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Application advices

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by Bubi, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. Hello. I need some good advice for my next application. I read Becoming a Trainee and Becoming a Trainee 2 and I want to prepare more for my next application by having more knowledge and confidence.
    Posted Feb 21, 2021
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  2. just be yourself. i know that's a pretty common answer, but recruitment isn't looking for a robot, they have enough of those already.
    Posted Feb 21, 2021
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  3. In order to gain more knowledge about the server, I highly suggest reading over the rulebook for both the forums and in-game at www.mineplex.com/rules. In addition, I suggest trying all the various games as you will gain knowledge simply from experiencing all of the games first hand. In addition, if you still have more questions after reading the above documents feel free to contact a recruiter at www.mineplex.com/staff. My general advice for the application is to take your time on it and make sure you are explaining all of your thoughts thoroughly.
    Posted Feb 21, 2021
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  4. As Anna said, be yourself.

    Just make sure to follow all of the tips mentioned in the guide and on the application and structure it well. Don't pretend you are someone you're not. In general, you shouldn't ask for help writing an application anywhere especially on the forums as Recruitment will see this and get an opinion that you're unknowledgeable or unprepared. Being able to apply and do these kinds of things is an important quality, so keep your application-writing skills between you and recruiters only; don't publicise them.

    If you get denied, PM a Recruiter for more details and they can assist you a bit more for your next application
    Posted Feb 21, 2021
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  5. Something that I think is perceived as a given but not actually explicitly stated is that trainee applications should be a good reflection of who you as a person are. This means that they shouldn't be something you write overnight. Take a good amount of time (a couple of days to a week) to find a unique way to answer each question that shows who you are and what your personal interests in the network are.
    Posted Feb 21, 2021
  6. watch what u say and try to be as mature as possible
    Posted Feb 21, 2021
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  7. I think that the information of simply linking pages or telling you to be yourself are not exactly the best: sure, it is important, but that won't further your knowledge on what to prepare for.

    1. Make time: give yourself time to prepare for this duty - being a trainee is a time investment and it's not always a breeze. It is definitely fun, but during your observation phases you'll need to grind out customer service and SR's.
    2. Make sure you're helping people constantly, even before you apply. You want to show recruitment that you're a worthwhile asset to the team. Go and help people - and I mean proactively - do not let those in need find you, go find them and ask others if they need help. Hang out in lobbies and offer to answer questions or guide those who are new to the game, perhaps help a new player in CW with some achievements. The premise is that recruitment wants to see you being nice and facilitative; someone with 'marketable' customer service skills is easily identifiable as a good nomination for trainee.
    3. Do not become overbearing or annoying in your search to become a more helpful player. Sure, helping people is great, and you should be actively looking to help others, but do not push your luck so far as to become annoying or pestering to others. Be kind, be modest, and pay attention to how you act.
    4. Network. Networking is important even in real life. If you want a high-paying job you need connections and references. Get to know some of the mods just be nice and offer to play a few games or chat for some time. If you've got some interests in common you could even discuss those. Some friends on the team will always be a good way to learn about the position and further your knowledge.
    5. Know what you will write, and how you will write the application. Make sure the content answers the questions asked, and assure a good level of detail. Plentiful quality in writing and content will result in a good turnout. There isn't much to be said here - just be honest and make sure you plan out your application instead of writing it on-the-go.
    6. Prepare yourself for the interview. From what I understand, they do ask knowledge questions and they will be discussing your application. Just go over those two points and you should be fine. Please take this with a grain of salt, though, I've never applied for staff and don't know what the interview is like other than from second-hand accounts or what I'm told by staff.

    Be yourself, be honest, but be diligent and prove to recruitment that you're worth the choice. Being yourself is often mistaken as "I can just wing it and do whatever", but there needs to be a level of detail and quality to what you do. You must be proactive and you must be willing to invest a good chunk of time into this position.

    Good luck!
    Posted Feb 21, 2021
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  8. heyhey!

    Just be you! make sure you are passionate about applying for the role as the application process can be long and for some it gets boring. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the rules https://www.mineplex.com/rules . If you still have general concerns or issues, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the recruitment team on the forums!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Kehs <3
    Posted Feb 21, 2021
  9. Heyyy!

