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Bedrock BH: Extra nonexistent hider bug

Discussion in 'Block Hunt' started by TheNightWander, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. I've come to realize that the reason why the Radar tool acts wild (constant fast clicking) is because there's one hider left in the game that doesn't exist, meaning the hunters found all the hiders, but only in vain.

    Sometimes, that bug isn't there and the game is won fairly. But, more often than not, it does happen.

    EDIT [14/12/20]: As others have pointed out and from my experience, the pause menu initially worked well, but recently and many times that can get buggy. On top of that, there's also the hassle of counting the player menu in line with the hider/hunter counter for every match and that would waste valuable time for a time-sensitive game. Not to mention that occasionally you would have a player quit early and that can be a huge interference when counting.

    In my view, you can still hunt, but it will only be a gamble.
    Posted Oct 31, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 14, 2020
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  2. Sorry to hear about your experience, it is something that will be fixed. Unfortunately, I am unable to get an estimate of when, but it is something that we are aware of and will be fixed. In the meantime though, if you notice at the start of the game, that the count shown in the boss bar does not match the amount of players listed in the pause menu, that should be a indicator that you will most likely have a "ghost player". In that case, you can do /findgame and switch to another lobby. Sorry about the inconvenience!
    In the future, if you encounter any more bugs or issues, feel free to report them over at https://mineplex.com/bugs so that our Quality Assurance team can take a look and forward it over to the developers.
    Posted Oct 31, 2020
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  3. Thanks very much. The player count via pause menu is a very good suggestion. I can't believe I didn't consider that before.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Oct 31, 2020,
    Last edited Oct 31, 2020
  4. It doesnt matter anymore as it happens 100 percent of the time.
    Posted Nov 2, 2020
  5. Dad


    The player count via pause menu is what I have been going by until about an hour ago. I was in a party with a friend, playing block hunt. I was hunting and there was 1 hider left. I hit pause, counted the players. It was off by one...so, ghost hider? Nope, the person I was in a party with was not showing on the list of players in this game anywhere. Hiders won, but the "ghost hider" was standing right in front of me afterwards. They were the invisible/ghost hider. They were still there, playing the game but did not show up in the list of players. I checked that list 3x and am 100% positive they weren't showing up, but they were there. Ive seen the floating ghost hiders in plenty of games that actually weren't in the game but counted as a hider anyway, I've even seen a ghost hider floating that was somehow in ALL games of block hunt simultaneously (yep) and was throwing every game off. But this today gives me more confusions. :squint:
    Posted Nov 10, 2020
  6. Yeah, I seem to notice now that the pause menu suggestion doesn't seem to be working anymore as it used to. It seems that Block Hunt, as of this time, is now beneficial to hiders.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Nov 10, 2020,
    Last edited Dec 14, 2020
  7. Its a joke that this is still happening. It is literally the longest running bug Ive ever seen. Its still as bad as its ever been.

    Oh hey thanks Mineplex for the much needed escape during this cr*p quarantine.
    Posted Nov 19, 2020,
    Last edited Nov 23, 2020
  8. Yes I see the update that was posted after this. Thank you Mineplex it all sounds good.
    Posted Nov 20, 2020

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