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"Axes-spam" (like BowSpam)

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by hiro9ptcl, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. In Mineplex Survival Games, we can throw axes like eggs. This is very awesome, we can have ranged weapons easily without finding both bow, and some arrow.

    But I realized that we can throw axes with no delay. In PC we can defeat enemies (almost) instantly by spamming axes by right clicking rapidly while rolling mouse wheel; so I thought Axes are actually stronger than Sword.
    (Note: Full golden armor player can be defeated by throwing 5 or 6 iron axes. )
    Why not to solve this? I have some idea to solve:

    1. Set thrown axes damage lower (-1 or -2)
    Not to set axes damage lower, but set "thrown" axes damage lower a bit. This is easy to implement.
    2. Set delay for throwing axe or Adjust damage by time the player thrown an axe last time
    Maybe, difficult to implement but I recommend this. If we have delay, players who use bow or melee weapons can attack axe-thrower easily.
    or, adjust damage like 1.9 Java. Throw rapidly, deal only few damage. Throw slowly, deal much damage.
    3. No knockback by thrown axes
    I don't recommend this. But with no knockback, melee players can attack axe-thrower easily.
    Posted Jan 15, 2019
  2. if this was implemented hell would break loose and I would quit the server immediately. axeman can only throw axes (actually takes getting used too) axeman is only strong when you know how to use it properly and when u actually get a good inv full of axes. and even when I spam axes it doesn't completely kill the opponent a huge majority of the time. having no knockback on axes is just plain stupid there's literally no reason. ive personally fought skilled axeman with other kits like archer and easily destroyed them. compared to other kits axeman is only useful when u actually have axes, therefore, its balanced on top of that you only come by wooden and maybe stone axes often but realistically you only have a good hot bar of axes at the end of the game 90 percent of the time. taking away damage from axes kind of beats the point of axeman in general and would completely nerf it in general especially with no knockback. with skill, you can overcome anything and axeman is one of them. it's not difficult to kill skilled axeman. actually going through with this idea would leave axeman useless. things like archer and horseman actually need to be nerfed. archer is actual aids and horseman is literally the most ridiculous class and shouldn't even exist imo. the delay axeman had before it got un nerfed was very irritating because using axeman took 2 times more skill to use the class efficiently and it deemed axeman useless for me and i nearly quit mineplex all together. this idea is pretty bad so maybe talk about nerfing the classes that actually need to be nerfed
    Posted Jan 15, 2019
  3. You're right. Axeman is the ONLY one, with no axe it is completely no use -- Thanks for your idea.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Jan 16, 2019
  4. I think on Java there's a cooldown to the axe throws, either 1.5 to 2 seconds delay each throw. But I'll check on the cooldowns for axe throwing for both platforms to compare
    Posted Jan 16, 2019

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