for community feedback/changes

    Level 1. 100 Gems
    Level 2. 150 Gems
    Level 3. 150 Gems
    Level 4. 200 Gems
    Level 5. 1 Noble Crate
    Level 6. 200 Gems
    Level 7. 150 Gems and 250 Shards
    Level 8. 200 Gems
    Level 9. 250 Gems
    Level 10. 2 Noble Crates
    Level 11. 200 Gems
    Level 12. 250 Gems
    Level 13. 200 Gems and 500 Shards
    Level 14. 500 Gems
    Level 15. 2 Noble Crates
    Level 16. 250 Gems
    Level 17. 200 Gems
    Level 18. 250 Gems
    Level 19. 1000 Gems
    Level 20. Full Diamond Baby Zombie Pet and 3 Noble Crates ("Feeling Blue" achievement for achieving Blue prestige)
    Level 21. 2000 Gems
    Level 22. 500 Gems and 500 Shards
    Level 23. 2 Noble Crates
    Level 24. 500 Gems and 1000 Shards
    Level 25. 1 Royal Crate
    Level 26. 3000 Gems
    Level 27. 1500 Gems and 500 Shards
    Level 28. 1500 Gems and 2 Noble Crates
    Level 29. 3 Noble Crates
    Level 30. 5000 Gems
    Level 31. 2000 Gems and 1000 Shards
    Level 32. 2500 Gems
    Level 33. 2 Royal Crates
    Level 34. 2500 Gems and 1000 Shards
    Level 35. 5000 Gems
    Level 36. 2500 Gems
    Level 37. 3 Noble Crates
    Level 38. 2500 Gems
    Level 39. 10000 Gems
    Level 40. Flying Guardian Pet and 5 Noble Crates ("Royal Green" achievement for achieving Green prestige) *(Gem Earnings stop here)*
    Level 41. 1000 Shards
    Level 42. 1000 Shards and 3 Noble Crates
    Level 43. 2 Royal Crates
    Level 44. 1000 Shards
    Level 45. 1000 Shards and 2 Royal Crates
    Level 46. 1500 Shards
    Level 47. 1000 Shards
    Level 48. 3 Noble Crates
    Level 49. 1500 Shards
    Level 50. Guardian Morph and 3 Royal Crates
    Level 51. 2 Royal Crates
    Level 52. 1500 Shards
    Level 53. 1000 Shards
    Level 54. 3 Noble Crates
    Level 55. 1000 Shards
    Level 56. 1500 Shards
    Level 57. 3 Royal Crates
    Level 58. 1500 Shards
    Level 59. 1000 Shards and 5 Noble Crates
    Level 60. Phantom Pet and 1 Imperial Crate ("Golden Days" achievement for achieving Gold prestige)
    Level 61. 1500 Shards
    Level 62. 1500 Shards and 3 Noble Crates
    Level 63. 3 Royal Crates
    Level 64. 1000 Shards
    Level 65. 1500 Shards
    Level 66. 1000 Shards and 5 Noble Crates
    Level 67. 1500 Shards
    Level 68. 3 Royal Crates
    Level 69. 2000 Shards
    Level 70. 1 Imperial Crate and 1 Game Amplifier
    Level 71. 1500 Shards
    Level 72. 1500 Shards and 3 Royal Crates
    Level 73. 2000 Shards
    Level 74. 5 Noble Crates
    Level 75. 1500 Shards
    Level 76. 2000 Shards
    Level 77. 5 Royal Crates
    Level 78. 2000 Shards
    Level 79. 2500 Shards
    Level 80. Turtle Pet and 1 Imperial ("Dazzling Red" achievement for achieving Red prestige)
    Level 81. 5 Royal Crates
    Level 82. 2000 Shards
    Level 83. 2000 Shards and 3 Royal Crates
    Level 84. 2500 Shards
    Level 85. 1 Imperial Crate
    Level 86. 2000 Shards
    Level 87. 2500 Shards
    Level 88. 2000 Shards and 7 Noble Crates
    Level 89. 2500 Shards
    Level 90. 2 Imperial Crates
    Level 91. 2500 Shards
    Level 92. 5000 Shards
    Level 93. 2500 Shards and 5 Royal Crates
    Level 94. 5000 Shards
    Level 95. 1 Imperial Crate
    Level 96. 5000 Shards
    Level 97. 5000 Shards and 10 Noble Crates
    Level 98. 5000 Shards
    Level 99. 10000 Shards
    Level 100. Panda Pet, 3 Imperial Crates, 5 Royal Crates ("All Done" achievement), and a Server-Wide Announcement (Ex: "MineplexPlayer21 has reached Level 100!")

