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[Bedrock] A CakeWars Update

Discussion in 'Bedrock Ideas' started by GuardianInASuit, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. CakeWars is one of the largest games on Mineplex Bedrock. It gets played by thousands daily. Players have been requesting updates for it. New Content, New Modes and just overall a QoL update. This thread is an Update idea for the Game.

    Request from the community
    CakeWars Solo

    CakeWars solo has been highly requested by the Java and Bedrock Community. I think it would be nice to remove Duo's and replace it with Solo's Nothing else would change about CakeWars. Each team will just have one player on a team.

    Price of Arrows changed to 8
    Players just really hate the price of the arrow currently. I think it would be nice to change the price from 12 to 8. This would also encourage the use of archery more to make for interesting gameplay.

    Better Shop UI
    Currently, the Shop UI makes it where you have to scroll to find the items you are looking for. I think it would be nice to have sub-sections
    Blocks - has all the Blocks
    Weapons - has all the Weapons
    Armor - has all the Armor
    Misc - has all the random/misc items
    Upgrades - has all the Nether Star Upgrades

    These would be inside of one NPC instead of 3

    Items Drop on Final kill
    Currently, if you kill a player that has Bricks, Emeralds, and Stars on them they don't drop. It would be nice to get these items on a final kill.

    An easier way to tell when the Cake is eaten
    This is mainly just a very slight QoL change, adding a public title for all players and a sound would just spice things up a bit.

    Sounds on item Purchase
    When purchasing an item, a little sound would play. Once again just to spice things up and keep players interested.

    Cake Sound when eating
    Making the cake sound actually play when eating the cake would seem more realistic and as if the cake is actually being eaten

    Island Decay
    After 25 Minutes the world will start to decay away and cause players to be pushed to the middle.

    New Kit
    Frosting - Receive 1 snowball every 6 seconds with a maximum of 3. *Achievements Kit*

    New Upgrade: Healing Station
    8 stars for tier 1
    12 stars for tier 2
    Gives the team a regeneration buff around the cake.

    Cake Dinners - Win 100 games of Cake Wars
    Cake Slayer - Kill 1000 players in Cake Wars
    Greedy - Eat a whole cake
    Cold Baked Killer - Get 10 First Bloods
    You call that a challenge - Win a game without dying
    I <3 Capture Points - Own all beacons for your team in one game​
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  2. *Bedrock player

    I really agree with all these ideas. Another thing I feel like that can be added is making an Iron Pickaxe cost 5 bricks only. (I’m not sure if it cost 8 bricks for the Java edition since I play BR.) As a rusher in CakeWars, I find it annoying rushing a base finding out that the cake is defended with endstone/clay. However, I can agree to the people who protect their cake with endstone and clay are smart. This is just my opinion and it is only 3 bricks less.
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  3. Hello

    i am personally against this idea since there is an archer kit and changing the arrow price would devalue the kit

    this would be more organized and would help new players around the shops and other servers have this.

    I dont see a change to the shops since the theme is suited to cake wars (if you know what i mean :) ) but if there were small changes to the shop to make navigating around easier this would be nice.

    I really like this idea, I mean its not like they are going to do anything with it lol.

    Maybe it could be deposited straight to the killers inventory because someone might swoop in and take the loot. Or it could be dropped on the floor if was kill assits.

    I would love for this to be implemented, but with some changes, since if everyones cake is eaten if there is 3 v 3 and if you kill one person the other team does not stand a chance.

    This is also an idea i would love to see implemented but nothing too obnoxious, mabye something quiet to slightly alert you

    I personally do not like this idea.

    the goes against the theme of cake wars and has hidden implecations such as where would the generators be? where would the shops be?

    I do not want to see this added as this would ruin cake wars.

    Since this is in java i think that this would be fair to add this into bedrock, but to differentiate from archer this would have way less knockback and add 1 second of slowness should be implemented if this kit were to make it into the bedrock version of the game.

    I also made a post about this and i think this really should be added but for the whole island and would get more intense near the cake.

