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[Bedrock] How to fix servers not loading.

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by GuardianInASuit, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. [​IMG]

    Recently, a new Minecraft bug has appeared players outside of the United States and those with a custom language set have been experiencing issues with the Featured Server list not loading at all. To work around this issue, you need to switch your client language to English - US. You will need to restart your client, and in extreme cases reinstall the game, to clear your cache.
    How to switch your language

    Step 1:
    Select the setting button
    Step 2:
    Select the Language Button
    Step 3:
    Select the English (US) Button
    Step 4:
    Restart your Game
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
  2. I didn't have that problem, but thanks for helping out!
    Posted Jun 10, 2021
  3. Ohhhh this has actually happened to me three times. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling mc. Thanks guardian, this is actually really helpful!
    Posted Jun 10, 2021

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