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Assassin Smoke Bomb Suggestion

Discussion in 'Clans' started by KyloRen1010, Apr 22, 2019.


Is this idea worthy of implementation or is this idea useless?

  1. Good Idea! This should be implemented!

  2. Bad Idea! Assassin is too weak as is...

    0 vote(s)
  1. In clans, I find it nearly impossible to defeat an assassin with any kit other than assassin or ranger. You can be teamed on and comboed extremely fast - no matter what tank kit, you can be bow spammed, you can be silenced, and you can run for hundreds of blocks without ever catching the assassin. Of all the abilities, however, I do believe smoke bomb should be nerfed in one way: hitting while in invisible. I am not aware if this is intended or not, but I cannot hit an assassin if they are invisible - even for one second or for ten seconds. This is different from illusion glitching in that some players have been smoke bombing immediately after de-blinking and are getting 3 or 4 hit combos while invid. Thus, I suggest changing the smoke bomb ability to play like this:

    By activating smoke bomb, you cannot deal any damage while invisible (like a spectator). Instead of hitting the opponent to deactivate smoke bomb, force them to drop the weapon a second time. This should render the illusion glitch useless and I also believe it would be an even better balance than an increased cooldown time.
    Posted Apr 22, 2019
  2. While someone is in smoke-bomb, they're invulnerable to melee attacks but vulnerable to things like projectiles & AoE damage -- the assassin is revealed when they're hit by such attacks. That feature is intentional

    For the first part of your nerf proposal; the downside to hitting whilst in smoke-bomb should be you get revealed, unfortunately due to extra invisible frames and thus free hits which you mentioned earlier, this drawback isn't nearly as effective as it should be. I'd rather not remove all damage whilst in smoke-bomb since that first hit can be useful for sneak attacks & offensive utility, it's just the extra invisibility frames that make the skill too powerful

    QA & GI have stressed the importance of patching the invisibility frames among the free-roaming illusion glitch, so maybe those will get addressed in a potential S6/Champs hot-fix if we're lucky (don't quote me on this)

    I'm not too entirely sure what the second part of your nerf proposal is about
    Posted Apr 22, 2019

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