    Also i think 8 stars if to little maybe the first tier should be 12 stars and the next 20

    This would be great but id like to see some name changes in there and i think most of these are already in the game!

    In conclusion, I like some of these ideas but some wouldnt work with the game.
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  4. fix the way snowballs work before making a kit with them
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
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  5. Hey! Here’s my opinions on all these ideas as a Java and Bedrock player:

    Cake Wars Solo- I strongly disagree with this idea to be quite honest, I have seen this topic around the forums extremely often and its not sitting with me well due to the fact that it would replace the duos game mode. I’m all for having a solo game mode for Cake Wars, and I can understand why it would need to replace another game mode of the game since we need enough players for it but, I am a huge duos lover and main it more than I do with standard, I find it a lot harder, more competitive, and super fun most importantly so, if this idea was added I definitely would be disappointed along with many other players that I know.

    Price of Arrows- I think this is a great idea/suggestion, I use a bow quite frequently in the game and its something I really enjoy but the price of arrows can limit a player. I think 12 is extremely expensive for only a few amount of arrows and isn’t fair to a player’s game at all so, I think reducing the price to 8 would be perfect.

    Better Shop UI- I’m all for this idea, I definitely think this change is needed on the Bedrock platform so that it can allow players to access all their needs a lot quicker than it is now.

    Items Drop on Final Kill- I’ve seen this idea quite a bit recently too and I honestly was strongly against this idea at first because I believe it would make Cake Wars more like Survival Games or Sky Wars however, I think that making it so where you only receive the loot from final kill is fair since it wouldn’t be repetitive if it was each time you killed somebody.

    Easier to Tell When Cake Is Being Eaten (and Cake Sound)- This is a super small change but I definitely think this is necessary in my opinion. The Java platform already has this feature and it really is a game changer when you can hear the cake being eaten so that you aren’t being snuck up on.

    Sounds on Item Purchase- I really don’t have much of an opinion on this one, I don’t think its needed by like you have mentioned, it would just spice things up a bit in game.

    Island Decay- I agree with this idea since it’s similar to the Java platform’s border and bats. This concept really allows the game to move faster and more intense, it’s a real game changer on the Java platform and I think it’s necessary to add onto the Bedrock server. Without the border and bats (on Java), players are able to keep stacking forever and can hide, making it impossible for a game to end which is extremely frustrating so this suggestion really would make a huge difference.

    New Kit- I don’t have much to say on this, like I said, I’m definitely a huge Java player as well and this is my favorite kit to use personally, it really gives a player a new aspect to the game and a different strategy and pvp method to use. I also love how it’s an achievement kit since it does allow a player to have many combos, I think it definitely should be earned to use it.

    New Healing Upgrade- I absolutely love using this upgrade on Java, and for the same prices as well. This is an extremely helpful feature and can allow players to have an advantage when their cake is being eaten. It is especially helpful when the players trying to eat your cake have better armor/weapons then you, which gives you a better shot at winning in my opinion.

    Achievements- I don’t have much to say on this, again, it’s super similar to Java’s achievements, just not as many but, I think this is a really good list for Bedrock players and it’ll be quite fun for them to start earning these and it’ll be a nice way to test it all out just having a few achievements to complete.
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  6. All of these ideas are interesting, but completely pointless if hackers continue to dominate the game.
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  7. I think most of this is a great idea and should be implemented. One thing I'm not so sure about is the solo replacing duos. I'm sure that there are plenty of players that would quit if duos was removed. So, I think solo should be added, just not replacing duos. Everything else I agree with, +1!
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  8. All in all, I believe many of the features you suggested could make a great addition to Cake Wars. Many of the things you've suggested have been long time concerns for players, and seeing a Mod respond to one of these Update Idea threads is somewhat hopeful. While most of the items on the list are good, some I believe would degrade player experience.

