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Application advices

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Bubi, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. Yup, thats me. I would like you to go back and read all of my original post, because I doubt that you did. I am not telling people to not reapply, I am stating that I myself wouldn’t. There is a difference in giving up and trying your best but not making the cut. It saddens me that I have to explain this. Plus, if you had a power outage, just tell whoever you need to tell, by whatever way possible, even if that means making a thread. I am sure they will probably be understanding. And a job ISN’T something you have to do for money, neccessarily. For example, would you say that volunteers at a 100% nonprofit organization are unemployed? I bet you wouldn’t. I also meant qualified as in has the neccessary requirements for the job, and not having past experience. I apologize for the misunderstanding.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  2. This bit of advice is really terrible to give someone. I was accepted as a trainee on my 7th try, just because you didn't get accepted the first time doesn't mean you'll never get it or that you aren't a good fit. Most of the staff members weren't accepted first try.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  3. Terrible huh? I said to try your best on the first try and you shouldn’t need more applications. The answer isn’t to ask multiple times for the job, its to do an outstanding job on the first application.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  4. You don't always get it the first time, that means you learn from it, and try again. After all, mistakes are only mistakes if you don't learn anything from them.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  5. This is just what I feel like personally, and frankly, I’m tired of arguing my point against 5 other people today. I personally feel like if I didnt get the position first try, I shouldn’t get it at all. I feel like this because I would do my best on the application, and leave no room for anything but a reject reason that is out of my control. I can’t say the same for others, but this is just me. I take things seriously and pour my effort into them.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  6. This really isn't the best advice. If becoming a Trainee (or really, any job) is something that you think is best for you and you know it's something you want to strive for, then giving up after one rejection isn't the answer. Recruiters give advice on each application - the advice wouldn't really be necessary if they allowed people to only apply once. My first time being staff warranted 10 or so applications - I wanted the position, and I didn't want to give up after just once. Plus, someone's first application could have been years prior - when they were younger, and their application probably wasn't the most detailed or grammatically correct.

    Not everyone's gonna get Trainee on their first try - if that's the case, and if they were really committed to getting the position, then they would take the recruiter's advice on their denied application and use it to work on another application.

    Applications aren't rejected without a reason, you are correct about that. However, the denial reason is supposed to help the applicant improve upon their next application. Furthermore, someone could have gotten rejected for, say, not enough IGT. It would be incredibly unfair to tell that person to never apply again, because they were rejected not for what was written in their application, but a basic requirement needed to even have the application considered. If Trainee is something that someone is really committed towards, then it's not fair to tell them to just give up after one rejection. Take the advice given to you by the recruiter, and try your best on your next application.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
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  7. I did - in your original post, you stated "If I were you, I wouldn’t reapply for the position if you get rejected. If you are fit for the job, you should get accepted on the first go-round." You are telling people to not reapply, not saying what you would do. If you were saying the latter, your sentence would go something like this "Personally, I wouldn't reapply for the position if I got rejected. If I was to be fit for the job, I should have gotten accepted on the first go-round." But instead, you bring other people into it.

    Volunteers at a non-profit organisation are definitely unemployed. Look up the term employment - it is completely separate from volunteering. Employment is defined as "the fact of someone being paid to work for a company or organization", while volunteering (at a non-profit organisation for an example) is defined as "time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain".

    I see what you mean about the qualified part now. However, it's also not that simple. For example, someone that has been demoted from the staff team before and is trying to apply again will most likely get demoted on their first application back. Chances are they aren't exactly ready again, but even if they are, Recruitment is inclined to deny them rather than immediately progress them to the next stage in order to test whether they are truly ready and dedicated enough to come back.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  8. @xUmbreon don’t players know the ingame time they need before they apply? That would be their responsibility to review. I believe I explained my thinking on another thread a few minutes ago, and will do my best to sum it up right here- I meant that I personally would be serious and put effort in to my application to the extent that I wouldn’t be able to justly be rejected unless it was on a reason that I couldn’t control. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

    @maevestarbaby do people who are working nonprofit get unemployment benefits?

    Also, I said “ if I were you “, which in context is me giving personal insight to the reader. I am sorry if you didn’t get that when reading it. Furthermore, I was assuming that the person had poured their heart into the application ( as I would ) and done everything possible to ensure that it would be accepted. I believe I am right in that respect- if you do all you can to ensure an accepted application, then there is nothing else you can do and therefore pointless to continue applying.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  9. edit: just realized we're being trolled, sorhu himself told me

    Thing is, everyone pours their heart into their application if they really want to be staff, which is true for most people applying. It's very true that you should use all your effort on the first try, but problem is that you're assuming that if you do that, then you're guaranteed to be accepted(which is not the case). You can be very suited for the position but not write your application in a way that expresses your personality and things about you in a multitude of ways and, ultimately, get denied. Additionally things like this go by the rule of the more staff the better, hence why I wouldn't call it competitive.

    The reason why you should keep applying if you still feel like you're suited for the position is that feedback from a denied application helps you think about how you can improve your application because you may not have thought about writing something important the first time around, which is known as revising, something important for the writing process, also why getting feedback from others is a good idea for revising. This paragraph assumes that you're already suited for the position(and the problem is how you wrote your application), and if you're not, then maybe take a long break from applying and improve yourself in real life and in other places, but you shouldn't decide that you blew it the first time and won't get it on your next ones.

    I'd say that getting advice from friends and family wouldn't help too much unless they know a lot about Mineplex. If it's okay to ask them for feedback, then why isn't using feedback from recruiters on your next application okay?

