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[Bedrock] A Mineplex Guide

Discussion in 'Mineplex Guides' started by GuardianInASuit, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    mco.mineplex.com | pe.mineplex.com

    Last Update: 6/25/22

    Welcome to the Mineplex Bedrock Guide! Here you can find all sorts of information about the Bedrock Server!



    Classic Arcade

    *Turf Wars

    There are two teams: the Red team and the Blue team. Players spawn in one of two sides of the map according to their team, in bases colored accordingly with their team color. Each team possesses turf lines split in the middle of said map, the amount of lines they have can vary according to what map they are playing on.


    You and a band of other unfortunate players are stuck on an island under siege by dragons! The dragons constantly swoop through the land, smashing through terrain and knocking players off of the map. Some maps, for instance, Caribbean Islands, have water as potential death points. Death from water is not instant, for it takes hearts away until you die, making it possible to escape from the water. Maps such as Sky Village have the Void. Once a player hits the Void they will die instantly, making it harder to escape. You can either die by landing in the water, falling in the Void, or from fall damage

    *Micro Battles

    Small game, big strategy! Four teams are divided into separate parts of the map and only one will remain. Gather blocks to help you build up the tower or to help barricade yourself but be careful, the map crumbles around the map and will destroy everything in its way. Using your pvp skills fight off the other 3 teams until yours is the only one standing. Watch out for the lava that divides the map as it could be used as a strategy to help you win the game. This game although simple requires strategy and tactics in order to win the game.

    *Bomb Lobbers

    Coming Soon

    Creative Housing

    Love Building? Build anything you want to with friends or visit other houses. Find parkour, mazes, roleplay and more!

    Survival Mode
    (Season 2)

    Normal Survival but with friends! Claim some land and get to building! Don't Forget to create a home!


    Join either the Hunters or the Hiders in this hide and seek-based minigame! The Hunters will be forced to work together to find the Hiders hidden around the map as various blocks and animals! While they start off severely outnumbered, any Hider eliminated by a Hunter will be converted onto the Hunters' team! Finding as many hidden players as quickly as possible is key to winning for the Hunters. However, the Hiders aren't defenseless, they are armed with an axe and a bow, so hiders can launch their own counter-attack. While their weapons are weaker than those of the Hunters, the more damage they do with their bow, the stronger their axe will become! So hide or fight, the choice is yours!

    CakeWars (Solos, Duo and Squads)

    Winner winner cake for dinner! Winner winner cake for dinner! Protect your cake at all costs and do not let the enemy team eat it. Buy better gear and weapons from capturing the points on the middle and side islands to help you gain more resources to defeat your enemy. Once your cake is eaten, you are no longer able to respawn after death and if you die again, you are out of the game. Be careful when eating an enemies' cake as there might be a trap that could kill you. Keep an eye out for the random cake islands that spawn in as they contain a chest that will give you extra bonuses to help you win the game. Knock your enemies into the void with your PvP skills and taunt them while they fall into the void.

    SkyWars (Solos and Duos)

    Twelve islands high up in the sky and twelve players ready to battle it out. In this classic, fast-paced Minecraft game players spawn on small islands and have to navigate their way to a central island in the hope of finding powerful loot! Be careful though, as you'll have to build over the open sky, leaving yourself open to anyone looking to knock you off for an easier game! You'll have some additional tools at your disposal though depending on the kit you choose! Summon rings of fire, make bridges of ice, or throw blocks at unsuspecting foes! Do whatever it takes to be the last one in the sky.

    Master Builders

    Channel your inner-building skills and go crazy in this build-off style minigame! You'll be given five minutes to build anything you feel fits within the given theme, so throw some blocks down quickly in an attempt to create your own masterpiece! At the end of the build timer, players will be able to vote on one another's builds and whoever accumulates the most points will be crowned the victor! For those whose builds don't get enough votes, however, they'll be forced to watch their hard work explode!

