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Bedrock - advices and fixes to be able to play on Mineplex

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by SupremaVivo, Jul 25, 2022.

  1. Hello,

    Maybe you're someone who just discovered Mineplex Bedrock, in that case welcome ! It is a server which contains a lot of potential, but you have to know there is one big issue : many bugs and issues are still not fixed for now months or even years. I even made a 3-pages document about it. The main problem that got told many times is the fact there is not enough developers for Bedrock, after that the community witnessed a lot of arguments back and forth about the matter.

    In front of this, I said to myself hey, why not giving a hand to players moreover new, so they can be able to enjoy the server a little more ? So here are the maximum tip juice for you all, here we go !

    1. I can't connect to Mineplex, or the servers says "Failed to connect !", or many times for Creative Housing "Sorry, the server was not found, does it exist ?"

    Answer : use a VPN ! It's stands for Virtual Private Network, and allows you to basically make a relay to show you're connecting somewhere else in the world. Mineplex Bedrock bandwith is so special that from France, I have to use a VPN to be able to play on the server. On my side, I tried VPN Avast, but didn't work well recently ; I turned to NordVPN to connect to New York, and it works really well so far. Just know you'll maybe need a bit of money to make it run (like Discord says, "bandwith doesn't grow on trees"). And in case of you wonder, yes VPN are allowed to be used in this server.

    2. I'm stuck in mid-air when joining a game !

    Answer : Mineplex has some troubles loading chunks. Either wait until the game starts, or restart MC (because you'll crash if you attempt to do /hub).

    3. It's lagging heck a lot in Creative Housing, my houses are not saved or even gone !

    Answer : the system Mineplex put is just making the files struggle to keep up with time, and as a result that's why it crashes, and makes houses not saved or randomly gone. To be able to build something in CH, you can apply several tips : when it begins to lag too much, or regularly, do /hub and wait a bit before coming back so it can save properly into the server. After that, pray (yes, literally pray) that the house is not gone randomly. Sorry folks... we do our best, so you're aware of the situation.

    4. Others seems to not see what I type in chat !

    Answer : because Mineplex chat filter is special, we never know when we are randomly ghost-muted. To be sure your message went through correctly, I have now a (nasty ?) habit : I type the message, send it, then do up to repeat the message and send it again. If the chat says something like "too similar", all good it passed. If the message is repeated, it means it didn't pass. And if it happens too often, type "test" twice : if it appears twice in a row without "too similar" message, it means you are ghost-muted. To get out of a ghost-mute, type every number from 1 to 40, then try typing "test" twice again to see if it worked, it will do the trick.

    Other stuff :

    - DON'T try to party for Creative Housing : often will make players who come from elsewhere to see the error "Player has no plot pending" and having to leave the server.
    - can't see hiders in Block Hunt : downgrade MC Version, post here : https://www.mineplex.com/threads/bedrock-block-hunt-cant-see-hiders-heres-the-fix-for-ya-all.233609/
    - can't go around chests in CH : downgrade to 1.12.1 like for Block Hunt "hiders again" trick
    - starving in CH : bug that can happen rarely, try to get out and come back from the house
    - blue statue is gone in CH : type /hub and try to come back if you're owner of the house to make it appear again
    - griefers in CH : nothing we can do about, just DON'T GIVE BUILDER OR ADMIN RANDOMLY !!
    - hackers in game not caught : antihack needs to be improved, meanwhile you can report them at https://www.mineplex.com/reports
    - friendlist says friend is online when not : bug
    - particles are wrong : bug
    Posted Jul 25, 2022,
    Last edited Aug 9, 2022
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  2. Thank you I found this really helpful!
    Posted Jul 26, 2022

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