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Balancing Champions

Discussion in 'Champions' started by helicas, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Hi, today I would like to present my approach to balancing this game.

    This kit isn't as bad as people make it out to be, since assassins should win most 1v1s and do horribly in team battles, which they usually do. However, I think illusion and smoke bomb gives way too many free hits, which means that even skilled players will find it difficult to beat. To fix this, Illusion shouldn't let the user move at all while using it. This means that people who are skilled enough to remember where the assassin was before they used illusion can consistently beat assassin.
    We all have problems with void. However, decreasing its tankyness would likely make it useless, so I think that it should simply consume more mana, meaning that the user will have to make sure they have a full mana bar before fighting.
    Vengeance is simply too powerful, and will almost always win you fights, so I think it should only increase damage by 0.25 (+0.25 per level) since the enemy last hit you so that the enemy has to hit you 4 times instead of 2 times to get the full damage (leave the cap alone).
    Hilt smash is crazy powerful at high levels, so simply capping it at a lower level such as 4 or 3 could really help with this. If not, simply decrease the damage it does.
    Level Field is almost useless, and vengeance or fortitude is 99% always a better choice, so I think it should go back to being a passive ability.
    Ranger in general can hold its ground too well against heavy armor kits, so I think it should deal 30% less melee knockback to compensate. This doesn't make it useless to melee with, since people who are skilled enough can still take out opponents.
    Napalm Shot can shred through any armor and can take out entire health bars effortlessly, so I think it should release less flames to remedy this issue since the fire won't last as long.
    Longshot does WAY too much damage at a WAY to short of a distance, so I think its scaling should start a set distance in front of the player like it used to, and possibly remove its cooldown. This means that it becomes a passive ability again, yes, but it shouldnt consistently kill assassins in one shot from 20 blocks away.
    Decrease maximum scale by 2, so longshot 3 scales +1 damage very 5 blocks, meaning you need to be 60 blocks away to do +12 damage per shot, which I think is near perfect.
    I also have a problem with heavy arrows, but I think people are going to get mad at me for this, so all I am going to say is make it not be able to be used when slowed so heavy arrows people can't just have a get out of jail free card at their constant disposal.
    Block Toss needs a severe nerf in damage, enough said. It's a ranged ability with very short cooldown and high damage and knockback, which makes it a little too good at what it does. Decrease damage by 4 or 5.
    Takedown does too much damage, which makes it a bit too good at 1v1 situations, which I don't think is brute's purpose, I thought it was more of a crowd control class given bloodlust, overwhelm, intimidation, etc. So decrease damage by 4.
    Colossus is another get out of jail free card, so simply remove it's "no knockback when sneaking" ability.

    These are my suggestions to balancing this game. If you feel I am wrong or have missed something, go right ahead and respond, but please be open-minded. I will ignore people who defend their favorite ability just for the sake of defending it. And please note that none of this is official, I am simply another Champions player who wants to see the game flourish.

    Edited once, change ranger taking 30% less melee knockback to dealing 30% less knockback.
    Posted Feb 21, 2020,
    Last edited Feb 21, 2020
  2. I personally think assassin is too op because of the illusion.
    Posted Feb 21, 2020
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  3. No? That's just...wrong.

    Generally that's considered an advantage.
    Posted Feb 21, 2020
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  4. How so? I'd say Assassin is a solitary class. For example, in a 2v2, 2 assassins vs 2 of any other class, I'd say the other classes are more likely to win if everyone has equal skill.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 21, 2020
  5. Vengeance is a fundamentally broken ability, needs a rework

    Balancing Hilt Smash by reducing the max level makes no sense, it's base or scaling damage should be adjusted instead

    Level Field also probably needs some sort of rework. I think the idea of making it an ability isn't a bad one, but it would have to be done in a way to where it no longer counts yourself as an ally, since that makes it effectively worthless in any situation other than maybe when using Hold Position

    This is a HUGE melee BUFF to the kit, not a nerf...

    Eh, I get your point on this, but I don't think Heavy Arrows is much of a concern honestly

    Neither of these I really see as problems, the damage generally isn't an issue, and they honestly aren't even that commonly used in the first place. I think they are largely fine as is (though I might suggest some other changes to how Takedown functions with jumping, but thats a lot more minor IMO).
    Posted Feb 21, 2020
  6. Assassin isn't really supposed to be a 1v1 class. It's supposed to deal a fair amount of damage or be a supporting actor in teamfights, and pressure Rangers (and Mages depending on what the Mage is running). It should just lose most 1v1s with a Knight or a Brute.
    Posted Feb 21, 2020
  7. I disagree. Abilities like evade are meant to avoid damage, and from what I've seen, assassin commonly kills brutes and knights.
    I agree actually. I think I meant that ranger should deal less knockback, not take less.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Feb 21, 2020
  8. Yeah, which isn't really supposed to happen.
    Posted Feb 21, 2020
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  9. Playing Clans, I can first-hand say that assassin is in a place where it has a very difficult time killing brutes, knights, and other tanks. We have a mixed class meta with Assassins as support classes and the game is generally very well balanced for us, for the first time in a long time. Ofc there are issues, but hey.

    Anyways I agree with Fall, Clans is meant to support its teammates not pick fights/be the aggressor. The fact it can do that is an issue, one which we've rectified in Clans but if dev time permits hopefully will also be fixed within Champions.
    Posted Feb 21, 2020
  10. I diagree heavy with the Mage Void nerf
    Posted Feb 23, 2020
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  11. I don't think this would make much of a change since "Illusion Tapping"(Making a quick 360 when tapping right-click) would still be effective. It would still make illusion effective if the player didn't know where the assassin was originally. However, I do like this idea and if Illusion is added back to the mix of CCL and clans, this could bring counterplay for kits like a ranger. Obviously the gameplay is much different in the Champions Competitive League(CCL) to Clans, but I feel like such an idea could be tested out to balance the skill out.

    I personally feel like Void is at a perfect state and shouldn't be adjusted or else Mage would be really useless, other than for its uses with arctic armor. Void can easily be countered since he is such a static target. For example, archery can counter his skill as well as dwarf toss. Simply nerfing this skill could easily kill the kit.
    I am very reluctant to talk about the state of the Ranger kit, but I do agree that the kit could be tuned down a bit. I don't think killing Longshot will help, but rather nerfing the easier skills like Napalm could work out. In my opinion, what makes rangers valuable is their skill in shooting long-distance shots, and that brings counterplay to other kits such as assassin and mage. It definitely takes skill to one-shot an Assasin at such a long distance, and this makes the assassin-ranger duels more balanced since a lot of counterplay can happen from both kits.

    Personally being a player of Champions Dominate for a long time, I feel like there are some skills that are being overlooked and some skills are still in need of work. I do like your suggestions for balancing the game, but considering how often they would update Champions, I don't think some of these changes are necessary.
    Posted Mar 3, 2020

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