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[Weekly Event] Battle Against Charlie's Cavern | 7:00 | EU

Discussion in 'Events' started by EmmaLie, Dec 18, 2018.

Added to Events Calendar for dates: 12/23/18
  1. [​IMG]

    Battle Against Charlie's Cavern Event

    Hello there! Welcome to another one of our 12 Days Of Christmas marathon Event, Battle Against Charlie's Cavern, hosted by the Mineplex Event Squad team. For more information about us, please visit this link. Throughout the Event, there'll be countless of mob fights, as well as prizes to be won!

    Information & Guidelines:
    • This cavern is large. It's built so that you aren't able to do it by yourself, teamwork makes the dreamwork!! Within the cavern, you're able to destroy certain types of blocks but you'll only be able to place snow.
    • Throughout this entire cavern, there are mob spawners. Don't worry, they don't spawn any mobs but it's an indication for Event Hosts on where to spawn them. Break the spawners to reduce the number of mobs being spawned at you. There will be 3 sacrificial tombs somewhere within the cavern. If you do indeed sacrifice yourself, notify an Event Host before doing so. You'll receive a Mythical Chest for your sacrifice, a total of 3 are to be earned.
    • Block place and block break will be disabled at certain times during the Event itself, so don't freak out if you're unable to build since it's an intended feature of this map. There are power-ups for your gear when you reach a shrine. If you reach a shrine, you'll receive a prize, but only 1 prize per shrine, except for the final shrine where a total of 5 prizes are up for grabs.
    • All Mineplex Rules still apply, if you don't know them, please visit this link. Map Exploiting is not allowed, things like block glitching will be prohibited and doing such will result in a removal from the Event.

    The Event will be on the 23rd December 2018, at 2:00pm EST. /server EVENT-1 in order to join when the Event starts. Good luck and have fun!

    If you have any questions, please leave a message to this thread, or message anyone of the Events Team listed below:

    Thread Created By: @Surved

    Hosts: @Block2Block , @xVanessa , @Evgeen , @SimplyBrandon , @DanielW231, @Surved
    Posted Dec 18, 2018
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  2. You will sure see me there @EmmaLie :wink: :wink: ;)
    Posted Dec 18, 2018
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  3. Oooh this looks fun! Hope I can make it to the event!
    Posted Dec 18, 2018
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