    Gems: 45250
    Shards: 98750
    Game Amplifiers: 1
    Crates: 119
    Noble - 67
    Royal - 42
    Imperial - 10
    Cosmetics: 6

    Level 20. Full Diamond Baby Zombie Pet
    Level 40. Flying Guardian Pet
    Level 50. Guardian Morph
    Level 60. Phantom Pet
    Level 80. Turtle Pet
    Level 100. Baby Panda Pet

    Community Suggestions
    Posted Mar 11, 2019,
    Last edited Mar 27, 2019
  2. Hey there,
    I think this is an awesome addition for Bedrock! I believe these additions will cause players to play more games in order to attain these prizes. Additionally, the rewards for each level seem logical and fair as it increases. Can't wait for developers to implement this update :D
    Posted Mar 11, 2019
  3. This is a great Idea!
    Posted Mar 11, 2019
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  4. Very neat idea, I can see it was inspired from the Java level system. However, I do feel that the level 100 rewards are a tad too many, or just out of balance with the others. Of course, it's a really high level, but it seems like a little too much. I would feel better if it was a little lower, something like 3 Imperial crates and 7 Noble crates. The reason I feel this way is because it's already difficult to get these chests, and the level 100 reward just seems a crazy. However, if you don't feel this way, take it with a grain of salt, it's just how I feel! Anyways, this is a good starting point, I think this can be used as a basis for a more balanced version imo!
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  5. I think we should show all levels on top of the players name.
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  6. This could make the the players username look very messy! but i'll add it to the trello.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 13, 2019
  7. Hi Guardian!

    I've seen this idea before for the bedrock community, and I think this could be a great addition to the bedrock side of the server. Most of the players that you see on the bedrock server are between level 1 and level 30. The occasional player is over level 30, but the community if dominantly of the lower levels. This is no issue, as the majority of low leveled players are found most of the time on the Factions or Survival servers. By adding leveling rewards we will be encouraging players to move from independent games such as factions and survival mode, into the team/solo pvp related games where you can earn rewards and xp to premote more gameplay on the bedrock server.

    On top of the xp idea, potentially adding a timer on survival and factions for players who are on for a certain amount of time can get certain amounts of xp depending on how long they were on for. This could be another way to promote gameplay on the server in not just the pvp games, but the more individual games.

    Over all I love the idea and I think it's a great way to encourage players to level up on the server!
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
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  8. I think levels 41+ should just be shards instead of a mix of shards and gems, since higher levels have enough gems already to purchase kits. Overall, an amazing idea though!
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
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  9. That is an excellent concept that you have! I feel like Bedrock players want to have greater rewards while they are leveling up. It similar to like from the Java version and I think that it will be okay to implement this new system. Overall, I think that is a great idea that you have!
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
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  10. I think bedrock players will like this because now they can go for more things like rewards. I also love how it is similar to java because the normal java one is amazing and I thought that, that was a good addition. I also like the crown idea, I wish that could be added to mineplex that way people who are above level 100 can go above and beyond!
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  11. Quick question since I’m level 52 currently on mineplex bedrock and if this was added would I be able to get all of the rewards previously or will I have to start from level 52. This goes for level 100s too.
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  12. The prestige thingy looks coolio even tho this is bedrock owo
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
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  13. You would probably get all the rewards from 1-52. That is how it works on Java so it should be the same for Bedrock if this feature is added.
    Posted Mar 13, 2019
  14. Heyo!