    Speed Builders

    All players will be shown the same build on their 7x7x7 plot and have 10 seconds to view the build. Then, it disappears and the players have 40 seconds to build. Players will be given the exact number of blocks and spawn eggs needed. Builds that are recreated perfectly will be announced in chat. When the timer runs out, all players will be switched to Spectator mode. Then, Gwen the Guardian will scan all builds and the player's score as a percentage will appear. A perfect build can be achieved by placing all blocks correctly (100% score). Gwen the Guardian will shoot the least accurate build (or builds) with her laser, making it explode. The last player alive wins.

    Mob Arena

    In this action-packed arena fighter, you'll be teamed up with other players and left to defend yourselves against powerful waves of monsters! Fight your way through increasingly difficult waves that both grow in size and bring new types of monsters to fight off. Whether it be zombies, skeletons, or powerful bosses you'll need to work with your team to safely get through each round. Use the gold you'll gain by slaying monsters to buy increasingly more powerful gear to aid you through the later waves as they grow more perilous! Don't fret if you die however, you'll be brought back after each round if any of your teammates manage to survive the wave. How far can you make it together? Team up with other players to fight your way through increasingly difficult waves of monsters, using the gold they drop to buy stronger gear to help you out!


    Limited Time Games

    Castle Defence

    Coming Soon


    Coming Soon

    Merry Mayhem

    Coming Soon

    CakeWars Mega

    Coming Soon


    Carl the Creeper

    The friendly creeper everyone knows and loves is located on the Bedrock Server as well! You can locate him right behind the spawn point! Bedrock Carl is quite similar to the Java Carl.

    Fun fact: We used to have Carl's Family on the Bedrock server

    Daily and Monthly Rewards
    Monthly Rewards

    Knight - 1 Royal Crate
    Lord/Lady - 3 Royal Crates
    Duke/Duchess - 5 Royale Crates
    VIP+ - 5 Royale Crates

    Talk to carl to collect your Daily and Monthly Reards



    We currently have Four crates on the bedrock server.

    The Crates are:

    - Noble 10000 Shards

    - Royal 20000 Shard

    - Imperial 30000 Shard

    - Trick or Treat Bag 20000 Shards

    You can open the crates from one of the 2 opening pads. There are two crate opening spots to the left and right of where you spawn

    Note: You can no longer buy crates from the marketplace


    To Enable/Disable a Cosmetics item you have two choices of getting to it. One is talking to Carl the Creeper and the other is using the paper in your hot bar. When you click Carl the Creeper or Paper a UI (User interface) will pop up with all the Cosmetic Items. If you click on a category a list of the items you can unlock will pop up an item with a closed lock means you have not unlocked the item yet and an item with an open lock means you have unlocked it and you are free to use it if you wish.

    Cosmetic Types

    Leap Effects

    Leap Effects are the particles that occur under you when you leap, this occurs when you either leap in a lobby or use a leaper kit in a game that has one. These particles are unique and are a cool cosmetic you can show off at your next play session with your friends!


    Morphs are a unique type of cosmetics, compared to many cosmetics many morphs give you special features! For example, the Ghast morph allows you to fly in the lobby and the Pig morph allows you to dash faster than the speed of sound! On your screen, you won't see much of a difference, but on the screens of others, they'll see a unique difference. Why be a plain old player when you can be a bat! C:

    Death Animations

    Death Animations are quite similar to leap effects, but rather than being activated when someone leaps, it occurs when a person sadly dies and loses. Why be like everybody else? Make your death unique, show them that it isn't the last time they heard of you the PvP master.


    Well, you might be wondering what's cooler than just having a fantastic death animation or an astonishing leap effect. Well, you guessed it, a full-time particle effect! Now that's something that you can show off to your friends! The particle effect is an effect on you that follow your every movement,


    What are costumes? Well, they're custom models that you were that generally look cool. You can get these on the marketplace.


    What are Outfits? Well, they're gearing that you were that generally looks cool, but more importantly, many of them have set abilities! What are set abilities you might be wondering? We'll set abilities are special abilities that unlock when you equip an entire costume set.


    Gadgets are unique equipable cosmetics that tend to be one-time use but allow you to do something cool. One of those includes the ethereal pearl, it allows you to teleport around the map similar to the way ender pearls would allow you to do. Although they are onetime use, they are generally a common item that you'll find in most treasure chests.

