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Assassin Kit REWORK/BUFF

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Aaron., Aug 23, 2020.


What do you think of the rework/buff idea?

Poll closed Aug 30, 2020.
  1. Really neat idea and it seems balanced to be in-game.

  2. Really neat idea but it's going to need tweaks/balances.

  3. Not interested in the idea.

  1. Heyo!

    I've recently been playing Survival Games again to reach 1k wins and I've noticed the lack the of balance in a good deal of kits and I plan on getting through all of them but for this post I'm focusing solely on Assassin. I hardly see any players use this kit and I'm not surprised at all because the kit is hardly useful or appealing. Currently, to be effective with this kit you have to be pretty good at PvP and know how to sneak around the map. One major issue of the kit is how that it's practically useless during endgame since "Backstab" is the only real strength in the kit. The idea I've presented below is to buff the Assassin kit to make it on par with the better kits in Survival Games.

    Assassin Defintion: A killer that slays their enemies through a surprise attack.

    The following is a rework to Assassin kit but I'm also making changes to what the kit currently has.

    - Grants the passive Tracker. Receive the Assassin's Compass 10s after the game starts (Goes to slot 8). Unlike the current Assassin's compass, this one will tell you the location of the nearest player updated in real-time. Basically, this is a Spectator Compass.
    - Grants the passive Stealth. Your username is hidden while out of combat (You go out of combat when not attacking after 5s). This use to be a feature for the kit and I don't understand why it was removed since it makes the kit more sneaky which is supposed to be the case.
    - Grants the passive Swifter Kills. Every kill you get increases your movement speed by +1%. There is no limit to this either. I don't believe there needs to be one. With the addition of this skill, Assassin suddenly becomes useful in endgame fights now.

    Give me feedback on this rework! Do you like or hate this idea? Just make sure to comment below so I can read and respond to your thoughts.

    If you vote "Not interested in the idea" please state why or your vote will be ignored.

    In my remake of Assassin I removed backstab because I felt like the tradeoffs I've presented here already made the kit good enough. But that's just me.
    Posted Aug 23, 2020,
    Last edited Aug 23, 2020
  2. good kit proposals as always but i do have some tweaks that need to be noted. i voted not interested because as an assassin main, i love backstab and its the trademark of the kit. i also like the fall damage reduction, it's saved me so many times and the new assassin as of the most recent survival games update is the best version of assassin thus far.

    as far as each skill proposed:

    tracker - 100% agree, the compass should be a spectator compass OR a tracking compass with unlimited uses, making assassin a killer kit rather than a kit with 1v1 potential persay. this is something i definitely want to see implemented in the next sg update.

    stealth - i don't necessarily have a problem with it but it also isn't as useful as it seems on paper. most players use tracking compasses to find each other, and if a person wants to be hidden that badly, they could just shift to hide their name. i think mineplex realized this and replaced this passive with break fall because it's a much more useful and practical passive.

    swifter kills - now this is something that i unfortunately have a big problem with. i appreciate you trying to make it balanced by making it 1% speed increase only, but i personally would not like to see any version of speed in mineplex survival games. speed was once in survival games when beacons could be used and it was a very overpowered function to abuse in 1v1's. i personally would not like to see any version of speed implemented as it can and will give an extreme unprecedented advantage to assassins post kill.

    i really like assassin in its current form but would absolutely like to see your ability proposal TRACKER implemented. this will give assassin the minor buff it needs to compete with other kits in the meta. while it may never necessarily get the 1v1 potential it needs, making it a high kill kit instead will be the perfect trade off allowing for people who want kills over wins to perform just as well.
    Posted Aug 24, 2020
  3. Hey,

    So the biggest issue I have with Assassin kit was that the kit offers no bonus during general 1v1s and offers no bonus during deathmatch. The point of getting a buff every kill was an idea I thought off of Necromancer and it would be fair because you would need at least 10 kills to really make a difference in a fight. Sacrificing backstab for Swifter Kills was a better alternative because Backstab was totally useless in even-skilled 1v1s and was generally useless unless you went to clean a guy who was looking through the items of the player they just killed. I removed the fall damage reduction perk because Stealth made more sense for an Assassin kit and with the removal of backstab it would still hypothetically give you a damage advantage since you could sneak up on enemies easier landing the first hit. I have an alternative for Assassin if you still don't see eye to eye with me. But @ me in the #gi-sg channel in disc.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Aug 24, 2020
  4. I agree with Josh.
    Posted Aug 24, 2020

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