    Thank you all for the feedback so far! The Update ideas crew is currently update the rewards based on Feedback! We should have a update ASAP

    ~ GuardianInASuit | Your Bedrock Guardian ~​
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 13, 2019
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  15. This is nice, I personally like seeing the lower level players at least 0-10 get shards and to start off with a crate, because they all would like to have some form of cosmetic, especially a pet or a morph. The rest seems to me to be fine.
    I do have question, you are considering as part of the level 100 to give 15 imperial crates, now someone like me would have absolutely no use for them, they would sit in my chest unopened as the one I currently have does. Some of us are slammed with glitches or bugs, such as myself and I cannot open the Imperial Crates, it been a issue for a year now and had been reported and they attempted working on it, but it’s broke and don’t know if it will ever get fixed, it is a wasted commodity if my crates cannot be fixed. So, any alternatives like just give me the cosmetic since I can’t open the chest, it isn’t like opening the chest myself would be anything different if the system gave me the items... just a thought.
    Also, I don’t know about other higher levels like myself as to how many shards they have or am I just the rare one who doesn’t spend mine because I rarely any of the gadgets in lobby, but like and use the effects and particles, I have so many shards already that I can’t possibly spend them up especially since i cannot open the imperial crates. Getting more is just going to be more.... so .... why can’t we give or gift shards to another player, but anonymously. I have seen many players who would like a pet and can’t because the crate they opened when they get enough shards didn’t include them getting a pet or morph. Where I could either donate shards or a crate to a player without them knowing it was me who gifted them... just a thought. Right now i am able to do so by getting party bombs and throwing them for players to collect the shards. Plus at some point updating the cosmetics, some are just not exciting to use like the paintball blaster.
    Lastly, when talking about displaying our level just like our rank is displayed, meaning both can be seen all of the time by everyone, I don’t agree. I don’t talk in game a lot because I don’t want to give away my level, it is no different than having rank and players tend to like to target those players who are higher leveled or have rank, I personally don’t want where I don’t have a say in what I want to have displayed. If you made it that there is a command to turn rank and level on and off then it wouldn’t matter players could choose for themselves what they want displayed and what they don’t. Just my thought on making me stand out more than I care to.
    Otherwise, this is a nice, very nice feature to the leveling system. Good Going!
    Posted Mar 14, 2019
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  16. Small Update

    While talking with the Update Ideas Crew and Staff members we have decided to remove the Crown Prestige for now. We have also update and changed to rewards around and i'll add those ASAP

    ~ GuardianInASuit | Your Bedrock Guardian ~
    --- Post updated ---
    This idea has been updated! Thank you so much @soulhardy so the hard work on this new updated rewards!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Mar 27, 2019
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  17. These rewards look quite balanced, and they definitely would make levelling up more interesting! It's great to see the alternance between shards and concrete gifts like crates, and gems stopping after a certain point which corresponds to where they start becoming a bit useless ;) . I like the achievements for achieving prestige too! Afaik (correct me if I'm wrong) titles aren't a thing on bedrock, so the mineplex-leveler track doesn't exist there. Achievements are a great alternative to it! Overall, I would think these rewards would fit nicely on bedrock!

    Posted Mar 29, 2019
  18. Hey!

    This seems like a cool idea to have on bedrock considering it's something that we have on Java. Rewarding players for their hard work is something that motivates players to keep playing to obtain those level rewards. As of now though this isn't something bedrock production is looking into doing at the moment. So for now, I will be marking this thread as Not Planned but I will keep this thread open for further discussion because this indeed could become a thing in the future.
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
  19. +1 for me.
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
  20. Hello!

    I like this idea, there could be a point for levels other than chat aesthetics. +1 from me!
    Posted Jun 3, 2019
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