    It's great to see people who are passionate about applying for the Staff team, and wanting to improve their previous applications from past attempts. When I was on Recruitment I always loved to see people with true dedication to improvement so it is absolutely amazing that you are asking around to get all of the tips possible.

    The biggest tip I used to give applicants when I was a Recruiter last year, is be yourself. It's an extremely generic tip, I know, but it is one that basically guarantees your place on the Staff team. Recruitment look for authenticity in applicants. They want to know the real person behind the keyboard, and they are genuinely interested in getting to know you for you! If you're putting on a fake personality, then you just won't get onto the Staff team. In the application, interview and observation stage Recruitment are getting to know you as an applicant and looking for qualities in you that could be used as a Staff member. There are no certain qualities they look for, and I think that is a very common misconception and is the reason applicants often fake themselves to try and meet this non-existent criteria. All the recruitment process is for is to get to know the real you and nothing more.

    Another tip which somewhat links into the previous statement is you need to be very detailed within your application. Your application is your first chance to show the Recruiters who you are, why you should be Staff and why you want to be. Many people get rejected during application processing for not using enough detail in their application, which can be an issue as a Recruiter because they need to know enough about you to move you onto interviews to get to know you even more. Don't be a robot in your application either, and treat it like you're just talking about yourself - but in text. In a way, the application and interview are very similar because both require you to be authentically yourself in enough detail for Recruiters to know who you are. This is a tip I used to give all applicants when they were rejected for lack of detail, and I feel as if it could help you if that's what you're struggling with:
    "My biggest tip to you would be to add more points to your application, and explain them thoroughly in mass amounts of detail. We look for applicants who have many reasons for wanting to join the Staff team and many reasons as to why we should accept them onto it. You might be absolutely perfect for Trainee, but if you don't highlight your traits in the application then it's tough for us to see it. Remember, we don't know you or what you're thinking when writing the application -> so you have to tell us so we know! You don't have to tell us anything too personal, but you have to tell us enough about your personality and motives"

    My third tip to you to improve is to become more connected with the community. I've noticed you only have 10 forums post, one of which being this one, so definitely try to get more posts in there! Whilst Recruiters don't really focus on forum post count very much, for your own benefit it is always great to get those extra posts in. This is because most of our active community are located on the forums, and it's really good to become a part of that community to know everything that is going on within the network. For some better forum experience at helping others, I recommend checking out the Help Section to address some general questions from players there! This also applies to sitting in lobbies in-game too. Sitting in lobbies such as Lobby-1 gives you a great opportunity to assist with player's questions/concerns as a regular community member; and no doubt this will help you massively once you become a Staff member and start to become bombarded with questions all the time.

    And finally, just enjoy going through the process as much as possible and don't be too disheartened when things go wrong. If you get rejected, don't worry! There's always a next time, and with a will to improve then eventually you will get Trainee. The Recruitment team are very friendly people and are always open to hearing you out with any questions or concerns you might be having about your own process. So if you ever need to clarify something more specific with them, then be sure to message a Recruiter (found here under "Recruitment")! If your application gets rejected, then also be sure to message the Recruiter who rejected you with a link to your application, and ask them what you can do more specifically to improve for next time.

    I wish you the best of luck on becoming a Staff member :)
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  10. Applying for Staff is just like applying for any other job. If you wouldn’t want to apply for a paying job with your staff application, you need to revise. “ Be Yourself “ is good and all, but its also important to be professional. Reread your application multiple times looking for problems with grammar, punctuation, and miss-spelled words. It is also helpful to get somebody else who is older than you to read it, i.e. a parent, older sibling, or older friend. Don’t fill your application with useless filler to make it look longer and more impressive, impress the heck out of whoever reads it with advanced vocabulary and true passion instead. People can tell whether or not you deserve the job based off of the amount of passion in your application, remember that. Speak maturely in the application- if I was a recruiter, crass speech and slang would be unacceptable, an instant fail. Finally, if you get rejected, be a good sport about it. Don’t whine and beg like a dog for them to reconsider, this only shreds your dignity and reputation. If I were you, I wouldn’t reapply for the position if you get rejected. If you are fit for the job, you should get accepted on the first go-round. A change of your speech and wording on the application won’t change the fact that there was a reason you didn’t get the position in the first place. Staff know this. You know this. I hardly think that staff would reject an application without a valid reason to. If you get rejected, it just might not be the job for you.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  11. This is absolutely not true. In fact, a majority of the staff members don't get accepted on their first attempt. The point of getting denied is so that you can learn from your flaws. If you get rejected on your first application, it simply means that you aren't ready. It doesn't mean that you will never be ready.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  12. Hey