    CakeWars Solo

    While I love the idea of adding a solo mode for more competitive matches, replacing it with Duos doesn't sit well with me. I usually play Duos because I like the challenge of defeating 7 other teams, and I like being on my own team. (It's very frustrating when you have a teammate that hoards resources.) Duos are also a great way for me and my friends to be on the same team. Removing duos just to add Solo is just a weird suggestion. Why not keep both? -1

    Price of Arrows changed to 8
    I agree with this. It's a nice change, especially since arrows are extremely expensive. +0.5

    Better Shop UI
    You mentioned having only 1 NPC, and having shop sections instead of 3 separate shops. I don't agree with this change at all. Try going to the Galaxite server and try using the UI. It's an absolute mess. It's hard to navigate for new players, it takes forever to grab blocks or any tool, and it's clunky and not well organized. Having only 1 menu with 3 npcs is a good solution to this. (While on Java, because chests are used as the UI, having three NPCs is actually a little bit impractical.) -0.5

    Items Drop on Final kill
    Having a player's items drop upon death when the cake is gone is a great addition. +1

    An easier way to tell when the Cake is eaten
    You mentioned 2 things. A message for all players and a sound effect. Let's start with the message. It would be incredibly annoying to have a giant text banner appear whenever a cake is eaten for all teams. Imagine a duos game, where there is 8 teams. It's just impractical. Besides, when a cake is eaten, it's displayed in chat. Instead of flashing text at everyone, let's try to improve the chat itself. Instead of saying <"Blue's cake was eaten. They can no longer respawn,"> you can say <"Blue's cake was eaten by Player1!"> (bolded).

    A sound for the cake being eaten would be nice. + 0.5

    Sounds on item Purchase
    Sounds on item purchase would be nice if it was a quiet chime. +1

    Island Decay
    I don't agree with this suggestion. Having the world decay would get rid of shops and generators, ruining incentive to capture points and go after other cakes. Instead of having the world decay to prevent people who hide to tie the game, give each player a compass (or the option to purchase one in the shop) that points to the other player's destination, like in SkyWars. -1

    New Kit
    The Frosting Kit in Bedrock would be nice... if we had achievements. +1

    New Upgrade: Healing Station
    A healing station may sound like a good idea at first, but it creates really boring and slow gameplay. In a game like Hypixel's bedwars, a heal pool is OK, because the beds take minimal time to destroy. However, in Cake Wars, the cakes take time to eat, and having a heal pool incentivizes camping and hiding. Two things that hurt Cake Wars on Bedrock badly. -0.5

    I feel that achievements are very much needed. +1

    Thanks for reading this lengthy post. You have some good ideas, and you could bring other good ideas to other gamemodes too. Good job.
    Posted Aug 4, 2020
  9. Just to leave a note, when Guardian and I thought of the ideas for the potential CW update, not all of them are 100% needed or are important for gameplay reasons. For example, ideas like the sounds on item purchase or cake sound actually playing are just small QoL changes that I believe would improve the general experience of the game.

    However, I believe the ideas presented would benefit the game in all different ways, feel free to leave your feedback on the thread though!
    Posted Aug 6, 2020
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  10. Ehh, I'm still iffy on this idea. Don't get me wrong, I love both Cakewars Duos and Cakewars Solos, but I cannot see one replacing the other, why? While cakewars standard is fairly good to grind in, especially with a party of 4, you're not always going to have 2 or 3 friends to play with. Now, even grinding with one other person still gets you wins in a pretty decent amount of time, but with Duos it's way easier to do that. Since the party system was fixed. you're likely going to be on the same team as your party member, if both of you are really good you can finish the game way faster than a standard game would take, which is extremely good when grinding. As for Solos, could you do the same thing? Yeah, probably even faster, it's definitely going to be a very easy and fast way to get wins if you're on a grind. It's also nice because you can play against a friend if you so choose to. Solo's would be an amazing addition in my opinion, I'm all for adding it, as long as Cakewars Duos stays. If you look at the comparisons I made, it has a lot of things Solo's does not have, and vise versa. So +1 on adding Cakewars Solos, but only if Duos were to stay.

