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Assassin Kit Change v1.1

Discussion in 'Survival Games' started by Aaron., Sep 1, 2020.


What do you think of this Assassin Kit?

Poll closed Sep 8, 2020.
  1. Great!

  2. Fair.

  3. Poor and I'll explain why or my choice means nothing.

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  1. Hey,

    So I've gone ahead to change around all of my recent kit ideas and I'm going to post them again to gather more feedback! I'm also improved the format so it looks neater and cooler. This post is specifically talking about the Assassin Kit.

    Assassin v1.1

    Tracker (Buffed)
    - When the game begins, get the Assassin's Compass.
    - Assassin's Compass: A compass that displays the closest player updating in real-time. Basically it's a spectator compass.

    Stealth (New)
    - Your username is hidden while out of combat. When you deal damage your username is revealed and stays revealed until you're no longer in combat. You get out of combat after 5s of not dealing damage.
    - You cannot be tracked by players.

    Backstabber (No Change)
    - Attacking players while behind them will deal +2 damage.

    So I've decided to remove my "Swifter Kills" passive because even though I feel it is balanced, Backstab is a skill that must stay on this kit as it is the main trademark of this kit. I've implemented Stealth to better utilize Assassin's other passives so that the player can effectively succeed with this kit which doesn't work currently. Trading Stealth for reduced fall damage is the better alternative in my opinion. I believe now I'm done with this kit for good, if I got a chance to remake the Assassin kit, this would be exactly how it is.

    Strengths: Sneak attacks and tight areas.
    Weaknesses: Endgame and very open areas.
    Posted Sep 1, 2020,
    Last edited Sep 1, 2020
  2. I don’t know about not being able to be tracked by players. Maybe change it to being unable to be tracked by players while sneaking or standing still? Or sub in the fall damage passive instead? It seems to ruin a fundamental mechanic of SG. Otherwise, I like this idea.
    Posted Sep 2, 2020
  3. The point of an Asaassin is to be able to effectively sneak up on their opponent. If this may seem broke to you, it's not because Assassins's critical weakness is being out in the open and during Endgame where you're forced in the open and you have to 1v1
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 2, 2020
  4. I would rather have reduced fall damage in the end game than a compass nullification passive, but maybe that’s just me. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, though.
    Posted Sep 3, 2020
  5. I mean I'd like the ability to sneak up on the stacked opponent, kill them, then have the strongest gear over every player.
    OP OP
    OP OP Posted Sep 3, 2020
  6. Very interesting proposal as always.

    This is probably the most balanced assassin can get imo. I would very much like to main assassin but with the current kit meta there's no reason not to pick something like axeman/knight/barbarian. With this buff, you're still at a disadvantage in a 1v1 against those kits, however it's balanced out by having the ability to pick and choose when that 1v1 happens (excluding end game ofc), which I think is fantastic.

    That being said, this specific part of the stealth passive might need to be balanced a little bit. For one, it should be:

    You get out of combat after 5s of not dealing or taking damage

    Simple change, might've just been phrasing on your part since I think this is what not being in combat would be considered anyway, but I figured I'd bring it up anyway.
    On top of this, I think the combat timer could be longer, but I'm interested in hearing a case to keep it at 5 seconds.

    Bossitive covered this pretty well, but I'd just like to add that the downside of the kit is that it's essentially useless in end game, so the compass passive makes more sense than the fall damage one.

    Overall I think assassin would be in a very good place with these changes. Very clear upsides and downsides, etc. Well done.
    Posted Sep 3, 2020
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