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Archer Attack

Discussion in 'New Game Discussion' started by hitthecharacter, Jul 4, 2020.


Should Bow Chase be added?

  1. Yes!

    1 vote(s)
  2. No..

    3 vote(s)
  3. Meh..

    1 vote(s)
  1. A Minigame I wish would be added is a game that I made up back in 2013 called Bow Chase. The game is where you are placed on a platform with up to 10 other people, and whenever you kill someone, (they respawn) you get a better bow. (Power enchantment.) And whoever gets to the Power V bow (five) WINS. Also, the bows automatically have infinity on them. The kits would be Leaper, which gives you a feather so you can leap in the air to escape from stronger opponents, Spammer, which would let you spam 10 arrows every 30 seconds, Fighter, which lets you take 0.5 less damage from bows, and Minion Maniac, which lets you spawn skeletons which will attack your opponents on sight. The achievements that you can get are ‘Archer’ which you get by killing 50 people. (lifetime kills) Then after that, you can get Bow Master, which you get after killing 100 players. Then after THAT, you can get Champion of the Bow, which is when you kill 500 players. The other achievements you can get are ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!’ Which is when you win 10 times, and ‘Someone’s a Pro’ which is when you get 100 wins. The hardest achievement is called ‘Wicked’ which is where you kill 200 players in one day. So if any plugin devs/builders, or any other admin sees this, please tell me your opinion on this.
    Posted Jul 4, 2020
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  2. Hello <o/

    Your idea seems to similar to One in the Quiver (OITQ) for me. With the similarity of players being placed in a platform / map, and given bows to shoot each other, I simply don't believe there is enough leg room to create Bow Chase. Perhaps if the overall gameplay of the game can be tweaked quite a bit, then I will be able to provide some more feedback. Overall, I'll be giving this idea a -1.
    Posted Jul 21, 2020
  3. Hey!

    Like @Bobtroopo said, this game is pretty similar to One in the Quiver. I think this is quite a cool idea, although I just don't think the players are there. Most of the time QITQ has 0 players playing on their own, and I doubt this game would be much different from this. Because of the reasons I have stated, I will be giving this a -1
    Posted Jul 21, 2020
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  4. Heyo!

    I am trying to understand what this game is like. Yes, we do have One in the quiver, but the way you put it, didn't seem like it. I do love bowing, I don't bow as much as I used to. One in the quiver was a fun game for me, always enjoyed it! If the game is slightly different from what I think, I still don't see this game to be developed. I will give my input on them thought, to maybe have some improvement (:

    Platforms? This would not be fun if everyone is on a platform and arrows flying everywhere you look, next thing you know you are spawn killed because it's a platform. If you included a map, then all of it would be fine and more playable. Lots of room to run around and find players. The player count is up to 10, which is very low. I consider bumping this number so it's a great deal of more fun with more players!

    I see there is an upgrade per kill. The bow can easily kill players when up to those powers if the players didn't have armour. I would suggest armour of course if that's the case. So let's assume there is a leaderboard that ranks the players on how many kills they have to see who will get to 5 and whether you need to pick up speed and kill players faster. I see it as 5 being a really lower number. Considering how powerful these bows can be, it won't last long at all. This can be revised to up to 15 perhaps? Every 3 kills upgrade the bow power.

    The kits seem well explained and you get the idea of it. "Fighter" kit takes 0.5 less damage, so this isn't instant kill from a bow? Which is great, because if this was, the power enchants would not make any sense and make this exactly equivalent to One in the quiver! I do like that fighter doesn't have a weapon, because then again, we would be right back to One in the quiver.

    The achievements are great, I love how you added a tiered one so players can look forward to playing the game more! The only achievement that would be best to leave out is "Wicked". It's extreme and most likely won't be done so easily. As well since it's in "a day" I don't think this one should be added. Yes it is doable depending on how well the player count goes! I just rather not have it still and be an issue of normal players not getting it.

    So my final thoughts on this, I know I wrote a lot haha, but I have some belief in this game. Then again of how close it is to one of our games, it just doesn't seem like a fit on the server. You never know thought! I do wish you luck with this! +0.5 <3
    Posted Jul 22, 2020
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