    Arrow Trails

    Arrow trails are trails of particles that follow your arrow shots in any games that require you to shoot from a bow but Factions. Arrow Trails are a cool cosmetic that you should definitely check out!


    Aww, pets, they're cute pets that follow you around. You can make them more unique to you by renaming them using /rename. Pets are one of my personal favorite cosmetics, you should definitely check pets out!


    (In-Game Store)
    Everything on the Marketplace requires you to have MineCoins Which is the In-game currency for Minecraft Bedrock!
    You can access the Mineplex Marketplace by going to the pause menu and clicking the "Mineplex Store" button.

    Custom Pets
    (All 400 MineCoins)
    PenPen the Penguin Pet
    Chow Chow Pet
    Unicorn Pet
    Corgi Pet
    Pug Pet
    Green Monkey Pet
    Baby Dragon Pet
    Turkey Pet
    Retro Robot Pet
    Hot Dog Pet
    Axolotl In A Bucket Pet
    Cool Banana Pet
    Caky Pet
    Space Dog Pet
    Explorer Frog Pet
    Dolphin Pet
    White Weiner Dog Pet
    White Corgi Pet
    Kangaroo Pet
    Teddy The Bear Pet
    Mother Claus Pet
    Nut Cracker Pet
    Rudolph the Reindeer Pet
    Elf Pet
    Ginger Bread Pet
    Snowman Pet
    Santa Claus Pet
    Wiener-Dog Pet
    New Years Rocket Pet
    Hot Dog Pet
    Cupid The Creeper Pet
    Husky Pet
    Cool Corgi Pet
    Jack in a box Pet
    Thug Pug Pet
    Slime Cat Pet
    Flying Spider Pet
    JellyFish Pet
    Fire Whelping Pet
    Toucan Pet

    (235 Mine Coins)
    Giftbox Pet
    Teddy the Bear Pet


    (All 400 Mine Coins)
    Ice Fury Dragon
    Emperor Doge
    SpringBlossom Dragon
    Flameforged Dragon
    Sleepy Sloth
    King of the Jungle

    Creative Housing
    (All 310 MineCoins)
    Floating Suburbs Theme
    Advertisement Token

    Furniture Set
    (All 400 Mine Coins)
    School Furniture Set
    Christmas Furniture Set
    Outdoor Furniture Set
    Halloween Furniture Set
    Kitchen Furniture Set
    Living Room Furniture Set
    Gardening Furniture Set
    Bedrock Furniture Set
    Bathroom Furniture Set

    Network Amplifiers

    You can pick ANY game but Survival and Housing to give double XP and Gems to for one hour.

    Network Amplifiers cost:

    - Network Amplifier x1 400 MineCoins

    - Network Amplifier x3 990 MineCoins

    - Network Amplifier x5 1340 MineCoins

    Mob Arena

    Respawn Tokens
    x1 - ???
    x3 - 145 MineCoins
    x5 - 1690 MineCoins

    Rage Attacks
    x1 - ???
    x3 - ???
    x5 - 1690 MineCoins

    Treasure Party Poppers

    Treasure Party Poppers can be found in crates and bought on the Mineplex Pause menu store for 310 MineCoins.

    When you throw the Party Popper it will say in chat {username} has thrown a party popper. It will start to shoot out shards for around 30 Seconds for everyone to pick up and gain Shards. The user who throws it does not lose any shards

    Note: you can't buy these from mineplex.com/shop you can only buy them from the pause menu In-game


    Purchasable Ranks
    You can get these via the marketplace

    Knight Price: 830 MineCoins

    - Light aqua KNIGHT prefix
    - 1x Monthly Royal Crate
    - 50% shard bonus
    - Have up to 8 players in a party
    - Exclusive cosmetics
    - 50 Friend Spots

    Lord/Lady Price: 1690 MineCoins

    Lord / Lady:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Green LORD / LADY prefix
    - 3x Monthly Royal Crates
    - 100% shard bonus
    - Have up to 12 players in a party
    - Exclusive cosmetics
    - 100 Friend Spots

    Duke/Duchess Price: 3480 MineCoins

    Duke / Duchess:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    - Light purple DUKE / DUCHESS prefix
    - 5x Monthly Royal Crates
    - 150% shard bonus
    - Have up to 16 players in a party
    - 10 Exclusive cosmetics
    - 150 Friend Spots

    - Cyan VIP+ prefix
    - All Duke/Duchess Perks
    - Rainbow Chat [/rainbow]
    - 1x Monthly AMP
    2x Monthly Treasure Bombs
    - Exclusive pet
    - 250 Friend Spots
    - Flight in Lobbies [/fly]
    - Access to VIP+ Games

    Staff Ranks
    Want to apply for Bedrock Trainee? go to apply.mineplex.com to get started!