    This just isn’t the advice you should be giving at all as it is entirely inaccurate. People can be rejected from Trainee for a variety of reasons, all of which you can read about in Becoming A Trainee 2. If people aren’t supposed to reapply after being rejected from the position, then they wouldn’t be able to. Recruiters wouldn’t be around to give additional advice and support after a rejection. And there’d be no point of bat2 even existing. Just because somebody gets rejected on their first try doesn’t mean they aren’t good Staff material, it means they have room for improvement before they become a Staff member. People can be rejected for simply not being the greatest at writing about themselves, or making mistakes within the recruitment process that hinder that particular attempt. Recruitment love to see reoccurring applicants because it shows true dedication to the network, and oftentimes it is that dedication and will to improve from the past that gets people accepted.

    The presence of resilience within applicants does not go unnoticed by Recruitment and it doesn’t go unnoticed just in life either. Resilience is important within applicants to try again if their heart is truly set on becoming a Staff member. Oftentimes people don’t get accepted on their first try, so to say to someone to give up after their first attempt just because they didn’t get it is wrong.

    If you do get rejected, Recruiters are there to give advice and support on how to improve. One of the main jobs of a Recruiter is to motivate applicants, and they do that very well.

    So please don’t give up after being rejected. There’s always another attempt for a reason. People can grow and change.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  13. I was just giving my advice. You shouldn’t have to re-apply, just put effort into your first application. I personally think that this IS the right kind of advice. Don’t bank on the idea of “ oh, I can just re-apply, no biggie “, put effort into your first application and you shouldn’t need to reapply.

    ALso, yes resilience is important, but so is being serious and decicated to your application. I didn’t say “ abandon resilience, if you get rejected this means you’re terrible! “ I said if I were applying and got rejected, I wouldn’t re-apply because there was a reason that I didn’t meet the standards, and I would accept it and move on. If you truly care and WANT the job bad enough, you won’t “ make mistakes than hinder recruitment process “ . Like I said, if you wouldn’t submit it for a paying job, don’t try to for a staff job. Thank you for bringing it to my attention that I needed to clarify. I hope this helps @neotheater.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 22, 2021
  14. @Gridlocke I never said that getting rejected means that “ you’ll never be ready “, I said that in my opinion, you shouldn’t reapply because you should take the first application serious enough that you get accepted.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  15. 99% of the time "effort" isn't the issue. There is a rejection reason called "Lack of Effort" and a lot of people do get rejected for that, but it's quite a rare one in the grand scheme of things. As I said, sometimes people just don't know how to write about themselves in an amount of detail that Recruitment can accept. People aren't expected to be incredible at writing applications the first time they apply. "Lack of Detail" and "Lack of Depth" rejections are assumedly the ones you're talking about in terms of effort? If so, then again, my previous point applies.

    There are many more rejection reasons that have no correlation to "effort" at all, such as Not Ready and Immaturity. Effort is not an issue for these rejection reasons, as from what I remember from being a Recruiter is everyone put 100% effort into their applications. Some of them were longer and more detailed than my own application, and they get rejected for other things.

    Effort isn't the issue here at all unfortunately, as there are many external factors even outside of the application itself that an applicant can get rejected for on their first, second, third, fourth, fifth - whatever amount - attempts. Everything on Recruitment aside from the general requirements is case-by-case, and rejections are no exception.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
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  16. Well, this is just not a mindset that you should have when approaching any application, even in real life. Although you may not have met the standards the first time, who is to say that you won't meet the standards the next? You make it seem that whether or not an individual meets standards is a static characteristic, which it isn't.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
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  17. Both of you-

    As I said SPECIFICALLY IN THE ORIGINAL POST ( you may have not seen it, I will give you the benefit of that ) when applying you should reread it over and over so that reasons like “ immature “ and “ lack of depth “ cannot be used against you. If you put effort in ( REAL effort ) there should be no shortage of depth, and if you ( like I said in ANOTHER previous post including the original ) pretend like you are applying for a physical paying job, immaturity shouldn’t be a problem. @Gridlocke I would rather have a serious mindset like as previously mentioned to help me attain a position than a lackadaisical mentality, such as “ Oh, I can just reapply! “. In my opinion, that kind of attitude will get you absolutely nowhere in the workforce. You should be serious, and want it, especially for competitive jobs. If it means enough to you, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TO REAPPLY! Your first application should be so great it knocks the socks off of whoever reads it.

