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In Discussion Battle Pets

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by kim_crazy, Mar 26, 2020.


Have you guys ever played Pokemon before?

  1. Of course, who hasn’t?

  2. Sadly, no :(

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  1. This would be a permanent game where you keep your progress.

    Overall Idea
    It’s kind of like pokemon, where it would be a turn based rpg. You will use your pets that you’ve obtained in your cosmetics and each pet will have a different skill. A pet could have a maximum of 3 skills.
    ex: Pig
    Crispy Bacon- Sets opposing pet of fire, halving their physical attack and dealing 8 hp each turn
    Mud Slide- Crashes into opponent with high speed using the mud to accelerate, deals 20 dmg
    Tackle- Deals 12 dmg

    It could also hold items such as flags, hats, and balloons.
    ex: Emerald Block Balloon- Gives +50 Hp to the user
    American Flag- A surge of freedom sparks within you. 25% to hit twice in 1 turn.
    Love Hat- You are irresistible. When opponents attack you, they have a 30% chance to be in infatuated.
    All 3 items could be held at once, but you can’t double up like hold 2 flags.

    You will climb a tower which a npc or multiple npc on each level. You must beat the npc(s) to progress on further. As you progress through the tower, it gets more difficult. Every 10 Levels, there will be a boss with a decent gap from the previous level. You can check the leaderboards to see who has progressed the farthest so far.

    Of course if you don’t want to climb the tower, or get bored of it, you can fight online opponents. There will be a npc that q’s you to a 1v1 battle where you will be randomly matched with someone. If you win a match, you will gain more elo, losing means a decrease in your elo. As you gain more elo, you will be q’d with someone with a similar elo to yours. Fighting a party member will not affect elo. There will be a time limit between each turn: 30 seconds. If you have not yet made a move, the computer will randomly select one.

    Every level beaten in the tower will earn you a reward, and as the difficulty gets higher, you will obtain better rewards.
    ex: Level 1 rewards (300 xp 100 gems 50 shards)
    Level 7 rewards (900 xp 600 gems 300 shards)
    There will be exclusive rewards as well for boss levels.
    ex: Level 50 rewards (Particles, 20,000 xp 10,000 gems 5,000 shards)
    Pvp rewards would just act as a regular game like ssm (xp, gem, shards). But if you are on the leaderboards for elo, you will be granted something special by the end of every season. A season lasts 4 months.
    ex: 1st place- Special Pet, 5 Omega Chests, Special Title
    2nd place- Special Pet, Special title, 3 Omega Chests
    Top 3 will earn a special pet, 4th-10th do not, but they will still earn a special title.

    This isn’t something game changing. Each trainer will get a plot to build something and they could spend gems to get a bigger plot, and you can place your pets in the plot where they can roam around. Players can visit each other’s plot to see what everyone has built. Thought it would be a little fun implement.

    Some Concerns
    I know that the devs are working on some big project right now, and have their hands occupied. The implement of this game will be a-lot of work and will take a while.
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
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  2. What a creative idea for a game! I think this idea is very unique and it would be fun to play in. However, I think this could fit better if this was added to a seasonal game. As you mentioned speaking of the "Plextower", you would need to climb a tower, and it will get harder the further you get.

    To me, this could be some kind of a boss on each "level" of the tower. And, when we're speaking of "bosses" then we're talking about a seasonal game.

    This would be a big and advanced game compared to the other regular Mineplex has, so we would definitely need to put this into a seasonal game. I don't know if that was the purpose of this game, but it would be best. And I think some things would need to change then. For example, we would need to remove the 1v1 battles with another player. In a seasonal game, there would be a group of 4 players with different pets, and then the players need to use their pets to beat the bosses.

    So overall, it would be great in a seasonal game, and I'll give it a +1
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
  3. I feel like this would be a very cool game, but should not be a seasonal game. Just because there are bosses in it doesn't mean it has to be a seasonal game (there are bosses in clans, for example). I think having the ability to play 1v1 or against the plex tower would make a great game, +1.
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
  4. Well by seeing that you had to go to a tower and go through different "levels" of difficulties, I thought it would be better to transfer this game into a seasonal game. If it's going to be a regular game at Mineplex, a few changes need to be done.

    And also, it's just my personal opinion :)
    Posted Mar 26, 2020
  5. Hey!

    This game looks very fun! I like how it is related to Pokémon which is one of my favorite games. Having other cosmetics that are with Mineplex on your pets which leads it to having healing items and such is a great idea. PlexTower seems like a good way to play this game. Going up a tower and having a boss every ten levels is nice. Though for what you said the rewards are when you hit level 50, 20k XP, 10k gems, 5k shards, the level has to have some difficulty because that is a good amount of XP and gems. I suggest to make gems lower and xp to about 15k, but it all depends on how hard that level is. For the rewards on PvP, first place should definitely not get five omega chest, maybe 3 and second gets 1. In my opinion, five is just too much. But the special pet and title is a nice reward. Of course, Mineplex is going to have to develop new titles/pets if this was going to be added. Unless the title and/or pet is the only title/pet you'll get.

    Now Islands would be a fun addition. And another way to spend gems which is good. Also, developers would probably have to add more pets for this game, it would just be better if there were more selections. And how many pets can you have on a team? I would say six since this is related to Pokémon. Seasons in the game is not need either, since this game is already going to take a while to develop and I think it'd just be more fun without seasons.

    Overall, I like this idea of the game and with some changes, it would be a great Pokémon styled game. I give this a +1!
    Posted Mar 26, 2020

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