    Trainee is the earliest rank of the Mineplex staff rank system. They assist Moderators with their activities. They gain access to punish for severity 1 offense and a few other miscellaneous moderation commands. There are many of them due to server size and are split into two groups; on average, 3-10 US and EU Trainees are accepted biweekly.

    Being a Moderator grants the player more tools to maintain order on Mineplex than a Trainee has; they have the ability to punish rule-breakers for severity 1, 2, 3, and 4 offenses. They also no longer require evidence for most punishments.

    Moderators get things such as teleportation (useful in lobbies), all punishment severities, the option to apply for more sub-teams, and a lot more.

    Senior Moderators are almost identical to Moderators, only that Senior Moderators are split into eight teams which specialize in maintaining and helping a specific sector of Mineplex.
    To achieve the Senior Moderator rank, one must be a Moderator and have shown an exceptional job at doing what they do, and when a position is open, they may apply to a team of their interest. Alternatively, leaders of said teams may recruit members with no application necessary. Depending on the team they oversee, Admins will review the applicants and choose who is best for the role. Once achieved, the player earns the orange SR MOD tag. On forums, they will also receive the tag of their respective team on the forums.

    Developers, also known as the Development Team, Dev Team, or simply Devs, create most of the content found in Mineplex. Developers are one of the very few staff members that are paid to code as a full-time job on Mineplex; as such, all normal Developers are 16+. Most Developers are also part of the design team which is in charge of designing new games, cosmetics, etc.

    Admins, short for Administrators, carry on responsibilities similar to that of the Owners of Mineplex, except they mostly lead the sub-divisions of Senior Moderators. However, Admins don't always lead their respective Senior Moderator team, though they mostly do. This position earns the player the dark red ADMIN tag.

    Community Ranks

    QA Rank

    The QA rank is the rank given to qa/t members so they are able to efficiently test on the server

    Stream Rank

    The Stream rank is the rank given to Streamers who have applied and been accepted to the CC Program.

    YT/YouTube Rank

    The YT/YouTube rank is the rank given to Streamers who have applied and been accepted to the CC Program.

    Event Rank
    The Event rank is the rank given to Event Squad members.

    Note: Want to apply for Stream/YouTube Rank? Check here!


    Friends System

    Our friend's system on Bedrock is somewhat glitchy at times BUT! We love it! Adding a friend on Bedrock is somewhat different as the command is /friend add {username} and on Java is it just /friend {username}. Another thing we have on bedrock is /ftp {Friends name} where you can TP to your friend's lobby. Many players do not know we have this command.

    PLEASE NOTE: The friend's system does from time to time go down.


    Preferences Menu

    There is also a Mineplex Setting button located in the settings of Minecraft! When you go into your settings category, you should see “Settings” beside the Mineplex icon. Go ahead and choose this category! In this section, you will see that you are actually able to change your in-game rank (if you bought them)! Also, get this, if you are lagging a lot, try switching down your particle level located once again in the “Settings” button of Mineplex. Last but not least, you have the ability to turn off/on things. These consist of: Public Chat, Private Messages, Hub Player Visibility, Party Invites, Auto Join Next Game, Incoming Friend Request, Friends Visibility, and Friends Notifications! You may mess around with these settings to your likings! You can use /menu to change your language and some other small things. Don't see the settings page? Check out this helpful video here



    To link your bedrock account to the new website you first need to

    -Visit https://mineplex.com/link/ to get your code then

    - Copy your code it should look something like /link xxx-xxx-xxx

    - Go in-game and paste /link xxx-xxx-xxx in chat and press enter.