    I understand that sometimes when you read something you focus COMPLETELY on what you don’t like and want to just blast it as hard as possible. I would like you two to please do me a favor and learn from this- remember to read ALL of the article and THEN make a response.

    I would also like to clarify that effort means doing your best. It means that when you go sit down to type up your application, You. Do. Your. Best. You reread, you analyze, you critique. Don’t just say to yourself “ this is fine! Looks good! “ because even if it does look good, there is always room for improvement. Look with a critical eye. Find a fault? Fix it. The staff members who recieve your application shouldn’t have to point out “ you need more details “ or “ this is so immature! “ because you, and whoever you got to read it besides yourself ( again, yet ANOTHER detail I’m having to reiterate from a previous post ) have already nitpicked and picked the application apart to the point where things like this shouldn’t be an issue. You are honing in on maybe 5 or 6 sentences of mine without reading the other 30. I have a feeling that if you two go back up and read all of it rather than the last underlined and bolded part, you would understand better. Don’t worry, this is how we learn.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 22, 2021
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  18. Some people applied for the first time when they were young and not knowledgeable. Some people get rejected past the application stage for a majority of factors of which some may be out of their control. Some people aren't exactly writers, have never put in an application before (especially for a job - the age requirement for Trainee is 13 - the age requirement for many part-time jobs around the world is 16-17, with the work completely differing from moderating a Minecraft server). The reasonings are all different, and not everybody gets it perfect on their first try. There will be obstacles you have not encountered before when applying/getting an interview.

    Except....this isn't the workforce. This is a volunteer position to moderate a block game server and possibly make some other contributions along the way. Some people are passionate about the server and getting up higher, so they should definitely show some determination and work to improve.
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  19. This is still a job, isn’t it? Last I checked it was. Surely it didn’t become a handout title for anyone to get in the last 10 minutes, lest the entirety of the staff would become null and void. Also, if the facotr for which they were rejected was out of their control, then reapplying won’t do anything lol. Yes, they won’t be perfect. Nothing is. That isn’t the point- staff who are recruiting aren’t looking for a perfect candidate, they’re looking for a qualified and acceptable one. If someone applied when they were young and not knowledgeable ( not knowledgeable I’m assuming is less than 11 ) then they should have talked to their parents before applying for a position. Even someone who isn’t a writer can create a decent application to get a position as, how you so gloriously put it “ A volunteer position to moderate a block game server and possibly make some contributions along the way. “
    Posted Feb 22, 2021
  20. No, it is not a job - a job is defined as work that someone does for money. The key word is money. Staff members on Mineplex do not get paid (except Admins+ and people on the Mineplex Marketplace).

    Reapplying will definitely do something if you were rejected for something out of your control. For example, you could have an entire power/internet outage that came completely uninvited and lasted a week, right when you were into your observations or got invited to an interview. There might not be a way to get in contact with anyone. Especially during the pandemic, many places are closed + there are higher priorities than rushing to a nearby McDonald's for free wifi to check on your application status.

    And, actually, recruitment isn't looking for a qualified and acceptable candidate. Qualified gives you some extra brownie points but you can join the team with 0 experience in previous moderating (I am proof of that one). Recruitment is looking for dedicated, passionate candidates.

    An ex-Recruiter replied to your post as well as OPs - you may message her if you have anymore concerns (or any other Recruiter) and I'm sure they will be able to answer in more detail. I was never an RA or Recruiter so I can't tell you for 100% certainty, I can just describe what the process was like for me throughout my staff journey.

    Also, this u?

    Posted Feb 22, 2021,
    Last edited Feb 22, 2021

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