    Static requirements are all on you, I agree with you on that and putting a lot of effort in(your main point is that you should put in your best effort the first time, but how is the question). But how you write your application is just as important as being suited for the position, if not more important. Keep on revising and getting feedback if you believe that you have potential for the position.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 24, 2021
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  10. LMAOOO
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  11. Dude just take the hint, maybe you just gave bad advice??
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  12. I wouldn’t say so. I would say that this is great advice, but not everyone is likeminded.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  13. EDIT:we're being trolled lmao

    I feel like i get what you are saying, but i disagree. Because imagine you really want to get the position, but you get denied for "lack of depth" does that mean you should never apply ever again? nope. Rewrite your app, and add more depth. As the feeback implies. I feel like "if you dont get it on the fist go, dont ever reapply" goes against the point of the whole denial system. The denial system, and the feedback is there for a reason. Use it.

    Going a bit further into the app system, the interview. Imagine you are really nervous, and you miss out on some key details you wanted to mention, So you get denied. Just reapply! Train yourself to be less nervous! If we all gave up on the first go, we will never know what we could have acheived if we just tried once more.

    Another analogy: Imagine you're at school and you have to write a Mid-way history essay on the british empire. You go do the assesment, come back with a B because you forgot to mention what time period all the events occured. Now you know when you do the real assesment, you need to remember the time periods. You wont refuse to come to school anymore because you missed that detail in your exam. You learn from your mistakes. your original quote makes it seem like learning from your mistakes is not an option
    Posted Feb 23, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 23, 2021
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  14. I'm going to give some different advice, won't directly help with the application itself but I think it's still important. Make sure you're applying for the right reason and this is something you really want. Staff work can take up quite a lot of time and if you aren't on top of your schedule before applying it can get overwhelming really quickly.

    I also recommend taking time to get more deeply involved in the community, attend a couple of the events (karaoke is always fun), make some friends, I can't speak highly enough of community subteams (MTT, QAT and community council applications are open right now). They're a great way to meet people, learn more about the server and make a difference, they're great fun too). The community mentoring program is also a great way to increase your server knowledge and overall confidence on Mineplex!

    Hope this could help even just a little ^^
    Posted Feb 24, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 24, 2021
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  15. Hey,

    I returned to the Mineplex community in late December 2019 and was promoted to Trainee a little under three months later. I then remained on the staff team for about nine months and couldn't have enjoyed the work that I did more. I met so many amazing people, some of whom I'm still friendly with today, had the chance at a million different opportunities and made countless memories. So to preface this post I'd like to tell you that if you are truly motivated to put your best foot forward and be the best possible version of yourself on the staff team, then you should go ahead and apply. We'll all have left someday, but not without a unique experience we take away from it. Anyway, let's delve into some of the advice that helped me go from a keen, eager-to-help player to a staff member.

    Something that hasn't been mentioned yet is the importance of being honest. Maybe that's because it's obvious, and yes, while it might be obvious that you should not tell outright lies in your application, others might forget that too much exaggeration also means you're not being entirely truthful. The application is only the first step of the process - it's what forms an image of you in the Recruitment team's mind and leads them to say, "I want to interview this person and find out more about them". They want to speak to the person you have described in your application. So be honest about your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your positive and negative characteristics because you simply don't have time to be anything but honest when you're in an interview environment. Like I said, Recruitment want to speak to the version of you they read about, not someone who painted an inaccurate image of themselves to look good and no longer has a facade of words to hide behind.

    Community, community, community. It's incredibly important to be passionate about the players on Mineplex as they're the individuals whose questions you will be answering, whose DMs you will be responding to and those who might just wear your patience thin sometimes. Players can challenge you when you're a staff member, sure, but that will never prove too much of an obstacle if you're connected and appreciative of the community. They're what keeps the server running like clockwork: giving feedback, suggesting ideas, helping out others and whatnot. Interact with players in-game and on the forums; strike up a conversation with someone you haven't spoken to before. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Players can teach you so much about the network that you don't already know and they give you a reason to log on every day. This tip goes hand-in-hand with knowledge, really. Staying active on the forums is one of the best ways to keep up to date with current affairs on the network.

    Finally, for those of the opinion that you should not re-apply if you've been rejected on one occasion, just a personal note. I first applied for Trainee on a whim when I was 10 years old, clueless to everything you need to know when thinking of becoming a staff member. Again when I was 11, and when I was 12. I had such a sense of self-entitlement that I genuinely could not understand why I was rejected (despite the detailed reasoning I was given in PMs, but I didn't like that so I decided to ignore it). Then I emerged a few years later as someone who had matured, grown, developed, and most importantly, a person who could do it, and knew they were capable. Imagine I had given up after my initial attempt when I was 10 - where would I be now? Not writing this because I'd have no experience to write it from. Not recalling all the great times I had or reflecting on how much I grew as a person during my time as staff because I wouldn't have.

    As my signature will tell you, I'm all for people voicing what they believe in. But there's a difference between a harmless opinion and one that discourages others from trying again and succeeding. Please don't feel this way because if I had been of that mindset then I would have held myself back from so many opportunities. You might not be capable now if you were rejected, but you will be. It could be two weeks or two years - it doesn't matter. If you want it that much, you will be justly rewarded if you're willing to put in what it takes to get there.

    Best of luck to you on your application and I hope to see you succeed one day too. :)
    Posted Feb 24, 2021
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  16. Hey! I’ve never been staff on Mineplex but I can give a little advice as I’ve staffed other servers. While the Mineplex staff team is very professional on the exterior, it is a very friendly community, and emphasising on your skills in communication and other key skills such as friendship making and work ethic is exemplary to any staff team.

    Posted Feb 24, 2021

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