    You should get a message saying you were linked if you don't wait a couple of minutes and try again



    Friend Commands
    /f or /friend - General friends command
    /friend add [ign] - Adds someone as your friend
    /friend remove [ign] - Removes someone as your friend
    /friend limit - shows you how many more friends you can have
    /friend requests - shows outgoing friend requests you send
    /friend teleport [ign] - Teleport to a friends server

    Party Commands
    /party or /z - General party command
    /party invite [ign] - Invites players to the party
    /party leave - leaves the party
    /party accept [ign] - Accepts a party invite
    /party leader [ign] - Promotes player to party leader
    /party remove [ign] - Removes player from the party

    General Commands
    /server - Tells you what server you are in
    /commands - Shows server commands
    /ignore [ign] Ignores players in chat [doesn't work]

    Cosmetic Commands
    /cosmetics - Shows all owned cosmetics
    /activate [cosmetic name] - activates cosmetic
    /deactivate [cosmetic name] - deactivates cosmetic


    If you find any errors please PM me ASAP

    Please don't report any bugs here. You can report them over at www.mineplex.com/bugs

    Want to apply for Bedrock Trainee? go to apply.mineplex.com to get started!

    Thanks to the bedrock Staff team for checking over all this information!​
    Posted Nov 7, 2018,
    Last edited Nov 18, 2022
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  2. Great guide, very informative and well structured, this will definitely help the newer players and even myself as i've been trying out bedrock recently and it has been a little confusing for me.
    Posted Nov 7, 2018
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  3. TimmyP


    U should add that tricks dont do anything yet.

    because you gave a lotttt out on halloween
    Posted Nov 7, 2018
  4. Great guide! and congratulations to you. I read the guide in the hope of finding something I did not know, but it seems like I know everything.
    But I'm sure it will help many players who are getting to know Mineplex Bedrock. Continue with the excellent work that you and the staff have been doing on the server, I am very proud to see how the Bedrock network has grown from 2016 to here!
    Infinite congratulations to you!!!

    Posted Nov 7, 2018
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  5. Hey!

    I have to say, I am extremely impressed with this Mineplex bedrock guide!
    It's extremely detailed, contains heaps of useful information such as the games, ranks, rank perks, and other additional information.
    One thing that I do suggest is that you put your categories/topics in spoilers, making things much neater therefore, allowing you to quickly find what you need to.

    Overall, really nice guide and thank you for sharing it with us!

    - Slow
    Posted Nov 9, 2018
  6. Hey!
    This guide is extremely helpful, and Bedrock players will take a lot of use out of this! As a player who just started to try out bedrock, it helped me a ton!
    Posted Nov 9, 2018
  7. Hello @MPGwenGuardian ,

    This is quite the thread you've got there. Great work!

    Posted Nov 9, 2018
  8. This needs to be put where it stays as an easy to get to page.
    --- Post updated ---
    Also, great work on this Gwen! A lot of hard work went into this and it's greatly appreciated
    Posted Nov 9, 2018
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  9. Does Bedrock have a party system? If so, you should explain it in the thread.
    Posted Nov 11, 2018
  10. Update: 1/14/18
    • Game rooms removed
    • Removed "Creative Housing" as new game
    • Added Pen Pen and Pug pet to marketplace list
    • Removed "Join Random Game" NPC

      If i missed anything please comment and tell me!
    --- Post updated ---
    Update: 4/11/10
    • Added Rank Tags
    • Revamped Staff rank desc.
    • Made things look a lot nicer
    • Removed broken images
    • Added Chow Chow Pet

      If i missed anything please comment and tell me!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 11, 2019
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  11. Wow. This is really good. I bet you spent a lot of time on that. Hopefully, this becomes an Official post. That would be epic.
    Posted Apr 15, 2019
  12. I just have a question, for this group, are you allowed to post Bedrock suggestions for games, or other stuff, for this group, it's Bedrock anyways.
    Posted Apr 16, 2019
  13. Hey

    As someone who's dabbled on Bedrock a few times and doesn't know much at all, this is an incredibly helpful guide! I'm planning to start playing Bedrock a bit more now that I've read this. I really didn't understand a thing but now I'm getting there haha. As someone who's been playing on Java for almost 5 years, I can certify this guide as helpful!