    I strongly agree with this. I myself, usually play using the archer kit, I find it can be very useful to have, especially since I'm pretty good at arching. But I also find myself using the warrior kit at times, because it does have some pretty nice features that do pose a large purpose sometimes. Whenever I use that kit, I'm fairly happy with the results that come from it, but I do find myself missing the abilities of the archer kit. Although I can easily purchase a bow and some arrows, I'll admit I never do, simply because of the fact that the arrow price is very high. I'd definitely find myself purchasing them if the price is decreased though.

    I don't really have much to say on this, 100% think this should be added. It's sort of a pain having to scroll through all the different sections to find the item you're looking for, although since I play the game often that's not much of an issue for me, I can see it being one for newer players though. I've pondered as to why the shop is arranged as it is, I think the more user-friendly and sensible option is to add this.

    I'm not sure why this doesn't already exist, Skywars has it, so did Survival Games when it was still around for the Bedrock platform. It would for sure be a nice addition, since it's somewhat of a reward for killing a player, it's also convenient to have as you won't have to go back and forth to the shop as much. Additionally, I find it to be very realistic and suitable for Cakewars, would really add an extra spin on the game, which I feel it needs.

    Yep, agree with this too. This feature is super helpful on Java, as it definitely is another way to alert you when someone is at your cake, other than traps. I feel like you're sort of blind on Bedrock as to telling when someone is about to eat your cake, unless you see them coming, or have purchased a trap. While it would make it harder to eat a cake and more easier to protect it, I feel like that's the perfect combination and how it should be.

    Why not? That's definitely more interesting than the normal clicking sound you receive upon purchasing an item.

    This is for sure something I'd want to see added, as it's a huge help when knowing if someone is at your cake. Like you mentioned, it also gives it the aspect of being more realistic.

    I really like this feature on Java, it's a good way to eliminate anyone who might be camping - since there is currently no compass in cakewars. It's often frustrating to run into campers and have to waste a majority of your time searching for them, which can often lead to the game running out of time. I'd think games would take less time too, which makes for a better experience when playing the game.

    I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one, mainly because I don't quite like the frosting kit on Java - it can be very annoying at times, being knocked off a bridge, etc., it can be a bit overpowered on Java so I don't see it looking too good on Bedrock. As it wouldn't be too user-friendly for mobile players, honestly it would make the game even more unbalanced than it already is, with all the different types of platforms.

    Not sure how I feel about this idea, yeah it would be nice to have if someone is raiding your base, but it would be a huge advantage to have over someone. Seems like a little overpowered in my opinion, as it would devalue the PVP aspect of the game.

    I'm all for this, Bedrock doesn't have much achievements to begin with, so I'm not opposed to adding a few more. Especially since I feel achievements greatly encourage some people to play the game and continue playing it, now that's not me personally, but it's always nice to have a sense of accomplishment after doing something.
    Posted Aug 9, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 16, 2020
  11. Three things I disagree with here. Those of which are frosting, island decay, and a Healing Station. Like @xGetRekted has said, Frosting is known to by an annoying kit on java, especially if you’re a skilled a player and are able to know what you are doing. However, since bedrock is comprised of Xbox, Mobile, and PC players, wielding and playing with this kit could turn out to be difficult, especially for PE players. Overall I think this kit adds a play style that isn’t suitable for majority of the playerbase, even if it is an achievement kit.

    The second is Island decay. While yes it does help when it comes to players hiding around the map, it also sort of rushes you as well, and if you’re in a 2v1, or 3v1 situation, you won’t be able to do much when everything is closing on you. I’d say adding a compass solves the solution when it comes to hidden players.

    Lastly, a healing station adds a bit more challenge to the game. Similar sort of reasoning as to why frosting should not be added. If teams are stacked up on resources, it’s gonna be very difficult for other teams to try to eat each other’s cakes, and the games could end up being longer than usual. Would this effect go away when the cake is eaten?
    Posted Aug 9, 2020
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