    I do have one suggestion- just say how you can get Minecoins because, uhm, I don't know and I want to know ;o;
    Posted Apr 16, 2019
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  14. You get MineCoins by
    - Going to the pause menu
    - Clicking on "Mineplex Store"
    - up in the right corner there should be a buy button.
    --- Post updated ---
    We allow users to post in the Bedrock Players Forums. Feel free to share your ideas there and then post them in the Ideas forum section.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 16, 2019
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    Posted Apr 19, 2019
  16. Update: 4/30/10
    • Added Marketplace Section
    • Updated where you can locate Carl

    • If i missed anything please comment and tell me!
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Apr 30, 2019
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  17. Guide Changelog 2/18/20
    - SkyBlock Beta
    - Turkey Pet
    - Retro Robot Pet
    - School Furniture Set​
    - Christmas Furniture Set
    - Fairies Skins​
    - 70s Fashion Skins
    - Dolls Skins
    - Earth Explorers Skins
    - Arctic Wildlife Skins
    - Derpy Vs Cool: Animals Skins
    - 90s Fashion Skins
    - Winter Fashion Skins
    - Skins of the Year 2020 Skins
    - Farm Animals Skins
    - Winter Festivities Skins
    - Fall Fashion Skins
    - Frozen Kingdom Skins
    - Animal Sleepover Skins
    - Reptiles Skins
    - Teen Skaters Skins
    - Northern Woods Wildlife Skins
    - Zombie Teen Fashion Skins
    - Creepy Costumes Skins
    - Wedding Fashion Skins
    - Music Festival Skins
    - Medieval Court Skins
    - Cute Pixel Animals Skins
    - Off to College Skins
    - Back to School Skins
    - Color Block Outfits Skins
    - Dragon Riders Skins
    - Rainbow Fashion Skins
    - Graser Bots Skins
    - Airport Workers Skins
    - Freedom Skins
    - Summer Vacation Skins
    - Teen Fashion Skins
    - Fish Life Skins
    - Floral Fashion Skins
    - Summer Fashion Skins
    - Cops and Crims Skins
    - Skins of the Year Skins
    - Privates Life Skins
    - Wizards Skins
    - Professions Skins
    - Weather Skins​

    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 28, 2020
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  18. Hey!

    This is a very informative guide and I have rarely played the Bedrock edition. On the contrary, I have been playing on Java for several years and have never engaged in Multiplayer on Bedrock. My experience on these platforms is limited to survival worlds that I always give up on after a while! This definitely heightens my desire to try it out and of course I would love to see what I am missing out on, given the high praise awarded to the Bedrock edition that Java does not always receive. With a higher player count and gameplay that does its best to equal Java's, there is no excuse for having never given it a go!

    I'm curious about Minecoins as well. I'm aware that you can purchase them on the Mineplex store, but are there other ways to obtain them other than spending money? It would be helpful to include information such as the ability to participate in giveaways, etc. where you can acquire them if so. I have a limited understanding of the Marketplace so further clarification on this would be great. It would also prove useful, and quite interesting, if you contrasted the Bedrock edition with Java in some cases, such as explaining the unique features only available on Bedrock while some are exclusive to Java. If you're not sure, it would be cool to see some collaboration!

    Overall, this will definitely help a lot of players who are just getting started and I hope to see it receiving more recognition over the next while. Thanks for creating it and keep up the work ethic!
    Posted Feb 28, 2020
  19. Thank you for making this guide!

    Ever since I noticed that I could get Minecraft Bedrock for free, I have always wanted to play on the bedrock server for Mineplex, but I haven't really been taught on how everything works there and so on, so this thread will definitely be helpful for me as a new player to Bedrock.

    Thanks once again!
    Posted Feb 28, 2020
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  20. Maybe add small descriptions of the games in spoilers or something? Like if it's PvE, PvP, both, and then a mini description on what that game is/what you do in that game.
    Question: What do the *'s mean on some games?

    Also, added this thread to the Mineplex Guides Hub as it seems pretty useful.
    Posted Mar 18, 2020

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